The BEST episodes written by Vince R. Gutierrez

Dark Sage
66 votes

#1 - Dark Sage

Little House on the Prairie - Season 8 - Episode 4

Dr. Baker posts an ad for another doctor, to relieve his workload (and Mrs. Oleson's constant pestering). He hires Dr. Caleb Ledoux, but doesn't count on him being black. The Ingalls are among the very few to accept Dr. Ledoux, as others are outright hateful and racist. Even Dr. Baker struggles with his prejudice and, to show his spite, gives the young doctor minor cases. In the end, Dr. Ledoux is the only doctor available to call on a pregnant woman who is having labor complications. The woman's husband won't allow the doctor in the house (because he's black), and can only get to her when Charles knocks the man aside. Ledoux performs a successful surgery and delivers a son to the couple. A stunned and shaken Dr. Baker witnesses the surgery and concedes that only Caleb's and his superior training could have saved the woman's life. Dr. Ledoux later angrily tells his wife he plans to leave Walnut Grove. But only Dr. Baker's emotional speech at church convinces the good doctor to stay.

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A Promise To Keep
34 votes

#2 - A Promise To Keep

Little House on the Prairie - Season 8 - Episode 19

Mr. Edwards' alcoholism, fueled by John Jr.'s violent death, ruins his marriage, and he travels back to Walnut Grove to see solace with his old friends. However, those long-standing friendships are put to the test when an accident, caused by a drunken Mr. Edwards, nearly costs Albert his life.

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Hello and Farewell (2)
5 votes

#3 - Hello and Farewell (2)

Highway to Heaven - Season 5 - Episode 3

Commander Michaels continues to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder she also discovers she has son who came in to the emergency room do to a motorcycle accident. David wants to meet his biological mother but makes his adoptive parents worry about the meeting.

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The Family Tree
117 votes

#4 - The Family Tree

Little House on the Prairie - Season 6 - Episode 3

Each student must trace their family tree for a school assignment. Albert is unsure how he can do the assignment. The Ingalls decide to legally adopt Albert, but run into problems when Mr. Quinn, Albert's father shows up. He wants Albert until he sees him. Albert pretends to be blind with the hope that his father wouldn't want him. The blindness does the trick. Albert is legally adopted by the Ingalls.

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A Mother's Love
9 votes

#5 - A Mother's Love

Highway to Heaven - Season 4 - Episode 13

Four boys whose parents just died recently are informed by the social worker assigned to their case, that the younger children will be placed in different foster homes. The elder brother decides to take them away and take care of them himself; he will find a job while the others go school.

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The Legacy
39 votes

#6 - The Legacy

Little House on the Prairie - Season 8 - Episode 14

Charles beings making tables so that he could pass on a legacy. While he is at this, Albert begins taking care of the farm. Charles gets very upset when someone steals his design and starts producing the tables in large quantities. Charles soon realizes that memories of his family is a lot more important.

Hello and Farewell (1)
9 votes

#7 - Hello and Farewell (1)

Highway to Heaven - Season 5 - Episode 2

Jonathan helps Commander Michaels deal with flashbacks of Vietnam as well as try to convince her to go to therapy. Mark deals with his fear of flying.

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Darkness Is My Friend
105 votes

#8 - Darkness Is My Friend

Little House on the Prairie - Season 6 - Episode 16

Some escaped convicts take refuge at the blind school during a stormy night. Laura and Mary are held captives there. One of the convicts tells Laura to go get a doctor. Laura goes and gets her Pa. Pretending to be the doctor, Charles is able to disarm the convicts.

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