The BEST episodes written by Tsutomu Miyazaki

The Target Returned
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#1 - The Target Returned

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 10

Golgo 13 assassinates a drug lord after he attacks and wipes out his FBI and NYPD escorts before heading to Hong Kong to do another job when he finds out that a lookalike was responsible for hiring him. After realizing that the lookalike was merely a gangster named Spike Jordan, Duke kills him with cyanide gas.

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Eva Heads Toward the Ocean
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#2 - Eva Heads Toward the Ocean

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 15

Golgo 13 is hired by the New York Mafia to assassinate an international assassin. She turns out to be Eva Kruger, a woman Golgo had met on a cruise ship when an unknown terrorist had planted a bomb on it. The two parted ways after he defused it to save the passengers despite being told by the ship's crew to evacuate with the rest of the passengers. But even though Eva decides to retire as an assassin and be a civilian, Golgo had successfully assassinated her from a distance on another boat.

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