The BEST episodes written by Toshiya Niidome

Three Vessels: Liar
36 votes

#1 - Three Vessels: Liar

Hell Girl - Season 3 - Episode 7

Inuo’s father left his mother and, ashamed, the two left Tokyo. Inuo lies about the situation at his new school but confides in a friend, Washizu – which incurs his mother’s wrath. Washizu spreads the truth and tries to motivate him to seek help; it only motivates Inuo to contact the Hell Hotline.

There Is One Second Before the Demon Lord's Floods Burst Forth
111 votes

#2 - There Is One Second Before the Demon Lord's Floods Burst Forth

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 4

Beelzebub is currently in a phase of non-stop urination that threatens to flood the city. Hildegarde manages to temporarily stop it with an interdimensional diaper, but in order to stop it completely, Oga decides he needs to get a super absorbent daiper advertised on telly. Upon reaching the supermarket only to find the brand had already sold out, it is taking hostage by a group of thugs. As Oga probes everyone to see how ruthless they are, Beelzebub's diaper gets stuck on the leader's gun. Whilst the leader considers raising Beelzebub, Oga ends up changing his mind and beats him, before they decide to hover Beelzebub over the ocean to finish urinating.

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There Was Something Money Couldn't Buy
113 votes

#3 - There Was Something Money Couldn't Buy

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 11

Himekawa plots revenge against Oga by setting him up with a poisoned sandwich, but it doesn't affect him due to his resilience to Hilda's cooking. He next attempts to use a popular costumed character in order to try and capture Beelzebub, but Oga and Beelzebub notice that he's a fake due to differently colored chopsticks. He later attempts to seduce Takayuki into giving him Beelzebub, but Alaindelon intervenes, transporting Himekawa and his gang to a far off island. The resulting failures leave Himekawa with no money to hire any more henchmen. Ans as he tries to attack Oga by himself, he gets caught up in fighting against a rival gang also attempting to kill Oga. Afterward, Kanzaki offers him one of his yogurt drinks, to which Himekawa repays him with a year's supply with a month long lifespan.

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The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 2)
2 votes

#4 - The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 2)

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 7

Welcome to the Eternal City of Revaiva!! Jing, Kir, and Vermouth have finally made it. Unfortunately, they brought Pernod and China Lilet along. Through some rather hilarious antics, we meet the king of Revaiva, King Cointreau. He's been living here for who knows how long,....and he believes that it is Jing's destiny to become Revaiva's next eternal king. Again through some rather odd circumstances, we discover that Vermouth is actually a perpetual motion devise that the king had been perfecting. He'd sent her out seeking the new king and when she'd seen Jing,....well, could he not be the king? After defeating Pernod and China Lilet, (like we didn't know that would happen,....-_-) King Cointreau gives Jing the water of the fountain of youth, said to being forth immortality. As the odd king dies, feeling as if his kingdom was in good hands, Jing knows he can't drink the potion. If he did,....he'd never be able to find his beloved mother again,...for it is said that the k

Pure Howling
47 votes

#5 - Pure Howling

Flip Flappers - Season 1 - Episode 12

Yayaka and Papika have teamed up to save Cocona from her mother. As they follow Mimi and Cocona, they must fight their way through Pure Illusion.

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The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 1)
2 votes

#6 - The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 1)

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 11

Jing and Kir are in ZaZa planning to attend what was thought of as a masquerade ball, but it turns out the sign read "Mas Corrida", and corrida is a bullfighting term. Suddenly, Jing and Kir are in the middle of a nationwide masked gladiator tournament to determine the new Earl of ZaZa and receive the Vintage Smile, a pearl white mask Jing came to steal. Jing finds out from Angostura Sr., that Madame DuBonnet didn't mourn for the loss of her husband, but was severely crushed when her only son, Lemon, was murdered by his uncle. The Madame grew cold and heartless, and ordered these tournaments to force everyone to fight until no warrior is left standing. Her main targets are the D'Ice Brothers: Baffle, Crash and Cube, the three who assassinated Lemon. After humiliating an opponent in true bandit fashion, Jing witnesses Cube's devastating defeat at the hands of a mysterious warrior in blood-red armor and demon motifs.

A Stormy Group Lesson
4 votes

#7 - A Stormy Group Lesson

Anne-Happy - Season 1 - Episode 9

Class 7 has its first joint lesson with another class. Washinomiya-sensei, the other class' homeroom teacher teaching the cooking lesson, accuses Hibari and her friends of lacking awareness. Refusing to allow her comment to discourage them, the girls continue with the class, but...

The Adonis Capital of Time (Part 1)
5 votes

#8 - The Adonis Capital of Time (Part 1)

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 3

Ok! On to Adonis for our heroes Jing and Kir. Adonis is a city controled entirely by the forces of time itself and Jing knows that this is the place to find the legendary Grapes of Time!! Along the way Jing rescues Mirabell, who Kir immediately falls for. She shows Kir and Jing the underground tunnel system of Adonis and they meet many characters who will help them defeat the evil Master Gear. Their plan? To stop time itself!!