The BEST episodes written by Takumi Kitada

Ebony Eyes
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#1 - Ebony Eyes

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 48

Mafia boss, Thomas Grebbick has annoyed his superiors who send their three hit-men to kill him. To protect himself he sends his own, Ron, who kills them. In retaliation the bosses hire Golgo 13 to kill Grebbick. Whilst Golgo evades Grebbick's goons, Ron's girlfriend recognizes Golgo as her child's father from a previous sexual encounter. and she begs him to just take a glance at their child. Grebbick uses this arranges to meet Golgo to persuade him to switch sides or the child will be killed. Instead Golgo completes his contract and shoots Grebbick and Ron accidentally shoots his girlfriend whilst trying to kill Golgo. All the goons are killed leaving only Golgo and the child. After glancing at the child Golgo leaves.

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