The BEST episodes written by Takeyuki Ishida

Yasaka Mahiro Wants to Live in Peace
75 votes

#1 - Yasaka Mahiro Wants to Live in Peace

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! - Season 1 - Episode 3

Someone has killed the gods of the Dreamlands, and their next target is Nyarko. Meanwhile, Nyarko moves into the Yasaka home and begins moving into Mahiro's every day and school life. Mahiro's anger continues to grow as Nyarko demands his affection. Kuko appears once again before the two when she transfers into their school. Having joined the Planetary Defense Organization, Kuko has been assigned to go to Earth to solve the Dreamlands murders with Nyarko.

The Second East-West War Race!!!!
90 votes

#2 - The Second East-West War Race!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! - Season 1 - Episode 10

It's time for the second race in the East-West Tournament. They're on a Flight-Type Land, where two aircraft are connected to each other, resting on top of the water. Kazane, Tsukishita, Yoshita, and Non are all fighting for Setouchi. The four are all trying their best to combat the Suruga team, but things are looking grim. Will Non and the others figure out a way to overcome their opponents?

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The Battle for the Fastest Butt!!!!
86 votes

#3 - The Battle for the Fastest Butt!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! - Season 1 - Episode 4

The class-change race between the normal class and Elite Class has begun. Everyone, including Nozomi, is excited. Anyone who graduates in the Elite Class can get a better ranking when they make their debut. The class-change race is broken into four groups. The first match is determined to be on the see-saw-style land, with Sayaka and Rin in the same group. Rin calls herself the fastest outfighter in Western Japan, but will Sayaka be able to beat her...

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Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!
92 votes

#4 - Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! - Season 1 - Episode 3

During her first class on the Land, Nozomi unconsciously uses a powerful technique called the Vacuum Butt Cannon. When they learn that she's used this technique, Rin Rokudou, Hanabi, and the other members of the elite class invite her to train with them. Nozomi is excited and vows to master the ability. But then one of the teachers calls her...

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