The BEST episodes written by Steve Gabriel

I Love L. Gay
239 votes

#1 - I Love L. Gay

Will & Grace - Season 8 - Episode 14

The gang travels to Los Angeles to accompany Elliot while he visits UCLA. Coincidently, Will runs into James who's in jeopardy of being deported. After spending a perfect weekend together, Grace makes a proposal to keep Will and James from having to say 'good-bye' to each other... ever again...

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Denby's Kid
19 votes

#2 - Denby's Kid

Norm - Season 1 - Episode 7

Norm tells Mr. Denby's son that he should follow his dreams but Mr. Denby wants his son to go to military school. Norm thinks that if he Jason prepares a meal for his father (Mr. Denby) he'll see that his son a real talent. After eating the meal Jason tells Norm that the secret ingredient is marijuana. Norm and Mr. Denby are stoned and Norm has to face his probation officer.

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No Sex 'n the City
220 votes

#3 - No Sex 'n the City

Will & Grace - Season 6 - Episode 19

Tip-toeing through his budding relationship, an apprehensive Will makes the mistake of taking Grace's advice on love, playing hard-to-get with his new pseudo-boyfriend. However, when his game playing causes a rift in this budding romance, Will is left questioning Grace's wisdom in matters of the heart. Meanwhile, a distraught Jack and Karen bravely attempt to soldier on after learning their favorite television show will be going off the air forcing them to say goodbye to their six favorite Friends and a psychiatrist named Frasier Crane.

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The Birds and the Bees
260 votes

#4 - The Birds and the Bees

Will & Grace - Season 7 - Episode 17

Grace drags Will along to keep her in check during her first date with Nick only to leave a heated Will at his table for one. Meanwhile, Karen hatches a wild plan to get Jack a date with Aaron, the neighborhood bird enthusiast, only to ruffle some feathers when things don't quite go as planned.

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Mo's Ma
85 votes

#5 - Mo's Ma

Clipped - Season 1 - Episode 7

As Mo tries to come to terms with his parents divorce, the gang has additional insight as to why they might be splitting. A.J. accuses Danni of being jealous when she finds out he has a date.

Sex, Losers, & Videotape
297 votes

#6 - Sex, Losers, & Videotape

Will & Grace - Season 5 - Episode 19

Will, Karen and Will's boss Mr. Stein (Gene Wilder) form an anti-romance club thanks to Will and his recent break-up with Barry. The three hold two meetings claiming that "love stinks" until Karen and Mr. Stein form a budding relationship. The two carry on having sex and dating behind Wills back not wanting to hurt him. Will breaks up the club after he finds out claiming that "If you're going to form a club for people who are alone and bitter, you have to at least stay bitter." Meanwhile, Grace decides to make a sexy video for Leo who is away in Africa. Jack wakes up to the sound of her singing and tells her that that's not sexy at all. He invites her to his acting class where the students are supposed to be very open to each other. Grace attends one class, but finds that it isn't helping one bit. Jack films her taking a shower without her knowing it. When she sees the tape, she agrees that it is very sexy only to find out that Jack has been sharing it with his class.

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Birth of a Hot Rod
298 votes

#7 - Birth of a Hot Rod

Home Improvement - Season 2 - Episode 24

While Tim is busy trying to get his hot rod to work, Jill calls a repairman to fix various things around the house.

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Norm vs. Norm
41 votes

#8 - Norm vs. Norm

Norm - Season 2 - Episode 9

Norm, Laurie and Danny get bailed out of jail but there isn't money to get Artie out so Norm has to gamble to get him out. Taylor fears she might get fired.

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Norm vs. Homelessness
36 votes

#9 - Norm vs. Homelessness

Norm - Season 3 - Episode 18

Mr. Denby and Danny go on a business trip and try to pick up women but have no luck. Norm uses Mr. Denby's apartment for a date and gets him evicted when the landlady finds out he has a dog so he has to move in with Laurie as well.