The BEST episodes written by Shunji Yoshida

The Musical Island of Coco-Oco
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#1 - The Musical Island of Coco-Oco

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 9

This episode is really sweet. Unfortunately, there is barely any Jing in this one! It's basically all Kir. To start off, Jing and Kir travel to the Musical island of Coco-Oco. This place has a mystery to it. Some say the reason people inhabited this island is because they wanted to hear the mystical flute. Along the way, Kir and Jing have a kind of falling out and they go their seperate ways. Kir hangs out with yet another girl, but she's having problems of her own with her love interest Russian. What can Kir do to help out this poor loveless girl? And whatever happened to Jing? Find out on episode ten oj King of Bandit Jing!