The BEST episodes written by Rion Kujō

Fool Comes by Armor
36 votes

#1 - Fool Comes by Armor

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 25

Ray is now killed by the subordinates, while Joshua becomes captured. Fasalina contacts Michael, saying she will return to the base-of-operations through an underground route. The birthday armor undergoes a repair session of forty-seven minutes. Using this as a diversion, Carmen 99 plans to sneak inside and wreck the distribution chambers while Wendy remains by her hover-car. Their plan goes awry when the repair session finishes before schedule, and Carmen encounters Fasalina inside the distribution chambers growing the flowers that destroyed her hometown. While Carmen engages Fasalina, Yukiko finds Joshua, and the two begin sabotaging the launch sequence. Just then, the Dann of Thursday reenters the atmosphere is challenged by the Saudade of Sunday. After a long battle, Dann manages to cripple Saudade, and goes to battle The Claw. Bolstered by Van's reappearance, The El Dorado Five activate a backup engine for El Dorado, while Priscilla reawakens Brownie, as they both take on the remaining knight armors. Wendy rides the hover-car into the hangar of the base-of-operations and encounters Michael, returning from the destruction of the Saudade of Sunday.

Ocean, Thank You
35 votes

#2 - Ocean, Thank You

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 10

After arriving at the seaside city of Meuuniere, Van, Wendy, and Joshua planned to take the train to Zonnet Junction to rendezvous with Carmen 99. However, their plans take a detour when the railway is attacked by pirates. Vivian, a foreman with a local salvage union, asks Van to assist in stopping the pirates in their next operation to retrieve an enormous metal coffin from the ocean floor. Van agrees when he hears the reward includes express tickets to Zonnet Junction. The cunning seamen named Kaiji, the captain of the pirate submarine, destroys the crane then freezes the water just as the coffin was nearly lifted. While the union tries to break through the ice, Van summons his armor and faces the pirates underwater, though struggling to maneuver against their torpedoes serves as a disadvantage. Van is able to defeat the pirates when they resurface after the union shatters the ice.

And the Rain Kept Falling
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#3 - And the Rain Kept Falling

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 4

While traveling through a forest, Van rescues Wendy from being harassed by a thug piloting a small armor, and very shortly afterwards collapses with a high fever. Wendy manages to drag the unconscious Van to a cave and where, in the process of nursing him, she discovers a strange symbol on Van's abdomen. As his fever worsens through the night, she determines that she needs to hurry to the nearest town to get help. She is able to get medicine from a disabled doctor and kind nurse at a private clinic called the Denehee Clinic. While she is gone, Van's fever breaks and though still weak, he manages to summon his armor (which lands an unfortunate distance away forcing him to travel to it) which has the ability to heal him, but at the cost of time spent dreaming about the wedding and his bride's death at the hand of The Claw. Meanwhile, Wendy's hurried return back through the forest is interrupted by a boar which prompts her own remembrance of how she received her brother's gun and how she first met Van. She returns to the cave to find Van gone, and while she is despairing his absence, the thug from earlier returns with friends looking for payback. They are more than willing to take it out on her. Van makes a sudden reappearance, in Dann, just in time to save Wendy from the thugs, and then, without Dann, confronts Wendy about her own disappearance. She tells of trying to take care of him, offering the bag of medicine, then collapses against him. She wakes in the cave next to a cozy fire, surprised to be covered with Van's tuxedo jacket as he stares into the bag of medicine. He tells her again she should go home, and then tells her to go back to sleep, ending the conversation by -- deliberately -- calling her by name and wishing her "pleasant dreams." Back at Denehee Clinic, a knock at the door interrupts the doctor's musing over the drawing Wendy made of Van's mark. At the door is a dangerous looking blonde man in a white coat asking about a man with a clawed hand.