The BEST episodes written by Peter Silverman

The Next Murder You Hear
207 votes

#1 - The Next Murder You Hear

Moonlighting - Season 1 - Episode 4

Maddie becomes infatuated with a radio talk-show host who has apparently been murdered while he was on the air.

Doris in Wonderland
27 votes

#2 - Doris in Wonderland

Hill Street Blues - Season 4 - Episode 5

Commander Ozzie Cleveland enters the mayoral race; Officer Perez accidentally shoots a little boy; Daniels begins "Operation Tenderloin" out of a sexual cafeteria; and Mahoney tries to make political capitol for Daniels out of the Robson shooting.

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City of Refuse
19 votes

#3 - City of Refuse

Hill Street Blues - Season 7 - Episode 13

Hill almost starts a riot at a drug kingpin's funeral; Russo and Flaherty try to deal with an angry old deaf man; LaRue and Washington pass Sid off a chemist to keep a cocaine case from being dismissed; and Hunter gets back into action when Ballantine takes a hostage

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