The BEST episodes written by Nick Zayas

Dead Drop
747 votes

#1 - Dead Drop

Major Crimes - Season 5 - Episode 17

A heavy body is found forty feet up a tree surrounded by marijuana when Dr. Morales shows up with his father, a retired detective from Uruguay; Julio Sanchez works to get legal guardianship of Mark Jarvis; Andy Flynn prepares a surprise for Sharon.

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The Impossible Box
3269 votes

#2 - The Impossible Box

Star Trek: Picard - Season 1 - Episode 6

Picard and the crew track Soji to the Borg cube in Romulan space, resurfacing haunting memories for Picard. Narek believes he has finally found a way to safely exploit Soji for information.

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Moral Hazard
680 votes

#3 - Moral Hazard

Major Crimes - Season 5 - Episode 7

After a shootout in a tow yard leaves three people dead, Major Crimes must scramble to find a disturbed man with a bag full of guns and a long list of grievances before he kills again. Meanwhile, Rusty pushes against LAPD policy in an attempt to find more evidence related to the murder of Buzz's father and uncle.

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By Any Means: Part 1
498 votes

#4 - By Any Means: Part 1

Major Crimes - Season 6 - Episode 10

A surprise death in the law enforcement community seems to be the work of escaped serial killer, Phillip Stroh. Ricky Raydor helps the division with a difficult search for a Mr. and Ms. Bechtal, and Emily Raydor offers Rusty some sound advice.

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Taking the Fall
530 votes

#5 - Taking the Fall

Major Crimes - Season 4 - Episode 14

The Major Crimes team is called to investigate a follow up attack on a victim of road rage, as a business executive and his wife fall prey to a furious driver in a pickup truck. As Thanksgiving approaches, Flynn suffers a setback on his road to recovery. And Rusty finally gets the interview with Slider that he wanted.

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