The BEST episodes written by Namsi Khan

Tower of the Angels
1641 votes

#1 - Tower of the Angels

His Dark Materials - Season 2 - Episode 4

Will and Lyra make a plan, unaware of the dangers or the cost involved.

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Episode 4
1036 votes

#2 - Episode 4

Humans - Season 3 - Episode 4

Laura leads a tense Dryden Commission on a visit to the Railyard, but will Agnes' anger threaten its success? Mia comes face to face with Ed forcing her to confront her past, while an evening out for Karen, Sam and Joe turns to tragedy.

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Why Are You Lying?
206 votes

#3 - Why Are You Lying?

The Midwich Cuckoos - Season 1 - Episode 5

With Susannah ostracised, the children’s hold on Midwich strengthens. When Paul awakens to the children’s true nature, he pleads with Susannah to try to forge a truce with them. Meanwhile Zoe and Sam are galvanised into action by another miracle.

Night Country: Part 4
1824 votes

#4 - Night Country: Part 4

True Detective - Season 4 - Episode 4

When Julia's mental health struggles resurface, Navarro brings her to a local facility, promising that this time will be better. Later, Danvers and Navarro confirm the location of Annie's murder, and Danvers levies a harsh punishment on Leah.

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