The BEST episodes written by Midori Natsu

The Glass Fortress
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#1 - The Glass Fortress

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 19

Golgo is deployed on a covert mission in England to locate and kill a reclusive millionaire named Vargas Walton who has been "keeping" women as his guests in his estate located at an artificial island, ready to have healty organs from them to be harvested and kept ready for donors while using the funds from organ donations to finance several terrorist groups. The millionaire is protected by high-tech bulletproof glass, making an assassination attempt from the sea or air nearly impossible coupled with an ex-expert Olympic shooter named J.J. as the head of his bodyguard detail.

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Florida Chase
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#2 - Florida Chase

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 25

The aide to the US minister of foreign affairs hires Golgo to kill Jose Campos, an immigrant drug distributor who is in custody but is still organizing the smuggling of drugs into Florida. Meanwhile a new type of armored van is stolen and used in springing Campos from a prison bus. In order for the US to save face and with the authorities unable to stop the armored van, the aide requires that Golgo completes the job before Campos makes it to Mexico. Duke acquires the schematics to the van and a specialized gun with armor piercing bullets and masquerades as a SWAT team member at a roadblock and successfully shoots Campos through the van's weak point.

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Young Girl Sara
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#3 - Young Girl Sara

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 38

A boy, Patric, picks a man's pocket on the Paris metro and drops off the wallet in his accomplice Sara's hands in front of Golgo 13. Minutes later the man whose pocket was picked, Henri Bazaine, is found dead. Later, just before Patric meets up with Sara he notices a man who he suspects is a detective and so he slips away unnoticed. The man follows Sara and it turns out he is an assassin who killed Bazaine and knows that Sara saw him sitting next to Bazaine. Suddenly Golgo shows up and saves Sara and beats up the assassin. Patric is found by the assassin and is beaten into revealing Sara's location as the wallet contained a memo. Having located Sara, he chases after her but once again she is saved by Golgo. The assassin contacts his client, Carnac, but Golgo kills the assassin having let Carnac know where Sara will be. Golgo takes Sara to a hotel and Carnac appears, and Golgo kills him. Carnac had belonged to a group of biologists working on a project and had stolen the funds for his own purposes. Bazaine was to deliver the memo containing the key to the project that could turn it into a contagion but as he was unable to he was killed. Golgo had been hired by the biologists to ensure Carnac failed.

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