The BEST episodes written by Michinori Nagai

Ash's Greatest Day
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#1 - Ash's Greatest Day

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 39

Golgo 13 is hired to kill Hewitt, the number 2 in a crime syndicate. The head of the syndicate died in an accident and all signs point to Hewitt being responsible. The previous number 1 had placed a large amount of gold bullion in a bank vault and Hewitt becoming paranoid will only be vulnerable on the ceremony day when he visits the vault in the morning. However the location of the bank plus the small army of goons as security make the shot impossible. Opposite lives a struggling artist named Ash who is behind in his rent payments and is the only one in the apartment block. One day Golgo 13 shows up at his door and buys Ash's entire art works making him a rich man. Ash pays off his rent and flies off to Florida to start a new life. Meanwhile Golgo buys the apartment block in cash from the landlord. As Hewitt gets out of the car towards the bank, the client's henchman demolishes the apartment and Golgo 13 from the building behind snipes Hewitt before the dust cloud obstructs his and the goons view. Meanwhile Ash is enjoying his new life in Florida grateful to the man that gave him the means to live this new lifestyle.

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