The BEST episodes written by Matthew Weisman

Wolf Moon
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#1 - Wolf Moon

Teen Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 1

When Scott McCall joins a search in the woods for a missing body, he is bitten by a dark figure. As strange abilities begin to take affect the next day, he meets the new girl in town, whose family has secrets of its own.

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#2 - Lovesounds

The Hitchhiker - Season 1 - Episode 4

For months, Eric Dunlap has been hard at work on a special sound system for Kurt Hoffman, a temperamental conductor who is impossible to please. During that time, he fell deeply in love with Hoffman's much younger wife, Veronica. It isn't long before Eric realises the computer he created, which only responds to him, is something special. When Veronica realises she returns Eric's feelings and the two become lovers, Hoffman learns of his wife's infidelity and exacts his revenge on the two, but Eric's creation avenges the man who gave it life.