The BEST episodes written by Masato Miyoshi

Prayers are for Saudade
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#1 - Prayers are for Saudade

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 18

After Michael has finished integrating with the Saudade of Sunday, he is confirmed by Zapiero Muttaaca and introduced to Domingo. He later fixes a data link for Melissa, but Carossa misunderstands the situation. While at a mall in Missoghi, Catherine unveils to Carmen 99 of the transaction that Fasalina made. Back at the base, Muttaaca reveals to Michael that The Claw would create a utopia by means of a genocide. Taking Michael as a hostage Muttaaca and his crew demand a negotiation with The Claw, who attests to achieve world peace. Domingo is crushingly embraced by The Claw, as Muttaaca and rest of the crew escapes into a dragon armor underwater. Michael, while chasing after them in the Saudade of Sunday, dodges their torpedoed attacks then slices the armor into pieces.