The BEST episodes written by Kunihisa Sugishima

We Don't Need Tomorrow
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#1 - We Don't Need Tomorrow

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 21

Taking control of the Vital Guarder, Ikumi shows how serious he truly is when it comes to his demand of peace. Meanwhile, aboard the Ryvius, Fina takes drastic steps to cut off Kouji's past.

Deforming World
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#2 - Deforming World

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 16

Thanks to Stein's technical wizardry, the crew has mutinied against Airs Blue & co., leaving Kouji Aiba in a state of confusion. No less confused is Juli Bahana, newly-elected Captain of the Ryvius. Her first attempt at reform, a proposal to scrap the unlimited food-points system for select members of the crew, is unanimously rejected. Juli predicts that it will foster resentment among the crew, and she's right! She agrees to Stein's suggestion that the Ryvius keep going past Saturn, and use probes to contact various colonies and outposts directly; unfortunately, this effort fails, thanks to the Orbital Security Bureau. Next, she asks Kouji to be her liason with the Lift-Ship; this decision backfires, thanks to Yuki Aiba's irrational hatred of his elder brother.

The Legendary Cooking Utensils! The Secret of the Always-sharp Blade!
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#3 - The Legendary Cooking Utensils! The Secret of the Always-sharp Blade!

Cooking Master Boy - Season 1 - Episode 33

Finally, the winner is announced. It’s Liu Mao-Hsing! The tool now has a new owner. But there’s a tradition, the tool chooses it’s owner. Chouyu explained where the legendary cooking tools are made from. The legendary chef Shuri made them from a meteorite that hit the earth hundreds of years ago. Master Luo then starts the ceremony by telling Mao that he should hold the knife, and the knife can tell if the owner is good or evil. Mao held the knife in his hands and a dragon appeared and seems to be sucked by Mao’s body, then the dragon appeared in the knife, saying that Mao is its owner after 400 years. Mao starts using the same knife on some leftover porgy that has lost its best taste. When Mao tasted the fish, he exclaims that the fish has retained its good taste. That is the secret of the knife, it returns any food into its original condition, thus the best taste. Then, Mao tells everyone that the knife has another owner and runs over to Leon. Everyone starts pointing out to Mao that Leon is from the underground and that he might attack Mao. But Mao insists, and Leon holds the knife. The dragon appeared again and went straight in Leon’s body and it appeared on the knife! Leon is an owner too! Which means, Leon is a good person. Leon starts explaining how he came upon the underworld. Four years ago, he left Yosen Shuuka to gain the ultimate knowledge in cooking, that’s why he came upon the underworld. Although he gained hardships through it, he was happy because he was cooking. But soon after, he realized the real intent of the underworld, and he began feeling scared and wanted to get out. He escaped, and he vowed to crush the underworld by obtaining the legendary cooking tools. After everything is cleared, they were now having a great feast where Mao and Leon will use the legendary cooking tool in cooking. While Mao was cooking his spring rolls, Shell wonders who really stole h