The BEST episodes written by Kuboshichi Ogi

Bitterness of the Past
14 votes

#1 - Bitterness of the Past

Kemonozume - Season 1 - Episode 4

The story of Toshiko's father is finally revealed, as how he became the leader of the Kifūken and his relationship with Yuka's mother.

Woman's Hidden Flavour
10 votes

#2 - Woman's Hidden Flavour

Kemonozume - Season 1 - Episode 5

Kyūtarō exposes his plan to reformulate the Kifūken's organization with the help of Kazuma. Trouble arises when another member of the school gets himself involved with a Shokujinki.

The Sweet Fragrance of Rie
5 votes

#3 - The Sweet Fragrance of Rie

Kemonozume - Season 1 - Episode 7

Rie discovers Toshihiko's hideout and goes all out trying to bring him back home. Meanwhile, Yuka has a surprising revelation.