The BEST episodes written by Kerry Reichs

The Dude in the Dam
2165 votes

#1 - The Dude in the Dam

Bones - Season 9 - Episode 8

The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Sean Nolan, a failed model whose body is found intertwined in a beaver dam. The team soon discovers that Nolan's fruitless modeling career left his sperm donations as his only source of income. However, when the team learns that he falsified records, they start to suspect anyone who was jilted by his donations. Meanwhile, Brennan struggles with social niceties and tact when she is drawn into a feud with author Tess Brown and Hodgins gets in touch with his motherly instincts when he plays host to a fly larva.

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The Stiff in the Cliff
1540 votes

#2 - The Stiff in the Cliff

Bones - Season 11 - Episode 20

The Jeffersonian and FBI investigates when the remains of famous billionaire explorer Henry Charles are found in Antarctica. The team confirms he was killed when he went missing ten years ago, but the timeframe puts Dr. Clark Edison on the short list of suspects. Meanwhile, Cam's sister arrives to help with wedding plans.

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The Woman in the Whirlpool
1347 votes

#3 - The Woman in the Whirlpool

Bones - Season 10 - Episode 20

When the body of a well-known cookie jar collector is found in a riverbank, the Jeffersonian team must submerge themselves into the victim's collector community in order to catch the murderer. Meanwhile, Booth struggles to come to terms with Brennan's decision that he move out of their house due to his gambling addiction and Aubrey has his eye on one of the "squinterns".

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