The BEST episodes written by Jonathan Robert Kaplan

Here Comes the Son
68 votes

#1 - Here Comes the Son

NYPD Blue - Season 9 - Episode 9

The detectives start investigating a massage parlor rip-off. While their rip-off involves a homicide there are similar rip-offs occurring in the Bronx, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are going to work the case with detectives from the Bronx, including Clark Sr.; leaving the others to look into the case of an elderly woman being robbed in her home by exterminators. And Mrs. Hornby sends her agent, Beacham, to ask Sipowicz to come back to her apartment and work security. The dollar figure for the job is raised and other perks are offered, but Sipowicz rejects them all. McDowell, Ortiz, Jones and Medavoy look into the exterminator case, through the efforts of two Samaritans; one of the exterminators was captured and subdued at the scene. The other has gotten away, but is quickly grabbed up. While waiting to talk to the victim and one of the perps at the hospital; small talk leads to Ortiz telling McDowell that she and her husband are working on their marriage. In the meantime back at the sq

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To Walk on Wings
206 votes

#2 - To Walk on Wings

JAG - Season 6 - Episode 20

Harm and Mac investigate the Osprey, a controversial Marine Corps helicopter/airplane, after one almost crashes with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham on board.

Flight Risk
355 votes

#3 - Flight Risk

JAG - Season 6 - Episode 4

When two Naval aviators are killed in the crash of their newly upgraded F-14 jet, Harm uncovers improprieties with both the civilian contractor and the Navy liaison.

Collision Course
305 votes

#4 - Collision Course

JAG - Season 6 - Episode 12

When U.S. and Turkish ships collide during a NATO exercise, Harm and Mac defend the U.S. captain, who is being made the scapegoat for political reasons.