The BEST episodes written by John Shirley

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#1 - Control-Alt-Delete

Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 18

Tony wakes up in a virtual world created by the Controller in a plan to enslave the city.

Sentries of the Last Cosmos
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#2 - Sentries of the Last Cosmos

Batman Beyond - Season 2 - Episode 23

One of the hottest virtual reality arcade games is Sentries of the Last Cosmos. Max and Terry's classmate Corey Cavaleri loves the game, sometimes better than real life. When he beats the arcade's all-time record, Corey is summoned to the secluded Sentrycroft estate by the game's creator, Simon Harper. There, he and two other kids become real-life Sentries, complete with flaming swords and flying discs. After a raid on Gotham's hall of records, Harper tells the kids that Sentries of the Last Cosmos is more than a game; in a nod to The Last Starfighter, Harper -- calling himself the Wise One -- claims that the Sentries' war against the Dark Regent is real, and that the game is used to recruit trainees. Batman learns of Harper's plot to send the kids after the Dark Regent -- the equally reclusive Eldon Michaels -- and tries to stop the kids and find the connection between the two men.

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#3 - Cupid

Profit - Season 1 - Episode 6

Gracen & Gracen wants to acquire a company jointly owned by a legally separated couple, so Profit is charged with getting them back together - even though the husband is acting rather disingenuously. Bobbi sets her sights on Chaz.

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#4 - Visionary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 3 - Episode 17

Exposure to radiation causes O'Brien to jump hours into the future for brief periods, as Deep Space Nine hosts Romulan and Klingon delegations.

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Parallel Lives
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#5 - Parallel Lives

VR.5 - Season 1 - Episode 12

Duncan wakes up one morning to discover that he is a wealthy and successful artist, and that it was Samantha - not Sydney - who survived the car crash as a child. Everything is turned upside down and the lives of all the characters are quite different. It all turns out to be VR scenario orchestrated by the very much alive Dr. Bloom to test Duncan's loyalty.

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Do Not Go Gently
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#6 - Do Not Go Gently

Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 1 - Episode 11

Liz Barrow, an old friend of Nicks, is with her fiance when she has an asthma attack and falls into a coma. She finds herself in a dark mysterious place and sees a young boy killed by a large monstrous shape. At that moment she awkes and watches as the boy in the next bed, the same boy from her 'dream', dies. She gets her fiance, Kevin. to contact Nick and get him to iunvestigate the hospital. Hoping he can find out what is going on there before she to falls vitim to the monster in her dreams.

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King Firouz
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#7 - King Firouz

The Adventures of Sinbad - Season 1 - Episode 7

Firouz builds a new invention he calls the Ruby Beamer. When the crew goes ashore to apologize for damage it caused, Firouz is acclaimed as the people's savior.

The Old College Spirit
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#8 - The Old College Spirit

The Real Ghostbusters - Season 2 - Episode 55

A group of college students are being hunted by a gang of unruly frat ghosts, but the Ghostbusters find that they must help the phantoms graduate!