The BEST episodes written by Jill Rothblatt Sowell

The Feeling That We Have
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#1 - The Feeling That We Have

Lincoln Heights - Season 2 - Episode 5

Missteps. Missed cues. Relationships pulling together. Relationships tearing apart. That's Lincoln Heights, as Eddie tries to bring an end to the endless gang warfare by getting everyone - the All Stars and the Shilohs - to play together as a team in the city basketball championship. But trust is missing, and no one can move forward. Which is a problem that seems to be infecting the Heights. Charles doesn't trust Cassie's new friendship with Luc, and he's telling her he wants out for good. Even lovebirds Eddie and Jenn are having problems with each other. Which is nothing compared to Eddie's problems with Lund. When Cassie and Sage get arrested together, Lund's defense of Sage at Cassie's expense has Eddie fighting mad. It's clear everyone needs to cool down, start talking and find a way to trust. But if opportunities keep turning into dead ends, it's anoyone's guess what will happen.

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