The BEST episodes written by Jane C. O'brien

A Hell of a Christmas
9 votes

#1 - A Hell of a Christmas

Cybill - Season 3 - Episode 11

Cybill's overbearing mom comes for a Christmas visit. Cybill welcomes her mom, Virginia, who's in town for the holidays, but tensions arise when ""Me-Maw"" showers Rachel with affection while virtually ignoring Zoey. When Cybill confronts her about the favoritism, she learns that Virginia feels a responsibility to compensate for Cybill's own partiality towards Zoey. Meanwhile, Maryann volunteers to be Cybill's personal holiday shopper while Cybill deals with the fact that her show's time slot has been moved - opposite 60 Minutes, and Ira finds out that Zoey lost her virginity while in Europe.

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Bachelor Party
10 votes

#2 - Bachelor Party

Cybill - Season 3 - Episode 13

As designated ""best man"" at Ira's wedding, Cybill is in charge of planning the bachelor party. Since Holly objects to hiring a stripper, Cybill decides to have everyone go to the track instead. But when Ira and the director of Cybill's television series show up expecting to see some skin, Cybill reluctantly agrees to have the party at a strip club. She and Maryann go disguised as men, primarily because Cybill doesn't want to jeopardize her newfound celebrity status. Meanwhile, Zoey tries to get used to her new job as production assistant on Cybill's television show, Lifeforms.

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Virgin, Mother, Cheater
38 votes

#3 - Virgin, Mother, Cheater

Cybill - Season 2 - Episode 20

Kevin's preoccupation with getting tenure looks like an affair to Rachel, who decides that two can play that game; Zoey and Sean lie about their celibacy to stop their friends' questions.

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