The BEST episodes written by James Fonda

Laughing Gas
57 votes

#1 - Laughing Gas

Gunsmoke - Season 3 - Episode 29

When town bully Cloud Marsh experiences public humiliation during a laughing gas show, he and his surly brothers assault proprietor Earle Stafford and attempt to molest his kind-hearted wife.

The Raffle Ticket
3 votes

#2 - The Raffle Ticket

Dennis the Menace - Season 2 - Episode 11

Mr. Wilson is conducting a car raffle for his lodge, and Dennis wants to win the car for his mother. Through a mixup, Mrs. Wilson gives Dennis a winning ticket which had originally been bought by her husband.

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Champagne Tony
2 votes

#3 - Champagne Tony

Hazel - Season 4 - Episode 16

Hazel is all excited because a famous golfer, Tony Lema, is going to be at the airport but once she's their, problems arise.