The BEST episodes written by Hiroyuki Fukushima

Why is This Happening? Why Me...
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#1 - Why is This Happening? Why Me...

Ajin - Season 1 - Episode 2

Kaito takes Kei Nagai into the hills on his motorcycle. While stopping for fuel, Kei is recognised by two criminals in a van who have just abducted a schoolgirl. The criminals follow them and when the boys stop by the side of the road, the criminals attack. The leader pins down Kei and chokes him to death to see if he revives. As Kei loses consciousness a mummified figure or "Black Ghost." materialises nearby. Kei comes back to life and screams again, immobilizing everyone. Kaito recovers first and they flee again on the motorcycle, pursued shortly thereafter by the criminals, who are in turn followed by the Black Ghost. Meanwhile Yu Tosaki orders tranqilizer guns for the police as the best way to stop Ajin. Kaito and Kei manage to cross a railway line, but as the criminals cross the tracks behind them, the Black Ghost immobilizes the driver, and their van is destroyed by an oncoming train. The Black Ghost is heard repeating Kei’s words.

What Does That Stuff Have to Do With Us?
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#2 - What Does That Stuff Have to Do With Us?

Ajin - Season 1 - Episode 1

A gun battle takes place in Africa in which a single western soldier outguns many locals, no matter how many times he is killed. He is eventually felled by tranquilizer darts and removed in a U.S. Top Secret body bag. Later, in Japan, Kei Nagai is leaving school, lost in his thoughts, crossing the road, when he is hit and killed by a truck. Within moments, he begins to recover and discovers he is an immortal Ajin, the third in Japan. The bystanders and students realize it too and begin to see the opportunity to receive a large reward for his capture. In shock, Kei screams which immobilizes everyone, allowing him to escape. The police and Yu Tosaki of the government Ajin branch converge on the scene. Kei manages to meet up with Kaito, an old trusted friend, and they flee on his motorcycle.

Dim Sum king, Lakon 1600-years-old Soul-Calming Steamed buns
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#3 - Dim Sum king, Lakon 1600-years-old Soul-Calming Steamed buns

Cooking Master Boy - Season 1 - Episode 37

In this episode, King Lakon prepares the Spirit Calming Buns of the Hakura Family. The bun’s secret ingredient was a piece of 1600 year old ‘lao mien’, a piece of fermented dough passed on from his ancestors (apparently the older the better). The 8 types of buns altogether: all of them first rate seafood which includes shark’s fin, abalone, lobster and sea cucumber, served in a bamboo boat. Method of preparation: Clay pots. The judges give the dish a thumbs up. While Lakon cooked up his dish using the traditional methods passed on for generations, Steel Stick Shell used his own creativity to cook up: Fried Laughing Buns. Even King Lakon was shocked when it laughed in his hand. Secret ingredients: diced steak (not minced) and vermicelli (to retain the juices during frying). Secret method: To make the buns laugh, Shell made a slit on each bun. While frying, the oil will rush in and cook the insides. However, the slit will be sealed trapping the juices inside. Once taken out of the fryer, the pressure inside the bun will reopen the slit and the air coming out of it creates the laughing effect. The judges loved the buns, delicious and fun. Now comes the judgement: the judges were told to raise a red spoon for Shell and a white spoon for King Lakon. It ends with a cliffhanger: None of them lifted their red spoons when asked to do so!