The BEST episodes written by Hiroshi Hara

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#1 - Daughter

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 23

At episode's outset, Mika and Grave stand over the resting places of Jolice, Nathan and Kenny, now accompanied by the tombs of BD, Maria, Rich, Gary, and the Tokioka brothers. Grave begins to depart, and Mika turns to tell Grave that he doesn't have to fight anymore, that he can forget about revenge and just stay with her. However, Grave continues on. Harry, meanwhile, attends an emergency meeting called by the top Millennion execs, who are concerned that with the M/KIA of 3/4 of his closest subordinates, they're end is near too. Most of the execs lay their guns down on the table, both Harry and the rebelling execs claim to be taking their actions to protect the Syndicate. An OrgMen appears from a hidden door and slaughters all the execs who laid down their arms, Harry names Bisco as Lee's successor, and parts with Bear for dinner with Sherry. At said dinner, Bear admits that since he has never lived in anything but the Syndicate, that he doesn't see how he can leave, he also, quite seriously, pressures Harry about giving him a granddaughter. Bear soon receives a call on his cell and, much to Sherry's annoyance, departs. Bear appears outside Brandon's hideout, where the Overkills are already in wait, eager to take on orders. Bear dismisses the entire squad, telling them to go on and live their lives, and that Bear himself will take on the target as an individual, and not as a Syndicate member. The members decide to respect his wishes, as Bear's Overkills seem to be the only group within the Syndicate that weren't transformed into OrgMen, per Bear's request. Bear confronts Brandon on the roof, and asks him why he is continuing to protect this girl, as Brandon and BD's time has long passed. Brandon simply asks "Why?!" and takes a swing at Bear, which Bear quickly counters with his palm. Bear asks if Brandon thinks Bear betrayed, but Bear declares he has no regrets for any of his actions. Bear follows Harry's Millennion only for his daughter's sake, he will sacrific

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#2 - Harry

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 15

Harry has set it up to appear as if Brandon was embezzling funds from Millennion, thus leading everyone to believe he is a traitor, some people are simply forcing themselves to believe it simply because it would make life easier. Big Daddy doesn't believe it, but Harry slowly became owner of 80% of Millennion, so BD can't do very much. BD confides in Bear and reveals that Maria is now pregnant with BD's child. There are a few people who may move against Harry, most prominently Bisco, but Harry finds out the secret location of Bisco's home, that not even BD knows the location of. This action intimidates Bisco, for he fears for the safety of his wife and daughter. Bunji, falling deeper into his anger and madness, slaughters a target and his family and renames the True Graves to the Kugashira-gumi. Gary, at Brandon's grave, accidentally let's slip that Brandon betrayed the Syndicate, while in Maria's presence. Harry, after quelling any real emotions for so long, sees a boy being thrown out of a restaurant he works at for breaking plates. Harry goes in and shoots the manager that threw him out and the boy cries in shock at seeing the man dead on the floor. Harry is confused at first, the he grows extremely angry declaring Brandon chose BD over him, and that that's why he shot him. Lee enters the room and declares that there has been an accident at the lab, it turns out the Necro-Rise prototypes have all awoken and gone wild. Dr. Tokioka, who has been keeping the body of Brandon Heat on hand for mysterious reasons, awakens Brandon and gives him prototype weaponry that tears through the prototypes.

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#3 - Kind

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 12

Maria, after not seeing Brandon for three years, begin to suspect and wonder many things about what's really going on in her life. Harry has effectively taken over 80% of the business in Billion, with Bob working intel, Lee in the underground deals, and Brandon as the symbol for a new Millennion. Harry is planning to marry Sherry, and Bear still has issues with their relationship, as he thinks Harry sees Sherry as only a means to an end, though Sherry loves him dearly. Bunji is on edge a lot recently, and ends up botching a simple assassination, to which Brandon harshly reprimands him, it is only Bunji's pride that is hurt. Big Daddy continues to lie to Maria, though she reveals she has known the truth for the last four years. Big Daddy then reveals Brandon no longer visits because he feels he doesn't deserve to see her happy, yet he continues to do everything to make her happy. Harry returns to Dr. Tokioka, who lives in the now abandoned facility where Necro-Rise was invented, and tells him to continue to research. Much to Harry's surprise, however, Dr. Tokioka had never ceased the research, he even has three prototypes waiting in the wings.

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#4 - Bystander

Attack on Titan - Season 3 - Episode 11

Having seen a glimpse of his father's memories, Eren attempts to track down a man hoping they might shed some light on his father's secrets.

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Big Daddy
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#5 - Big Daddy

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 6

Brandon and Maria have lunch and chat while Brandon realizes how much he enjoys his life, not even realizing that men in black are tailing him, and that upon returning to work he is given the order from high-up never to approach Maria or her school again. Men in black take Brandon to BD, who invites Brandon to fish with him. BD tells Brandon he can visit Maria at the mansion whenever he desires, and the show then cuts to Widge telling the story of BD, who apparently turned Billion from a rugged wasteland into a sprawling metropolis to protect his friends and loved ones. Later on, Brandon has a dream involving all his new and old friends looking at him and smiling, ending with a slightly younger Harry who pulls out a gun and fires, followed by images of all the people Brandon has seen die. The following night, a big party is being held with BD as a guest, a party Randy protests considering the Lightning gang's current unrest towards Millennion. While this discussion goes on, Bob's excellent information-gathering skills pull through as the listening devices he planted in the room are shown. Harry uses the gathered info to stage a brutal counterattack on the arriving Lightning members. One of the Lightning gets through before hand and pulls a gun at BD, Brandon pulls a gun on him and shoots him dead while also taking a hit himself.

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Ask, and It Shall be Given to You
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#6 - Ask, and It Shall be Given to You

Seven Mortal Sins - Season 1 - Episode 11

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Pay Close Attention to Keeping Things Neat and Tidy!
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#7 - Pay Close Attention to Keeping Things Neat and Tidy!

Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! - Season 1 - Episode 7

A suspicious shadow is trying to break into the office. After determining the identity of the shadow, Javelin and friends end up cleaning the office along with Mikasa-daisenpai. And what's this behind the shelf, something highly classified?