The BEST episodes written by Greggory Nations

Daughter for Daughter
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#1 - Daughter for Daughter

The District - Season 2 - Episode 15

Mannion faces off with Putin once again and the stakes are even higher when Putin resurfaces and kidnaps Mannion's daughter! Mannion's initial theory is that Putin wants to trade one daughter for another, but everything changes when the CIA informs Mannion that Putin's daughter, Erin, has disappeared from the Witness Protection Program. Mannion finally finds his dazed and confused daughter, Beth; however, things get more complex when the police find a dead woman, believed to be Erin, in Beth's car trunk. As Beth is arrested for murder, Mannion must prove that his daughter is being set up and the only person who can help him is Putin.

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Ab Aeterno
7908 votes

#2 - Ab Aeterno

Lost - Season 6 - Episode 9

Richard Alpert faces a difficult choice.

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#3 - Bloodlines

The District - Season 3 - Episode 18

After a black prostitute is found murdered with the inscription ""Respect the Order"" attached to her body, Mannion and his team start a deep investigation that leads to a racial criminal who started serial killing African-Americans who were involved with white people. Meanwhile, Parras sees her father being arrested for requesting the services of a prostitute and has to face her own family problems. Temple helps a friend detox from heroine and Ella investigates a suspicious fire that could promote an officer – but ends up being the reason for his arrest.

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3550 votes

#4 - Eggtown

Lost - Season 4 - Episode 4

Kate needs to get information out of the hostages, but it may jeopardize her standing with Locke -- as well as with Sawyer. Meanwhile in the future Kate's Court hearings take place.

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Some Like It Hoth
4281 votes

#5 - Some Like It Hoth

Lost - Season 5 - Episode 13

Suspicions about a possible breach intensify after Ben is taken from the infirmary, and a reluctant Miles is forced to work with Hurley when he's asked to deliver an important package to a top Dharma official.

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