The BEST episodes written by Greg Mchugh

Too Many Chefs
58 votes

#1 - Too Many Chefs

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 2 - Episode 3

Following a prank that went wrong, Sergeant Thomson takes a brief break from his day off to punish Gary and the boys by putting them on kitchen duty for the Captain's important dinner. Chef works hard to keep them under control while also trying to create a dinner good enough to impress Colonel Fanshaw, the Captain's father. But when an inebriated Thomson returns to wreak havoc in the kitchen, it's left to Gary to ensure that the dinner is a success and the Captain isn't embarrassed in front of 'Colonel Daddy'.

Good Exercise
32 votes

#2 - Good Exercise

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 3 - Episode 2

Gary delights Captain Fanshaw by 'saving his life' on a competitive skills exercise. With the enemy being led by his father, Colonel Fanshaw, the Captain is so grateful that while the others are fending off the Colonel's increasingly audacious attacks, he offers Gary a new job that sounds too good to be true - and turns out to be exactly that.

Climate Control
6 votes

#3 - Climate Control

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 2 - Episode 5

Gary and his team apprehend some strange protestors at a climate control conference.

Stagging On
32 votes

#4 - Stagging On

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 1 - Episode 6

Gary spends his birthday on guard duty. Charlie starts a rumour about himself.

The Great Debate
61 votes

#5 - The Great Debate

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 1 - Episode 4

Gary takes part in a debate about the Iraq War in University of St Andrews against an anti-war student, organised by the OC's annoying brother.

In The Field
32 votes

#6 - In The Field

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 1 - Episode 5

Gary agrees to help his father by buying a cooker for him and collecting it in the tank whilst on exercise. Despite the show's name, this is the first appearance of the tank (actually an AS-90) which Gary commands.

Tank Goodness
30 votes

#7 - Tank Goodness

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 2 - Episode 2

While transporting a tank back to the barracks, the boys defy orders by stopping off at a service station for a bit of breakfast. Charlie is so worried that Sergeant Thomson will be angry that the boys decide to add to his anxiety by hiding the tank from him. This sparks off a chain of events that sees Gary having to call in all sorts of favours in order to stay one step ahead of Thomson, something that becomes increasingly difficult when Julie gets involved.

Star Wars
4 votes

#8 - Star Wars

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 2 - Episode 6

The army are looking for soldiers to be part of their new advertising campaign. Sensing a shot at fame and stardom, Gary would rather do it himself but as they're looking for teams he signs Adam, Jacko and Charlie up for the audition as well. Jacko and Adam take dramatic tension a bit literally as they come to blows during their rehearsals, so Gary has to act as peacemaker if he is to stand any chance of landing the audition and becoming the new face of the 'armeh'.

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Bad Cammy
4 votes

#9 - Bad Cammy

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 3 - Episode 3

Cammy, an old adversary of Gary's, is posted to the barracks and old rivalries are soon restored in the form of a brawl. Sergeant Thomson punishes them both but a series of tit for tat exchanges follow. Things quickly get out of hand when army property is defaced and Gary is the one blamed. With the boys unable to provide an alibi and Thomson refusing to believe that Cammy is to blame, Gary finds himself in serious danger of being kicked out of the army forever.

Big Cuts are the Biggest
3 votes

#10 - Big Cuts are the Biggest

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 3 - Episode 4

Under threat of barracks closures, Sergeant Thomson is more irritable than usual as he prepares everyone for the visit of MP, Steven Maxwell. The frantic preparations see Thomson injured so Gary steps up to show the MP around. Under strict instructions from Thomson to stick rigidly to the 'boring' agenda, Gary has a better idea and he and Mickey defy the Sergeant to appeal to the MP's appetite for action, but they underestimate just how insatiable it is.

Achtung Charlie
1 votes

#11 - Achtung Charlie

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 3 - Episode 5

A posting to Germany hasn't quite lived up to the excitement levels of Afghanistan and Iraq and Gary is desperate to get home. But when Charlie announces that he's just got engaged, the final week gets a lot more interesting. Charlie's bride-to-be makes quite an impression, and while Mickey thinks she seems fun, Jacko is less generous with his feedback. Gary's initial misgivings are replaced with his excitement at being asked to be best man, and he starts making preparations for his special day.

The General
34 votes

#12 - The General

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 1 - Episode 3

Sitcom. General Randy Badger arrives from America on official duty. He enlists Gary and the boys, and instigates his own mission - to drink beer, see strippers and find his Scottish ancestors, the McBadgers. Hoo ya.

Green Gods
37 votes

#13 - Green Gods

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 1 - Episode 2

Gary swaps the tank for a Green Goddess as the army covers a firefighters' strike. The boys prepare for their first fire, but when it finally comes, it's their people skills that face the ultimate test.

Mum's The Word
30 votes

#14 - Mum's The Word

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 2 - Episode 4

It's been 15 years since Gary's mum passed away and his dad Martin thinks that it's finally time to scatter her ashes. Gary, Martin, Julie and Gary's aunt Margaret all set out to his mum's favourite beauty spot, but find that it's changed a lot since they used to go there. Gary needs to come up with a back-up plan but he's distracted by a series of mysterious phone calls that not only annoy his aunt and Julie, but also manages to offend his dad on the worst day possible.

32 votes

#15 - Checkout

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 2 - Episode 1

Gary, Jacko, Charlie and Adam have completed their latest tour of duty in Afghanistan and arrive at the aircraft hangar ready to be taken home, only to be told their flight has already left. Faced with waiting another 12 hours in a hot, cramped hangar, Gary decides to try and bribe his way onto an earlier flight using a pretty uninspiring collection of belongings from the boys. He's been turned down by the RAF as well as most of the squaddies in the hangar until finally he meets Cammy, a squaddie with an impeccable sales pitch and an offer Gary mistakenly thinks is too good to be true.

Be the Best
73 votes

#16 - Be the Best

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 1 - Episode 1

Cpl Gary McLintoch and his tank crew return from Iraq to tackle their toughest mission yet - a recruitment stall in the local shopping centre. And when the worst recruit ever is signed up, the boys try desperately to pull off the great escape.

Betta Shape Up
64 votes

#17 - Betta Shape Up

Gary: Tank Commander - Season 3 - Episode 1

The annual fitness test proves too much for Gary. Physical trainer, Corporal Fox, doesn't hold back in telling him how bad a shape he's in so, humiliated and determined to save face with the boys, Gary challenges Fox to a race, with a demotion on the cards if he loses. With the help of Jacko, Charlie and new recruit Mickey, Gary finally faces up to an uncomfortable home truth and makes a confession to his dad and Julie, but will it be in time to help him win the race and keep his job?