The BEST episodes written by Fredrik T. Olsson

Part IV
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#1 - Part IV

Jordskott - Season 1 - Episode 4

Someone has broken into Eva's apartment and left a bottle with unknown contents on the kitchen table. Eva realizes that the dark fluid is what Josefine needs to survive. Meanwhile, the killer hunts for their victims, and Göran Wass of the National Police covers his tracks.

Part III
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#2 - Part III

Jordskott - Season 1 - Episode 3

Josefine has disappeared from the hospital and Eva joins the local police force in the search. Her colleague, Tom, suspects Eva of involvement, but the suspicion turns into a burgeoning interest.

Dirty Intentions (1)
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#3 - Dirty Intentions (1)

Maria Wern - Season 6 - Episode 2

During one night, two people are murdered at different locations. Organic farmer Minna Lomén is killed in central Stockholm while her colleague and fiancé is found dead at their home on Gotland. There is no doubt that the murders are linked and Maria must go to Stockholm to investigate alongside the local police.

Maria Wern - Season 5 - Episode 1
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#4 -

Maria Wern - Season 5 - Episode 1

Gotland has been invaded by partying youngsters from Stockholm when the police are notified that a young woman has been found dead in the water at an after party. For Maria, it will be a difficult case because everyone present needs to be processed and they all seem to have something to hide.

Maria Wern - Season 6 - Episode 1
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#5 -

Maria Wern - Season 6 - Episode 1

The Dead are Silent (1)
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#6 - The Dead are Silent (1)

Maria Wern - Season 5 - Episode 2

The police are notified that the doctor and charity director Stefan Helmersson has disappeared. He is found dumped at a roadside, attached to a drip barely keeping him alive. With a dying man as the only witness, the police are faced must decide whether to keep him under anaesthetic or wake him up. Meanwhile, Maria and Sebastian get closer while her children are on the mainland, but Maria begins to doubt whether they really are a good fit for each other.

Not Until The Giver is Dead
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#7 - Not Until The Giver is Dead

Maria Wern - Season 4 - Episode 2

[Först När Givaren är Död] At the beginning of Medieval Week in Visby an arson occurs in which 65 year old Frida is believed to have perished. When additional murders take place, the trail leads Maria Wern and the police to a summer cottage complex where everyone knows everyone - and where the discovery of Latin texts and arcane drawings raise worries if the attacks are related to the actual celebration.Soon it's soon clear the woman believed killed in the fire is alive and has disappeared? Under the cover of the festival she intends to unearth relics that threaten to overturn the traditional view of the Christianization of Sweden. If found, the relics would destroy plans for a museum project at Birka, in which several of the residents of the cottage complex have invested their retirement savings . There is no choice but to assassinate Frida before she finds what she is looking for.

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#8 - 071-nummer

c/o Segemyhr - Season 3 - Episode 8