The BEST episodes written by Fredrik Agetoft

Eye in the Sky - Part 2
10 votes

#1 - Eye in the Sky - Part 2

Arne Dahl - Season 2 - Episode 10

Investigating a series of murders and kidnaps, 'A' Unit begin to suspect they are linked to a shared high school experience - but this still isn't getting them any closer to catching the killer. Paul is investigating the sudden and mysterious death of his new-found friend from the security service.

Eye in the Sky - Part 1
9 votes

#2 - Eye in the Sky - Part 1

Arne Dahl - Season 2 - Episode 9

A woman is found collapsed in the street, having escaped from an unknown basement. She has no idea why she was kidnapped and, with nothing else to go on, 'A' Unit follow a lead found in the basement to a drugs ring run by two brothers.

Death in Samarra
27 votes

#3 - Death in Samarra

Beck - Season 7 - Episode 3

A candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize is brutally stabbed to death in central Stockholm following a meeting with two lawyers from the war tribunal in The Hague. One of the witnesses worked with Alex when she was stationed in the Middle East and they have an attraction to each other that makes Josef think she should stay out of the investigation. Meanwhile, Klas Fredén is pressuring the group to resolve the politically charged case before SÄPO takes over.

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The Lost Son
26 votes

#4 - The Lost Son

Beck - Season 7 - Episode 4

A jawbone is found in the middle of the forest. When the rest of the body is found, it turns out it has been recently moved and belongs to Viktor Eklund, who has been missing for five years. His mother, well-known author Cecilia Eklund, has just managed to put his disappearance behind her. Martin Beck was investigating the disappearance but Alex thinks the case is unusually thin and not worth Martin pursuing further, although he thinks differently.

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