The BEST episodes written by Debbie Wright

An Eye for an Eye
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#1 - An Eye for an Eye

Lincoln Heights - Season 2 - Episode 8

Forgiveness seems to be in short supply in Lincoln Heights, and the streets just keep getting meaner. After another gang killing, Jenn tries to organize a support group for mothers who've lost children to violence. But the moms who show up lost kids who were on opposite sides of the gang war, so the first meeting is thick with hostility and pain. Meanwhile, Lizzie is trying to forgive her grandfather for taking off with the money she was raising to help the needy. To make up for what was lost, she's organized a talent show at Revolution. Everyone's in and excited, except Cassie, who's giving out nothing but grief -- especially to Lizzie. Maybe if Sage weren't making such an obvious play for Charles, Cassie could deal. But she's nothing but mad, so she's going after Sage. Kinda like how Grandpa Spencer is going after Reuben -- only grandpa's got a gun.

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