The BEST episodes written by David Ogilvy

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#1 - Eco-Warriors

Rescue Special Ops - Season 1 - Episode 10

An explosion in a shopping centre sees Rescue Special Ops reunite with the Firies to get panicked shoppers to safety. But there's a little boy missing, and locating him becomes a top priority for Vince. When an environmental activist group (ECO) takes responsibility for the explosion, one of the frightened shoppers overhears the word 'bomb', and causes major panic. Things are further complicated when a steroid abusing, gym junkie has a heart attack in the car park and Heidi and Chase have to save him. Meanwhile newly single Lara rescues a man stuck on a balcony and is given a small boost by his flirting. But their day isn't over yet. Another ECO activist glues himself to a pole in order to spread the message. And when Lara and Jordan go to rescue some passengers stuck in a lift, they discover an attractive young activist Caitlin, who succeeds in getting her message across to just one person - Jordan. And Lara realises that it might not be so great being single after all.

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A Prodigal Fear
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#2 - A Prodigal Fear

East West 101 - Season 2 - Episode 2

The Major Crime and NSO investigation into the car bomb deaths results in Malik going undercover to track a possible suspect. While he is undercover a Chinese student is discovered murdered. Detectives Lim and Callas get to the bottom of an extortion ring.

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