The BEST episodes written by Caprice Crane

Life's a Drag
305 votes

#1 - Life's a Drag

90210 - Season 1 - Episode 17

Liam displays his dark side to Naomi, who is stunned but captivated by the intense, handsome bad-boy. Meanwhile, Annie and Ethan face another bump in their relationship when Adrianna makes it known that Ethan and Rhonda shared a kiss, and Silver and Dixon make a video that stirs quite a controversy at West Beverly Hills High.

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Stoner Canyon
208 votes

#2 - Stoner Canyon

Melrose Place (2009) - Season 1 - Episode 14

Sexy Drew Pragin moves into Auggie’s old apartment and immediately clashes with Lauren. She becomes even more upset when he shows up at the hospital as the newest resident. Riley asks Ben for a job, which infuriates Amanda, and David receives life-changing news from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Ella makes an unrealistic demand of Jonah that backfires.

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That Which We Destroy
307 votes

#3 - That Which We Destroy

90210 - Season 1 - Episode 11

Brenda and Kelly's friendship takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Sean moves in with the Wilson family, Naomi hangs with a new crowd, and Silver becomes jealous when a cheerleader pays a little too much attention to Dixon

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Hollywood Forever
348 votes

#4 - Hollywood Forever

90210 - Season 1 - Episode 7

Annie and Ethan get paired up for a class project where they must take care of a baby. This time together forces them to see each other in a new light. At Silver's half-birthday party, Silver and Dixon continue to get closer. Meanwhile, Harry and Debbie must deal with Harry's past when Tracy tells Harry that she's hired an investigator to find their son. Elsewhere, Ryan tries to cope with Kelly leaving and decides to try online dating.

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121 votes

#5 - Gower

Melrose Place (2009) - Season 1 - Episode 8

Riley helps Jonah film a wedding, but the two get into a big fight in the middle of the ceremony. Putting her relationship with Jonah first, Riley breaks off her friendship with Auggie, who doesn’t take the news very well. Ella discovers Lauren’s expensive new clothing and lingerie plus a large envelope of cash and confronts her roommate about the late nights she’s been working. David fears he may be responsible for Sydney’s death.

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