The BEST episodes written by Buck Henry

Island of the Darned
72 votes

#1 - Island of the Darned

Get Smart - Season 2 - Episode 11

86 and 99 are stranded on a KAOS controlled island where they must fight for their lives.

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Ship of Spies (1)
37 votes

#2 - Ship of Spies (1)

Get Smart - Season 1 - Episode 27

Ahoy mate! Max's new assignment has him in a boat where he must find the blueprints of a super weapon while watching his back from a mysterious killer who makes a peculiar clip-clop sound, which is not that much help as every single passenger and crew member make that sound.

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Ship of Spies (2)
39 votes

#3 - Ship of Spies (2)

Get Smart - Season 1 - Episode 28

99's quick and clever reactions save Max from drowning. Back on the ship, Max talks with the captain who offers his assistance after finding out the reason he can never understand his aide. To make matters worse, 44 has finally had it. Not only Max cracks his super secret message, but he's tired of working hidden, not being able to eat at the captain's table, it's a boring job... As if it wasn't bad enough, he gets shot and Max finally discovers who the killer is, though it may be too late for him.

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Mr. Big
431 votes

#4 - Mr. Big

Get Smart - Season 1 - Episode 1

Mr. Big is blackmailing CONTROL: unless they pay him $100,000,000 he will use the "Inthermo Ray" to destroy the Statue of Liberty. Max teams up with Fang and a new partner, Agent 99, to stop Mr. Big.

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15 votes

#5 - Quark

Quark - Season 1 - Episode 1

It's 10:17 Galaxy Time, April 2, as we see Quark picking up space garbage for the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol. We are then introduced to Adam Quark and his wacky crew, Gene/Jean, O.B. Mudd, the Betty's, and Andy the Android. We are then taken to Space Station Perma One where we find Palindrome and The Head discussing the impending destruction of the galaxy by a giant enzyme cloud. They conclude that the only hope is to sacrifice Quark and his crew for the sake of the masses. But before the laser-gram message comes from Perma One to Quark, Andy the robot ejects a bag of garbage, feeds the enzyme cloud, and the galaxy is saved. As a reward, Quark gets his permanent mission to scour the Universe - for garbage of course!

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