The BEST episodes written by Brad Morris

You Tell Me
1055 votes

#1 - You Tell Me

Cougar Town - Season 4 - Episode 10

Confused by her mixed feelings for Travis, Laurie resorts to destroying things. But when her anger gets out of control, newly appointed mayor Andy has to step in. Jules starts hanging out with her therapist after discovering that her friends have been keeping secrets. And Bobby has a fling with the girl of his dreams while enjoying a vacation at Target.

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Time to Move On
941 votes

#2 - Time to Move On

Cougar Town - Season 5 - Episode 7

With Travis graduating college in a few months, Jules starts to worry about his job prospects with an art degree. Laurie and Ellie pose as a lesbian couple in a desperate effort to get Stan into a fancy new school. Meanwhile, Andy insists on making a cat video with the guys for Bro-day.

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