The BEST episodes written by Andrew Selzer

Viva Lexx Vegas
84 votes

#1 - Viva Lexx Vegas

Lexx - Season 4 - Episode 21

Kai, Xev and Stan stop off in Las Vegas as they wait for a space shuttle that Priest is arranging for them. Without a moth, the shuttle is their only means of returning to the Lexx. They check in at the King Tut, an Egyptian-themed hotel that is run by a group of mobsters. In the hotel room, Stan sees an ad for Slave Girls from the 18th Dynasty on the television and decides to order "room service" for himself. Xev discovers a female wrestling cage match is taking place on the premises and decides to enter, not realizing that it is fixed so that the casino can extort money.

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A Midsummer's Nightmare
114 votes

#2 - A Midsummer's Nightmare

Lexx - Season 4 - Episode 11

Kai and Stanley seek out the "Feast of Mograth", hoping to resurrect Xev. There they meet Oberon, king of the faeries, who grants their request... But in return demands their eternal servitude unless they can escape his forest before sunrise.

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