The BEST episodes written by 待田堂子

Tanamachi Kaoru Arc, Final Chapter: Progress
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#1 - Tanamachi Kaoru Arc, Final Chapter: Progress

Amagami SS - Season 1 - Episode 8

Noticing the growing attraction between Junichi and Kaoru, Masayoshi and Keiko decide to set the two up together by making them meet at the infirmary. There, Junichi tries to ask Kaoru out on a date on Christmas Eve, but to his surprise she has already planned to go out with him. On Christmas Eve, Kaoru decides to bring Junichi to the top of the new Port Tower despite his fear of heights. As they watch the snow fall, Kaoru confesses her love to Junichi, admitting she wants them to be closer. He in turn admits he loves her as well, that he wants to be with her forever, and they kiss. When Kaoru misses the last bus home, Junichi invites Kaoru to his home to stay for the night where both of them sleep together. Ever since, Junichi and Kaoru have become a loving couple.

Nakata Sae Arc, Chapter 2: Training
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#2 - Nakata Sae Arc, Chapter 2: Training

Amagami SS - Season 1 - Episode 10

Sae's training to become a waitress continues with the help of Junichi and Miya, by practicing her speech skills and practicing how to change uniforms in three minutes--where Miya catches her, in a swimsuit, and Junichi in a compromising position when Sae tripped. They even have had special training in a hot spring with some doctor fish in it to further her speech skills. Sae expresses to Junichi her desire to train even harder, though he has little idea why she wants to be trained more. Her trainings did make Sae become closer to Junichi and Miya; however, one night when Sae has to sleep over at the Tachibana residence, Junichi tells her his wish that he would like to have another younger sister like her, but, to his surprise, she says doesn't want that.

Sometimes the Gods of Rom-Coms Do Nice Things
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#3 - Sometimes the Gods of Rom-Coms Do Nice Things

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Season 1 - Episode 3

Hachiman continues his solitary lifestyle by using his skills to ensure he is left alone during gym and lunch. His routine is broken by the appearance of Saika Tosuka, who has come to him with a request.

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Nakata Sae Arc, Chapter 3: Change
45 votes

#4 - Nakata Sae Arc, Chapter 3: Change

Amagami SS - Season 1 - Episode 11

Though confused as to what Sae told Junichi that night, her training goes on until the day of the job interview. She passed it, but when Junichi plans to "graduate" her, she refuses, stating that she wants to become her student forever. Junichi is happy to see Sae in her part-time job, though still confused with her. One day, Junichi accompanied Sae to the amusement park, where they rode the merry-go-round and watch a hero show. Here, Sae asks Junichi to call her by her first name, as well as asking him to be her partner for the upcoming Best Couple Contest during the school festival. Later, taking a clue from Sae's actions, Junichi holds her hand.

Nakata Sae Arc, Chapter 1: Junior
48 votes

#5 - Nakata Sae Arc, Chapter 1: Junior

Amagami SS - Season 1 - Episode 9

Junichi, still afraid to love due to a traumatic event that happened two years ago, sees a beautiful new student named Sae Nakata. He gets to know her eventually when he goes looking for her to properly thank her for finding his wallet, and his sister Miya eventually introducing him to her. That afternoon, when Junichi sees Sae being scared by a "big dog" and panics, Junichi takes her to the restaurant where Kaoru was working to calm her down. It is here that she gets enamored by Kaoru's uniform, and, saying she wants to wear one sometime, Junichi suggests to her that she takes a part-time job there. Junichi and Miya try to train her on how to become a waitress based on Kaoru's tips. With Junichi as her instructor, her training is off to a tough start, given her mistakes. Still, Sae finds a friend in the Tachibana siblings. Meanwhile, Junichi is intentionally losing the rock-paper-scissors game they are playing in order to carry Sae piggyback style while he and Miya accompanies her home.

Once Again, He Turns Back on the Path from Whence He Came
208 votes

#6 - Once Again, He Turns Back on the Path from Whence He Came

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Season 1 - Episode 5

Hachiman's younger sister, Hikigaya Komachi, was asked to give advice to a fellow classmate, Kawasaki Taishi. Apparently his sister had been acting strange. His older sister, Kawasaki Saki (though Hachiman wasn't aware of this), was in the same class as Hachiman and Yui, so the Service Club decided to help with the issue.

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Nakata Sae Arc, Final Chapter: Lovers
46 votes

#7 - Nakata Sae Arc, Final Chapter: Lovers

Amagami SS - Season 1 - Episode 12

As Junichi decides to tell Sae how he feels for her, Sae invites him to a restaurant that serves a special parfait--one that could allegedly turn a couple into lovers by eating it. On the day of the Best Couple contest, however, Haruka and Hibiki wins first place--although Junichi and Sae, in wedding attire that she designed and sewed herself, comes in a close second. She puts the blame on herself, but Junichi says she's cuter than Haruka. Their prizes are tickets to a movie, and they get to watch it in a private room. While Junichi is in the bathroom, an English-speaking man sees through him, as to his plans for Sae, and tells him not to be afraid of failure. The man was revealed later in the pamphlet Sae was reading to be the director of the film they are about to watch. After the movie, Junichi gathered his guts to tell Sae that he likes her. This made her happy, and they became lovers from that very moment.

All People Surely Have Their Own Worries
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#8 - All People Surely Have Their Own Worries

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Season 1 - Episode 2

As Hachiman continues his narrative of his school life, tension rises in the room as Yui attempts to break away from her social group. If that wasn't enough, the club has received a new request from a unique visitor.

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Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected
257 votes

#9 - Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Season 1 - Episode 1

After writing a less than flattering essay about his high school life, Hachiman is forced to join a very unique club with only one member.

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Tanamachi Kaoru Arc, Chapter 3: Betrayal
80 votes

#10 - Tanamachi Kaoru Arc, Chapter 3: Betrayal

Amagami SS - Season 1 - Episode 7

The next day, Kaoru doesn't come to school, worrying Junichi. Skipping the rest of the day's classes, he frantically searches for her at the places where they hang out, until he takes a clue from overhearing Hibiki and Haruka, and looks for Kaoru at her part-time job. When he confronts her, she reveals that she spent the night at a manga café after she had a fight with her mother over learning she is dating another man and thinking about remarrying. She is against it, being content with the way things are with her mother. Junichi counsels Kaoru about her problems, promising to be there for her when she needs him. She in turn admits she needs his companionship. The next day, Junichi is glad to see her at school in her usual self again, after she and her mother have talked things over.

A Strange, New World
80 votes

#11 - A Strange, New World

Kuromukuro - Season 1 - Episode 4

Kennosuke is adjusting to the 21st century which also includes a trip to the shopping mall together with Yukina. The demons past is hidden in history and only Yukina's father did research, until he mysteriously disappeared. From these studies they hope to discover more about the demons and how their connection to Kennosuke, the only survivor of the Wasabi clan.

Truth Shrouded in Darkness
61 votes

#12 - Truth Shrouded in Darkness

Kuromukuro - Season 1 - Episode 11

The enemy pilot unexpectedly escapes and is able to restore his geoframe. Yukina is ordered to deploy in the Kuromukuro, but runs into him on the way.

The Arrogant Captive
65 votes

#13 - The Arrogant Captive

Kuromukuro - Season 1 - Episode 10

The captured demon pilot, named Fusnarnie, and Kennosuke are both questioned about their origins. Kennosuke tells the tale of him and the Princess fighting their last battle together in the Black Relic. However Kennosuke can't seem too recall or admit if he knows Fusnarnie from the past. Meanwhile Fusnarnie disables his guards and remotely activates the longarm "callsign Lion" Geoframe to come and get him. But on his way out he stumbles upon Yukina whom he recognizes as a wielder.....