The Best Episodes of Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

The Imp's True Face

#1 - The Imp's True Face 8.80

Season 1 - Episode 21

Kurogane tells Syaoran to blindfold himself and walk back to The Cat's Eye and that he can't take the blindfold off until he can recognize presences. While training, Syaoran notices that Oni have the presence of something which isn't alive. Kurogane and Fay leave Sakura at The Cat's Eye and go to talk to the lady that saw the new type of Oni. They find out that the Oni is created for the purpose of hunting. The new Oni seems to have Sakura's feather, and reveals himself to be Seishirō.

Directors: Masaki Wantanbe
Hazardous Race

#2 - Hazardous Race 8.70

Season 2 - Episode 1

After a strange dream, Syaoran wakes up in a futuristic world called Piffle and joins the others. After a chat with Yuuko, the group sets out to take part in the Dragonfly Race; the grand prize is one of Sakura's feathers! Nearly crashing into her, Sakura and the others meet Tomoyo Daidouji, the president of the Piffle Princess Company and hostess of the Dragonfly Race. Tomoyo decides on Sakura as her heroine for the race; unfortunately, Sakura is not the best driver and she crashes more than once.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo, Hiroshi Morioka
Mirror of Separation

#3 - Mirror of Separation 8.63

Season 1 - Episode 10

The villagers of Koryo storm the castle as Chu'nyan follows Sakura; meanwhile, Syaoran continues to battle the Ryanban's son and Fay and Kurogane continue to fight Kiishimu. Kurogane unintentionally frees Kiishimu from her imprisonment set by the Ryanban, by kissing her. Chu'nyan learns that her mother's spirit temporarily inhabits Sakura's body and Chu'nyan comes to understand the true meaning of hijutsu. Her mother gives her own hijutsu mirror to Chu'nyan and departs from Sakura's body.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
Demon Hunters

#4 - Demon Hunters 8.60

Season 1 - Episode 17

Our groups of friends end up in a world which is frequently visited by people from other worlds. After they learn they have to register, they are allowed to trade a few items they don't need for money. Then they get to choose an occupation. Fei chooses to be a bartender, Sakura chooses to work as a waitress, Syaoran and Kurogane choose a job that hunt random monsters. Will their temporary occupation bring them any closer to finding Sakura's feathers?

Directors: Masaki Wantanbe
The Secret Art of Gokui

#5 - The Secret Art of Gokui 8.58

Season 2 - Episode 20

Kishimu has taken Syaoran and Kurogane to her world. Where they find out that Ryanban's son is behind the attacks. He has found one of Sakura's feathers and is using them to control the minds of demons from Kishimu's world. Will Syaoran and Kurogane with the help of Chun Hyang stop Ryanban's son?

Directors: Koichi Mashimo, Hiroshi Morioka
Cat and Dog

#6 - Cat and Dog 8.58

Season 1 - Episode 18

It seems Syaoran and Kurogane had stolen the prey of two demon slayer partners Yuzuriha Nekoi and Kusanagi Shiyuu as they introduce themselves Kurogane discovers from them that Fay and had given him and Syaoran the aliases Big puppy and Little puppy. Back at the cafe they treat the partners to some cake and tea while Kurogane huffs at Fay for the names (he and Sakura are Big Kitty and Little Kitty). The partners get called out for a bounty so leave promising to come back and swap stories. Syaoran and Sakura have a momentary heart to heart when Sakura almost discovers that Syaoran was probably an important person to her, but because of Yuuko's work she instantly forgets her discovery. Syaoran and Kurogan go down to city hall to find out about any strange occurrences when they are directed to the information booth. They meet a woman by the name of Eeri at the info booth who tells that lately demon have been showing up in areas they shouldn't and of a new demon that's appeared that takes the shape of a beautiful woman. They receive an address to a place where to find more information. Kurogane and Fay follow the address when they are surrounded in the streets by a bunch of demon ready to attack.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Resolution to Live

#7 - The Resolution to Live 8.58

Season 1 - Episode 19

This episode starts directly from where the previous episode ended. Kurogane and Fai battle the oni, which they manage to stay alive, though Fai's ankle is injured. New oni slayers show up in the store. The person that Kuro and Fai were directed to meet had just left the place. A stronger oni arrives on the scene, doing weird things once more. Syaoran is unable to do much, but the teamwork of the oni slayers takes down the oni. Fai and Kuro come back to give the bad news. At the end, Syaoran realizes that he cannot rely just on his kicking skills and ask Kurogane to teach him how to fight with a sword. The mystery man shows up once again, is he related to the weird incidents that has been happening lately? What about Sakura's feather?

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
Princess of Shadows

#8 - Princess of Shadows 8.56

Season 1 - Episode 9

It is revealed that the Ryanban has a secret weapon which is in the form of a mysterious witch, named Kiishimu. Syaoran is still determined in getting into the castle that has Sakura's feather inside. Though he was hurt from the previous battle, he still plans to go inside.

Directors: Masaki Watanabe
The Blade of a Desperate Fight

#9 - The Blade of a Desperate Fight 8.55

Season 1 - Episode 24

Syaoran wakes up inside an egg shaped pod. He hears a tapping on the glass and sees Fay there, smiling, and pointing to another pod which contains Sakura. Sakura then awakens too, and she and Syaoran get out of their pods and greet each other. Syaoran wonders where they are; the place they are in looks very different from the town. The group meet up with a woman whom Fay tells them can explain everything, and she does so. The world of Ōto is a virtual reality program in Fairy Park which is a popular game for the residents of the Edonis Country. Syaoran sees that Kurogane and Mokona are still asleep in their pods. The woman tells Syaoran that someone is interfering with the program. This person is trying to turn the virtual reality into actual reality. Kurogane, Mokona, Ryū-ō and the others appear. Seishirō then also appears and Kurogane fights with him. Before long, the true identity of the strongest Oni is revealed.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Last Wish

#10 - The Last Wish 8.52

Season 1 - Episode 26

As Syaoran, Fye, Kurogane, Sakura, and Mokona arrive to the next world Syaoran collapses of fatigue due to the previous battle. An elderly woman offers her home for them to rest and also tells them the story of the castle. She tells them that if they make it up there alive a wish will be granted to them, but many have tried and died. They decide to investigate and see if it is the work of one of Sakura's feathers. What will be their wish?

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Vanishing Life

#11 - The Vanishing Life 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 23

Seishirō attacks Fay after he asks if Kurogane and Syaoran live there. It is revealed that Seishirō gave his right eye to Yūko to obtain the power to travel between dimensions but unlike Mokona he can only use this power a limited number of times. Fay gets cornered and is defeated. Seishirō uses Sakura's feather and the people in the world start disintegrating like a computer program. When Syaoran and Kurogane get back to The Cat's Eye they find out that Fay was defeated by an Oni and that Sakura may have been taken captive. When Syaoran finds Seishirō and asks him what happened to Fay, he tells him that he killed Fay. Seishirō stabs Syaoran in the chest with a weapon made from Oni. Syaoran starts disappearing but then Sakura comes running out and hugs him and they both disappear.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Ultimate Game

#12 - The Ultimate Game 8.45

Season 1 - Episode 25

The fight between the group and the Oni continues, while Seishirō is told the real truth behind everlasting life in the game. Syaoran climbs to the top of the rollercoaster and tells Seishirō that he doesn't think he will be able to beat him in his current state. However, he has decided to get the feather back; so he draws his sword even though he knows he's not quite ready yet. When he draws the sword, it bursts into flames and the fight begins. Seishirō takes off soon after the fight begins, but as he leaves, the Oni are left behind for them to take care of. After finishing them off, Mokona reacts to the power of the item Seishirō used and takes the group to the next world.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Steward of Illusions

#13 - The Steward of Illusions 8.42

Season 1 - Episode 13

The group end up in a new world, Jade Country, where there is an old legend story about a golden haired princess who possessed a feather with magical powers and they are convinced that it belongs to Sakura so they go to a forbidden castle with a deep river surrounding it to try find some children that were abducted. While they are in town, they are taking refuge in the house of a kind doctor, Kyle. But while everyone is asleep, Sakura sees the golden haired princess and follows her but then she is suddenly put to sleep. Now Sakura is getting the blame for taking the children and Syaoran is worried that she will never come back alive.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Chosen Tomorrow

#14 - The Chosen Tomorrow 8.40

Season 1 - Episode 11

The villagers tried to attack the Ryanban's castle and are now under his control. To make matters worse, Syaoran sees that Chu'nyan and Sakura are trapped in a bubble and learns that if he attacks the villagers, the girls will feel the effects tenfold. But his determination gives him an edge in the fight as he finds out that the girls trapped inside the bubble are not the real Sakura and Chu'nyan.

Directors: Shinya Kawamo
The Afternoon Piano

#15 - The Afternoon Piano 8.40

Season 1 - Episode 20

Syaoran and Kurogane go to a sword shop. Kurogane buys a longsword named Sōhi (Blue Ice) and Syaoran gets a sword called Hien (Scarlet Flame). After they buy the swords, Kurogane tells Syaoran not to unsheathe the sword yet because he isn't ready to use it yet. Fay buys a piano for The Cat's Eye but he doesn't know how to play it. Kurogane begins training Syaoran on how to counteract him being blind in his right eye by learning how to balance between his left and right side. A strange woman comes into the The Cat's Eye and starts asking Sakura where she's from and why she's here. Sakura goes into a trance and the woman starts playing the piano and Sakura starts singing. At the end of the episode Sakura is seen inside an egg shaped pod.

Directors: Shinya Kawamo
The Second Trial

#16 - The Second Trial 8.38

Season 2 - Episode 19

Mokona takes Sakura and the others to country where they met Chun Hyang. When they reach the city, they soon find out that they have been attacked by demons from Kishimu's world and they have been stealing souls of the villagers. The villagers all avoid Chun Hyang since she belives that Kishimu wouldnt do this. Can Sakura and the others help Chun Hyang find out who is behind this and get all the stolen souls back?

Directors: Koichi Mashimo, Hiroshi Morioka
The Wings of Tomorrow

#17 - The Wings of Tomorrow 8.38

Season 2 - Episode 26

Chaos has trapped Sakura in a crystal then reveals his true form (A bird with millions of feathers that look like Sakura's). However, Sakura while imprisoned learns that Chaos can't control his body and to free him, Syaoran must beat his true form. Sakura learns who Chaos really is and why he wanted to travel with her. Who really is Chaos and will Syaoran be able to defeat his Chaos's true form?

Directors: Koichi Mashimo, Hiroshi Morioka
A Heart that Believes

#18 - A Heart that Believes 8.33

Season 1 - Episode 15

Sakura tries to escape from the forbidden castle with ghost Princess Emeraude's help. She also brings the children along with her. Meanwhile, Syaoran and all the townspeople want to hear Dr. Kyle's confession. He then confesses that the kidnapping was his doing and he used the children in order to break the feather free. The children escape from the castle but Sakura is still trapped. Dr. Kyle escapes from the townspeople and decides to grab Sakura instead, but suddenly Syaoran comes to rescue her. The castle begins to tremble as the reservoir from the river overflows. While they confront Dr. Kyle, the wall of the castle suddenly breaks and smashes into the doctor. They are freed as they see the castle collapse, and the townspeople thank the group for rescuing their children. At the end of their journey, they realize that they are being watched by someone who is also interested in Sakura's feather.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
God's Beloved Daughter

#19 - God's Beloved Daughter 8.29

Season 1 - Episode 8

Fay and Kurogane decide to storm the castle even when Chu'nyan tells them that powerful secret arts protect it. Chu'nyan, Syaoran, and Sakura visit the resistance in town against the Ryanban. Sakura is drawn towards the castle and mysteriously disappears inside. Syaoran goes in after her and there they meet all the townspeople that have been imprisoned and have changed into monsters. Sakura and Syaoran are then back in front of the gates of the castle because of a mysterious presence. They tell the villagers what happened to the others sucked in from the gate. Kurogane and Fay decide not to storm the castle but to think of another method. The villagers decide to fight once more.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
Strength and Kindness

#20 - Strength and Kindness 8.24

Season 1 - Episode 16

The story starts off with a girl being hit with a mysterious beam on her head. Inside the shrine, Keefer goes in a saves her from the Guardian of the shrine. The group enters the world, Storm Country, in the middle of a tournament in order to see who is the strongest. Syaoran eventually wins the match. But Keefer needs that sacred object that Syaoran won from the tournament. They both fight to see who gets it, ending with Syaoran giving the sacred object to save the girl.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
The Indelible Memories

#21 - The Indelible Memories 8.22

Season 1 - Episode 22

Syaoran starts remembering about Seishirō and that he was the one who taught Syaoran how to fight. Syaoran and Kurogane go to a tower full of Oni to get information on Seishirō. At the top of the tower they find out that Seishirō is not an Oni and that town hall is planning to eliminate him for interfering. They also find out that the highest level Oni is in the form of a human and can command all other Oni. Seishirō shows up at The Cat's Eye when only Fay and Sakura are there and asks Fay if Kurogane and Syaoran live there.

Directors: Koichi Mashimo
Tears that do not Cry

#22 - Tears that do not Cry 8.22

Season 1 - Episode 6

Syaoran and Shogo begin their unfinished fight. As the fight continues in Syaoran's favor, Masayoshi and Primera are in danger as a result of their fight. However, Masayoshi's Kudan saves them but grows to a tremendous size as Mokana senses that Sakura's feather is in Masayoshi's Kudan.

Directors: Hiroshi Morioka
Feather King Chaos

#23 - Feather King Chaos 8.20

Season 2 - Episode 22

Sakura and the others arrive in the next world, and find out that the king of the city (Chaos) has her feather. Chaos agrees to give Sakura the feathers (he have several) if they told him the stories of their journey. Everyone tells him a part of their journey and at the end, Chaos keeps his word and gives Sakura all his feathers. Chaos gave up those feathers to easily, is he up to something?

Directors: Koichi Mashimo, Hiroshi Morioka
The Power to Fight

#24 - The Power to Fight 8.19

Season 1 - Episode 2

Transported to the world of XXXHolic, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai ask the Dimensional Witch Yûko to grant their wish. Syaoran's wish is to travel to many worlds to restore the memories of Sakura, Kurogane's wish is to return to his own world, and Fai's wish is to travel to different worlds to avoid his own. Though their intents are different, the method is the same and that is to travel between different worlds. However, they must all pay a price before their wishes can be granted. Kurogane's payment is his sword, Fai's payment is the marking on his back, and Syaoran's payment is his relationship with Sakura. Though hesitant about their payment, they pay up and are given Mokana Modoki to travel to the next world. After coming to, the gang find themselves in the middle of a gang war but instead of modern weapons, everyone is fighting with a special technique called a Kudan.

Directors: Masayuki Kurosawa
Working Sakura

#25 - Working Sakura 8.18

Season 2 - Episode 21

The group lands in the next world and finds the feather almost right away for sale in a jewllery shop. how will the gang pay it! Sakura gets a job!

Directors: Koichi Mashimo, Hiroshi Morioka