The Best Episodes of Pokémon

From A to Z!

#1 - From A to Z! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 1

Love at First Flight

#2 - Love at First Flight 0.00

Season 7 - Episode 2

While resting next to Lake May, the gang spots a Volbeat and an Illumise practising for an upcoming dance contest. However a practice session goes wrong and Illumise suddenly vanishes.

Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes

#3 - Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 2

A Fiery Rite of Passage!

#4 - A Fiery Rite of Passage! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 4

In the Knicker of Time!

#5 - In the Knicker of Time! 0.00

Season 6 - Episode 5

Brock is ready to travel again and has joined up with Ash, May and Max as the journey on towards Rustboro City. In the forest they encounter a giant Zigzagoon, which they soon realize is actually a trainer in a Zigzagoon suit. Nicolai the Knickerbocker is a trainer that believes in becoming one with Pokémon in order to understand them. While battling, he wears a costume of whichever Pokémon he is using. When not dressed as a Pokémon, he wears knickers in order to be closer to nature. Nicolai is very excited to learn that May is the daughter of the Petalburg Gym leader. He challenges her to a battle and quickly defeats her. Nicolai taunts her for losing, saying that he doesn't think her father will be difficult to beat since she is such an inexperienced trainer. Brock, Ash and May shrug off the defeat and continue on their way, but Max is furious. Without telling anyone, he goes off in search of Nicholai to defend his father's honor.

Dream a Little Dream from Me!

#6 - Dream a Little Dream from Me! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 5

Octillery The Outcast

#7 - Octillery The Outcast 0.00

Season 5 - Episode 6

After reaching the town where the preliminary round of the Whirl Cup is held, Ash and Misty enter and earn the two victories required to continue on to the finals. A friend they had met earlier is not as fortunate. When Misty tries to console him with promises of the next Whirl Cup to be held in three years, he remains depressed, saying that it was not lack of ability but the low spirits of his Octillery that had brought about his defeat. The Pokémon had been depressed ever since it evolved from a Remoraid and was subsequently spurned by its onetime Remoraid friends. If the boy cannot somehow mend these friendships between Pokémon that have now grown different in appearance, he doesn't see any hopes of victory even in three years time. Ash and friends willingly lend their knowledge and enthusiasm to this problem of Pokémon sociology.

A Poached Ego!

#8 - A Poached Ego! 0.00

Season 6 - Episode 6

Our heroes are headed for Rustboro City, where Ash hopes to have his first real gym battle in Hoenn. Team Rocket is making their way along the same path when they stumble upon a cage full of Ekans. Jessie is delighted that their work has been done for them and orders Arbok to attack. Arbok can't manage to attack the helpless Ekans, however, because it remembers when it used to be an Ekans. Jessie is sympathetic. James soon makes a similar concession when they find a cage of Koffing that Wheezing will not hurt. The cages belong to a poacher named Rico who uses his Fearrow and Pupitar to chase off Team Rocket. Team Rocket returns to the scene, now hoping to free the Ekans and Koffing. Things turn dangerous when Rico's Pupitar evolves into a Tyrannitar, and Team Rocket is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Pokémon that they love.

The Legend of the Ninja Hero!

#9 - The Legend of the Ninja Hero! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 6

Dueling Heroes

#10 - Dueling Heroes 0.00

Season 5 - Episode 7

As the final round of the Whirl Cup begins, Ash and Misty must each face formidable opponents. Ash has his Kingler transferred from Oak's lab in preparation, but when he and his Totodile begin their first battle, they must face an opponent with a powerful Kingdra. Misty also faces a challenging duel with an experienced opponent and his Qwilfish. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sets about stealing an ancient jewel used in a reward ceremony to be performed for the tournament's victor.

A Giga Battle with Mega Results

#11 - A Giga Battle with Mega Results 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 3

A Festival of Decisions!

#12 - A Festival of Decisions! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 7

A Dancing Debut!

#13 - A Dancing Debut! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 8

Taming of the Shroomish

#14 - Taming of the Shroomish 0.00

Season 6 - Episode 9

Ash, May, Brock and Max have arrived at a small city on their way to Rustboro City. Brock decides to stock up on supplies, while Max is eager to go hunting for city dwelling Pokémon. Max soon stumbles upon a very frightened Shroomish who is hiding in an alleyway. Ash, Max, Pikachu and their new Shroomish friend head off to find a Pokémon Center. On their way they pass by a deserted mansion that is being torn down. There, the gang learns that not long ago most of the city was forest and that many, many Shroomish lived in the area. They also learn that strange things are going on at the mansion, and many people believe that it's haunted. A little investigation reveals that the mansion is actually inhabited by all of the Shroomish who used to live in the forest. When the forest was destroyed, they had nowhere else to go. All of the strange noises and smells that the construction workers were hearing were actually the Shroomish! The grandson of the owner decides to tear down the mansion as planned, but to convert all of that land into a forest for the Shroomish.

Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!!

#15 - Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!! 0.00

Season 8 - Episode 9

This episode was set to air on the regular schedule but was pulled out of the line-up because many people were killed in earthquakes a few weeks before the episode's due air date.

Meeting at Terminus Cave!

#16 - Meeting at Terminus Cave! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 9

Hi Ho Silver... Away!

#17 - Hi Ho Silver... Away! 0.00

Season 5 - Episode 10

The gang has decided to explore the rest of the remaining unseen Whirl Islands and reach a town, in which everything is shaped after the Silver Feather.

You Said a Mouthful!

#18 - You Said a Mouthful! 0.00

Season 6 - Episode 10

En route to Rustboro City, Ash and the gang pass by an unofficial gym boasting the world's most powerful Pokémon. Even though he can't win a badge there, Ash is intrigued and decides to battle the trainer named Anthony and this mysterious Pokémon. The world's most powerful Pokémon turns out to be a Pelipper. Pelipper attacks Ash's Treecko with a Vine Whip. It then attacks Taillow with Flame Thrower. Finally, it attacks Pikachu with a Thunder Attack. Ash and crew are amazed – Pelipper should only have Water and Flying type attacks, but somehow it knows Grass, Fire and Electric type attacks! That's not physically possible! Team Rocket decides that they must have this awesome Pokémon, so they, too, challenge Anthony. This time, however, Anthony panics and the truth comes out. Pelipper has been hiding Poké Balls inside its large beak. Rather than being disappointed, Team Rocket decides that this is an excellent opportunity. They blackmail Anthony and use his Pelipper for a new challenge. This time, trainers will lose their Pokémon if they lose to Pelipper. Team Rocket's latest hoax is very successful at first, and they con many trainers out of their Pokémon, but they soon get carried away. They fill Pelipper's beak up with so many Poké Balls that when Pelipper does a Water Gun attack, all of the Poké Balls spill out!!!

A Cellular Connection!

#19 - A Cellular Connection! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 10

A Windswept Encounter!

#20 - A Windswept Encounter! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 11

To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler!

#21 - To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! 0.00

Season 16 - Episode 12

While heading towards the next city, the group sees a man escaping from Officer Jenny and along the way find a Scatterbug that fell out of the man's truck. It turns out that the man is a Pokémon poacher who has been capturing Vivillon of different patterns and the group decide to help Jenny catch him.

The Bamboozling Forest!

#22 - The Bamboozling Forest! 0.00

Season 16 - Episode 11

While on their journey, the group stops for lunch when they are interrupted by two Pancham. However when Team Rocket attacks, the Pokémon get separated from their trainers. As Ash and his friends try to reach Pikachu, so does Team Rocket, but they cross paths with a Pangoro along the way.

Party Dancecapades!

#23 - Party Dancecapades! 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 12

Kindergarten Chaos!

#24 - Kindergarten Chaos! 0.00

Season 16 - Episode 13

Ash and the group comes across a girl named Penelope who asks to battle Ash and if she wins he has to go out with her.

A Meeting of Two Journeys

#25 - A Meeting of Two Journeys 0.00

Season 17 - Episode 13