The Best Episodes of Mission: Impossible

The System

#1 - The System 9.00

Season 3 - Episode 15

A gangster, Constantine Victor (aka ""Mr. V"") has had the last witness against him on a murder indictment killed. Johnny Costa, Victor's associates and a casino owner, is the only one with enough evidence to get Victor convicted. The IMF must con Costa into talking. Phelps as a syndicate killer warns Costa that someone has put a contract on him. Cinnamon charms Costa and has him endorse minor credit slips which the IMF then forges for bigger ones. Rollin is a bookkeeper who supposedly works for Costa, finds an unlisted $25,000 planted by Barney, and the fake credit slips. Thanks to a prerecorded call from ""Victor"" mimicked by Rollin, Costa is relieved of duties. Costa confronts Cinnamon and gets her to admit she is working for Victor. Fleeing from Willy as another hit man, Costa locks himself in the casino vault to protect himself until he can testify against Victor.

Directors: Robert Gist
Live Bait

#2 - Live Bait 9.00

Season 3 - Episode 18

Selby, a double-agent for the U.S. within an enemy country's intelligence service, is suspected by his superior, Kellerman. The IMF must keep Selby in the clear and eliminate Kellerman. Selby complains when Marceau, a courier who knows about Selby's identity, is taken from him by Kellerman. Selby claims Kellerman is the double-agent. Rollin, as a government official, gives Kellerman 24 hours to break Marceau. Using his underling Brocke, Kellerman works with Rollin to trap Selby. Kellerman comes to believe that Agent Jim has kidnapped Brocke's girlfriend to force Brocke to give away Marceau's location to Selby. In reality, Stephanie is shown a fake split-screen of Jim conspiring with ""Kellerman"" (Rollin in disguise on tape!) to kill Brocke and eliminate Marceau. Brocke believes Stephanie and accuses Kellerman but she recants under pressure. Meanwhile, Marceau is wired to an explosive. When Stephanie recants the IMF break in using knockout gas and use liquid nitrogen to free Marceau. The

Directors: Stuart Hagmann, Meyer Dolinsky
The Elixir

#3 - The Elixir 8.88

Season 3 - Episode 7

Riva Santel is the recent widow of the President of San Cordova. Deputy Premier Avilla plans to announce free elections but Riva will declare herself dictator in a coup. The IMF must stop her. Pretending to be a film crew, the IMF team gets in. Hostess Cinnamon fakes a collapse and the guys comment on her age. Rollin as a plastic surgeon comes in and Riva finds out Cinnamon is actually seventy years old. She insists on surgery for herself. Since the surgery can only be done on the night of the speech, she has herself taped by her own camera crew. Barney and Willy get hold of the tape footage, reedit it, and switch the IMF tape for Riva's. Riva is sedated during the speech and so her men use the tape. When she awakens, her face in bandages, she is shocked to hear ""herself"" announcing her retirement. While Cinnamon disguised as old-Riva conspicuously leaves the country, Riva takes off the bandages to find she has her wish: she is now a younger woman...with a totally different face.

Directors: John Florea

#4 - Doomsday 8.88

Season 3 - Episode 17

Carl Vandaam, a bankrupt European tycoon, is masterminding the theft of plutonium to make a hydrogen bomb and sell to the highest bidder. To keep such a bomb from falling into the wrong hands the IMF must stop Vandaam. Jim and Cinnamon get close to Kura, one of the bidders, by offering to bankroll him in return for oil rights. Vandaam demonstrates the bomb's plutonium core but afterwards Barney manages to steal the plutonium and replace it with an empty cylinder. Vandaam's aide discovers the theft and seals the building while Vanddam bluffs it out hoping they catch the thief before the bidding is over. Kura wins the bidding unaware that Cinnamon has planted a device in his money. Cinnamon insists they see the plutonium again, Vandaam is forced to reveal the theft, and Kura wants a refund. Cinnamon destroys the money by remote control. Kura has Vandaam shot while the IMF escape and summon the authorities.

Directors: John Llewellyn Moxey
The Bunker (2)

#5 - The Bunker (2) 8.86

Season 3 - Episode 20

With Cinnamon-as-Anna in place, she is taken to her ""husband"" and tells Dr. Rojak to be near an air vent. Jim as a security officer has placed a small remote-control flying disk in the bunker's air vent system and it holds a hypo. Barney steers it to Rojak's monitored cell and he uses the hypo to induce a heart attack. Jim summons Rollin (as a heart specialist) who advises surgery and instructs that ""Anna"" be at her husband's side. Ventlos the assassin plans to disrupt the operation by taking Rollin's place in disguise and the IMF quickly has to readjust when Ventlos tries to kill Rojak and destroy the installation.

Directors: John Llewellyn Moxey
The Bunker (1)

#6 - The Bunker (1) 8.83

Season 3 - Episode 19

Dr. Erich Rojak and his wife Anna are being held in an underground laboratory/bunker by a totalitarian enemy government. Another unfriendly government has sent an assassin, Ventlos, to kill Rojak. The IMF must rescue Rojak and his wife, destroy the test missile Rojak is working on, and stop Ventlos. The IMF infiltrate the base and Jim introduces a handstamp system, unaware that Ventlos has already replaced the bunker's security chief. Jim uses his system to expose security officer Cinnamon as a phony and she is imprisoned near Anna. Willy breaks in via the furnace and rescues Anna while Cinnamon takes her place...

Directors: John Llewellyn Moxey
The Seal

#7 - The Seal 8.80

Season 2 - Episode 9

Taggart. an industrialist, has a rare stolen statue that America needs to maintain a friendly relationship with a foreign country. He refuses to turn it over and IM Force are sent to get it. They need a cat, Rusty, to bypass Taggert's elaborate security. Phelps fouls the computer with a doctored key card, requiring Willy to deliver a replacement containing Barney and the cat. Cinnamon is a reporter investigating a supposed curse on the statue, while Rollin pretends to be a professor from the statue's country of origin. Rollin makes a faked grab for the statue, and Taggert has to shut down the electricity to prevent him from dying. Barney uses the brief power outage to get past the sonic detectors and drill a hole into the chamber. He then inserts a miniature crosswalk so the trained cat can go across and loop the statue around its neck. Despite the distraction of a local tank of fish, Rusty succeeds and everyone makes their escape as Taggert discovers the theft.

Directors: Alexander Singer

#8 - Charity 8.80

Season 2 - Episode 10

A husband-and-wife con team, the Hagars, rip off the wealthy for donations to charity, only to take it all for themselves. The IMF ""crashes"" the Hagars' get-together with a groiup of millionaires at an estate on the French-Italian border. The Hagars have converted their ill-gotten gains to platinum, and have it stored in the base of a pool table . Jim goes in as a gigolo supposedly hired by Erik Hagar to keep his wife Catherine occupied, while Cinnamon keeps Erik occupied by pretending to be a wealthy invalid. Barney tunnels into the estate and switches out the platinum bricks with an inflatable duplicate. Rollin pretends to be a hitman trying to kill Catherine, but is caught and confesses he was hired by Erik. Suspicious, Catherine hires him and then tries to flee the country. Jim fakes putting the platinum in the trunk of her car. He and she make it to the border, but Erik, follows, takes the car. Unfortunately for him, Barney and Willy have taken the real platinu, melted it down, an

Directors: Marc Daniels

#9 - Shock 8.75

Season 1 - Episode 25

Enemy operative Kiri has kidnapped U.S. envoy Carl Wilson and has an imposter, Gort, who is impersonating him to discredit a U.S. trade agreement. The team have to rescue Wilson and foil the impersonation before Kiri kills Wilson. Cinnamon impersonates Wilson's niece while Willy kidnaps Gort and Briggs-as-Wilson takes Gort's place, pretending to be Gort. The team put Gort in an asylum and give him electro-shock to scramble his memories, then claim he is is a delusional accountant. Under the threat of more electro-shock, Gort tells them the full details of his delusion: that he's to kill an American official and leave Wilson to take the blame. Barney and Willy replace the unconscious Wilson at the reception with a drugged Gort set to look like a suicide, then Briggs-as-Gort-as-Wilson takes a shot at the official. Briggs returns and reveals that "Wilson" is actually Gort, who was in Keri's employ.

Directors: Lee H. Katzin
The Vault

#10 - The Vault 8.67

Season 3 - Episode 23

Phillipe Pereda, finance minister of Costa Mateo has stolen $40 million from the vault of the country's president, De Varo. De Caro plans to announce the money will be used for an industrialization process. Pereda plans to frame the president for embezzlement when it is found the money is missing from the supposedly impenetrable vault, then take over the country. The IMF must stop him. Willy sneaks Barney into the vault and he gets it open and makes it look like it was robbed before setting off the alarm. Rollin (as an auditor) lets a guard see Barney before knocking him out, then knocking himself out. Pereda realizes that with this new robbery, he won't be able to frame De Caro. Cinnamon and Jim (as representatives trying to cut a deal with Pereda to buy land once he is in power) suggest he temporarily replace the stolen money with Treasury cash before De Caro confirms the theft. Pereda sneaks into the vault using an audio tape of De Varo's perfectly pitched code, he puts in the money

Directors: Richard Benedict, Judy Burns, John Kingsbridge
The Test Case

#11 - The Test Case 8.60

Season 3 - Episode 14

A scientist of an enemy power, Dr. Oswald Beck, has developed a bacteria which causes cerebral spinal meningitis and mutated it into a form that kills and then becomes inert after a few hours. The IMF must destroy the preliminary culture and stop Beck. Rollin replaces the prisoner chosen for a test of Beck's bacteria, and Barney switches the bacteria cylinder for one with knockout gas and then uses a balloon to capture the gas. Rollin ""dies"" but then Jim, who has infiltrated the base as a military medic, ""discovers"" that Rollin isn't dead. Meanwhile, Barney releases the knockout gas into the control room, knocking out Beck's superiors. Beck thinks they are dying from his bacteria and believes they'll think he's a traitor who tried to kill them rather than the test subject. He flees but is shot while Jim destroys the bacteria.

Directors: Sutton Roley
The Phoenix

#12 - The Phoenix 8.60

Season 2 - Episode 23

Former internal security director Stefan Prohosh has been demoted to director of a museum. He has stolen an experimental metal alloy and concealed it in a modern sculpture at his museum, and plans to sell it to a foreign power to get them to back his bid for power. The IMF must recover the metal and stop Prohosh. Rollin fakes an attempt on Prohosh and his call is interecepted by Barney, who sends Jim, Barney, and Willy. Jim reveals Cinnamon as Rollin's accomplice, and Prohosh is obliged to interrogate the two of them. This is a distraction that lets Barney and Willy secretly dismantle the sculpture, remove the alloy, and replace it with explosives. Jim slips a detonator into Prohosh's pocket and then detonates the explosive himself to make it look as if the chairman was responsible. No one is harmed in the ensuing blast but the chairman finds the detonator in the unwitting Prohosh's pocket and has him arrested.

Directors: Robert Totten, John D.F. Black
The Contender (2)

#13 - The Contender (2) 8.60

Season 3 - Episode 3

Jim manages to avoid Whelan by hiding in the tunnel pipes overhead. He gets access to a list of Whelan's bookies. Meanwhile, Barney-as-Richy fights his way through a series of matches, helped by a concealed gas emitter in the ring beneath his opponents' corner. Finally Barney faces Buckman's champ Staczek, with orders to take a dive. He knocks out Staczek against Buckman's orders, leaving Buckman to be bankrupted covering the bets.

Directors: Paul Stanley
Double Circle

#14 - Double Circle 8.60

Season 4 - Episode 7

An art lover is made to believe he can own a priceless work of art, but it is really a plot to retrieve a valuable formula from his impenetrable safe.

Directors: Barry Crane
The Money Machine

#15 - The Money Machine 8.57

Season 2 - Episode 8

Walter DuBruis is a criminal financier in Africa, and has made a deal with a countefeiter, Rag Tagoor. DuBruis will pass the fake money that Tagoor manufactures, wrecking the pro-Western country of Ghalea. DuBruis is above the law unless there is firm evidence, so the IMF have to put him out of business. Cinnamon tries to corner the market on a company's copper stock, interesting DuBruis by mentioning her husband has found a new vein of copper. DuBruis plans to buy the stock for himself, but needs money. Conveniently, Rollin fakes an epileptic seizure, and DuBruis discovers that Rollin is a counterfeiter. He makes a deal with Rollin to make up fake money to make up the $5 million he needs, by providing his own $3 million as a sample. Thanks to a fake machine and Barney passing out special paper, the deal goes smoothly, but Barney substitutes fake money for DuBruis' real money, too. DuBruis attracts the attention of the foreign minister by buying up all the copper shares. Told to show t

Directors: Paul Stanley
The Exchange

#16 - The Exchange 8.50

Season 3 - Episode 12

During a mission in a half Western/half Communist country, Cinnamon is caught and arrested after delivering information to the team. She is tortured and proves immune to everything except effects involving her claustrophobia. As intelligence officer Strom gets close to breaking her, Jim decides that the team must try and trade her for a valuable Eastern spy, Rudolf Kurtz. The IMF have to covertly get Kurtz out of prison, get him past the Western police, and get the information from him. The IMF fakes ""rescuing"" Kurtz and taking him to an office in the Eastern zone, where he gives up his information to superior officer Jim. Strom is forced to trade Cinnamon, but shoots both her and Jim during the exchange. Believing them dead and with Kurtz keeping silent about the information he spilled to protect his own life, Strom Jim and Cinnamon, wearing bulletproof trenchcoats, make their escape.

Directors: Alexander Singer
The Interrogator

#17 - The Interrogator 8.50

Season 3 - Episode 25

Agent Norvan Kruger knows about his country's plans to launch some kind of attack which will devastate the world. he's been captured by a second country unfriendly to the U.S. Kruger's interrogator, Spindler, hasn't broken the agent but even if he does the U.S. needs the plans. The IMF capture Spindler and Kruger during transport and lock Spindler up. To convince them he's who he is he tells them of Kruger's knowledge of the plan to launch nuclear missiles from submarines against the U.S. The IMF use drugs to scramble Kruger's memories and convince him he is an interrogator assigned to break a prisoner (Rollin). He's told he must get the information from Rollin or his superior Kutzof will have him shot. Rollin claims to have the same submarine-location knowledge Kruger does. Kruger grows steadily more confused, particularly when he can't hear what Rollin is saying. Jim as a psychiatirst tells Kruger he's blocking out the words. When ""Kutzof"" shows up, under pressure Kruger blurts out h

Directors: Reza Badiyi
The Legend

#18 - The Legend 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 20

An imprisoned member of the Nazi party, Herbert Raynor, is released from prison and is being flown (along with his daughter) to Puerto Huberra in South America, along with other Nazis. All of them are being flown there by an unknown benefactor. Briggs and Cinnamon take the Raynors' place.They and the others are introduced to Martin Bormann, now a bedridden invalid. Borman's secretary, Rudd, informs them that Bormann will lead the Third Reich to new glories. Dan ducks a murder attempt, breaks into Bormann's room, and finds that he is a mannequin with a voice provided by Rudd. Rudd has recorded tapes duplicating Bormann's voice, and the last tape will turn leadership of the party over to him. To stymie Rudd, Rollin dresses up as Bormann and is suddenly not so bedridden. Of course, Rudd knows Rollin is an imposter but can't reveal it without exposing his own ploy. "Bormann" gives orders that eliminate Rudd once and for all and end the threat posed by the Nazis.

Directors: Richard Benedict
The Rebel

#19 - The Rebel 8.50

Season 5 - Episode 11

The IMF must rescue three scientists in a dictatorial country and destroy their notes. They rescue two but the third one, Khora refuses to leave and is executed. Jim and Dana meet with his son Alex (a rebel leader) to get his notes and Dana is captured by the militia along with Alex's girlfriend, who has memorized the doctor's notes. Barney and Doiug parachute in with a giant hollow religious statue that Jim uses to get close enough to dig into the prison while Paris, pretending to be an Intelligence officer, plays the militia leader, Bakram, against the people. When Bakram discovers that the prisoners have escaped he destroys the statue, further enraging the country's people against him while the team make his escape.

Directors: Barry Crane, Norman Katkov, Ken Pettus
A Game of Chess

#20 - A Game of Chess 8.43

Season 2 - Episode 17

Nicholas Groat, a grandmaster chessplayer, organizes a team that plans to steal gold intended for the underground in an Eastern bloc country that was intercepted by the country's authorities. The IMF must recover the gold from the authorities and keep Groat from getting it. Groat forces the authorities to move the gold from a bank to a vault at the hotel where he (and Rollin) are playing in a tournament. The hotel puts a time lock on the vault for extra security, but Groat notices that Rollin is cheating, using a hearing aid. When he forces Rollin to demonstrate, the computer ""inadverently"" accelerates timepieces, so Groat wants to use it to get into the vault. Rollin agrees, but requires Groat use his team. Willy fakes a typhoid outbreak and Dr. Phelps administers shots to the guards which are actually sedatives. With Groat's help they get into the vault, then take the gold at gunpoint and leave him there.

Directors: Alf Kjellin

#21 - Flight 8.43

Season 5 - Episode 5

Presidente Rojas plans to give a speech to the U.S. Congress while his Chief of Internal Security Ferrar plans a takeover and sends an assassin known only as Plato (and known only to Ferrar) to kill the Presidente before he gives his speech. The IMF must find out who Plato is and thwart the assassination. Ferrar follows Rojas to the U.S. where the IMF fake a plane crash - when Ferrar wakes up he is on an uncharted island colony inhabited by the prisoners from a missing penal ship. Paris pretends to be a double-agent working for Ferrar that the Chief knows of but never met. Paris reveals his plan to escape and convinces Ferrar that Plato plans a double-cross. When the other ""prisoners"" come after them, Ferrar is forced to hold them off so Paris can go off to thwart Paris, whose identity Ferrar reveals. Paris gets the information to the team in Washington just in time to stop the assassination.

Directors: Barry Crane, Leigh Vance
The Frame

#22 - The Frame 8.43

Season 1 - Episode 17

Gangster Jack Wellman is moving syndicated crime into politics, killing off certain politicians and replacing them with men more sympathetic to the Syndicate. The team goes in as caterers. Cinnamon sneaks into Wellman's room, blows a hole in the wall, and inserts a fake safe. Meanwhile, Barney and Willy break into the real vault from the rear and steal the 4 million in profits that Wellman has tucked away, and which he is to split with his fellow mobsters at a dinner that night. They open the real vault and discover the money missing. Going upstairs, they find Cinnamon who claims to be Wellman's girlfriend, tells him she knew ""it"" wouldn't work, and reveals the fake safe. As Cinnamon and the rest of the team depart, the other mobsters tell Wellman to open the safe or they'll kill him, and don't believe his desperate pleas that he's never seen that safe before in his life.

Directors: Allen H. Miner
The Freeze

#23 - The Freeze 8.43

Season 3 - Episode 11

Albert Jenkins, who robbed an armored car five years ago, double-crossed his associates and hid the $10 million. He then managed to get himself arrested as ""Raymond Barret"" on a burglary charge he did not commit. In this way he can outwait the statute of limitations on the armored car robbery from the safety of his cell. The IMF must bring him to justice. To do so, IMF ally Dr. Bowman tells Barret he has a fatal disease and gets him released early. Rollin as a doctor confirms the diagnosis and reveals that Jim, pretending to be a cryogenic doctor, can put him in stasis. Barret/Jenkins ""wakes up"" 12 years later in a futurstic IMF set and a graying Rollin tells him currency is no longer of value and the police want to question him. Barret escapes only to discover that it's a scam...but in the scam-within-a-scam, he thinks it's one day after the statue of limitations expires. He goes to the cemetary where he hid the money, along with his partners thanks to an IMF ploy, and all of them are

Directors: Alexander Singer
The Glass Cage

#24 - The Glass Cage 8.43

Season 3 - Episode 16

Anton Reisner, a reistance leader in a tyrannical country, has been imprisoned in the automated Trast Prison and is being tortured by Major Zelinko in order to get the names of the other resistance leaders. The IMF must get him out of the prison. Reisner is in a video-monitored escape-proof glass cubicle. Barney and Willy get themselves imprisoned when Cinnamon as head of the country's prison system arrives for an inspection. She distracts Zelinko long enough for Barney and Willy to escape, wreck the video system, and get to Reisner. But..they tell him to stay in the cell but act different, then get recaptured. Zelinko notes the discrepancy between the door counter and the written log and puts two and two together (incorrectly) with Reisner's odd behavior and assumes Reisner is an imposter. Zelinko and Gulka plot to keep the switch secret but Cinnamon arranges for Zelinko's underling Vasney to overhear it. She has Zelinko arrested and takes Barney, Willy, and the Reisner-as-the-imposte

Directors: John Llewellyn Moxey, Alf Harris
Squeeze Play (aka Sicily)

#25 - Squeeze Play (aka Sicily) 8.43

Season 5 - Episode 12

Albert Zembra, head of the Mediterranean branch of the Syndicate, is dying of cancer and plans on passing his list of opium farms to his chosen successor. He plans on turning power over to Carlos Empori, engaged to his granddaughter. Paris poses as a mobster and old friend of Eve's and ""renews"" his friendship with her, while Phelps, as Zembra's rival, warns Carlos that Paris plans to take over. Barney stages a fake assassination on Zembra, thwarting Carlos' security and making him look incompetent, then Paris and Paris-as-Zembra stage a conversation to make Carlos believe Zembra will give power to Paris. Carlos helps Jim kidnap Eve, but the plan goes awry when Eve reveals she knows Paris is a fake. Paris puts his life on the line by counting on her silence to complete the plot. Eve stays silent, Carlos is set up as a traitor to Zembra, and the dying mobster turns the information over to Paris.

Directors: Virgil Vogel, Walter Brough, David Moessinger