Hajime no Ippo

The BEST seasons of Hajime no Ippo

Every season of Hajime no Ippo ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Hajime no Ippo!

Ippo the Japanese Featherweight champion will defend his title against amazing challengers. Takamura fights for the second WBC title in the middleweight class, and Aoki fights for the Lightweight title.

Last Updated: 7/1/2022Network: Nippon TV
The First Step
62 votes

#1 - The First Step

First Aired 10/2/2000

New Challenger
47 votes

#2 - New Challenger

First Aired 1/5/2009

Ippo Makunouchi continues his boxing career and his goal on knowing the meaning of being strong, and the desire on fighting his idol Ichiro Miyata once again. Along him are pro boxers Takamura, Aoki and Kimura that each one of them aspire to their own dreams. the continuation after Ippo won his Japan Championship match.

34 votes

#3 - Rising

First Aired 10/5/2013

Hajime no Ippo: Rising continues Ippo's quest to become stronger, featuring the same cast of loveable dimwits from Kamogawa Gym, as they put their bodies and hearts on the line to make their way in the harsh world of professional boxing. With a will of iron, Ippo steps into the ring once again.