The Best Episodes of Hajime no Ippo

A Fist That Picks You Up

#1 - A Fist That Picks You Up 9.04

Season 3 - Episode 13

The evolved Dempsey Roll saved Ippo from the jaws of defeat. Bolstered by the cheering fans, he chases down Sawamura. But with Sawamura more willing than ever to risk an illegal move, will Ippo's last bit of energy be enough to defend the title?

Directors: Jun Shishido
Hawk vs. Eagle

#2 - Hawk vs. Eagle 8.64

Season 3 - Episode 19

It's finally time for the main event, Takamura Mamoru vs. David Eagle! The challenger is full of vim and vigor, but even in the face of Takamura's fury, Eagle's face remains calm and collected.

Directors: Jun Shishido
A Lesson Never Forgotten

#3 - A Lesson Never Forgotten 8.54

Season 3 - Episode 20

Despite being stymied by Eagle, Takamura assures his corner he has a plan for victory. Just as he seems to be making progress, a shocking development changes the entire fight.

Directors: Jun Shishido
The End of the Death Match

#4 - The End of the Death Match 8.54

Season 3 - Episode 21

Directors: Jun Shishido
A Vow

#5 - A Vow 8.24

Season 3 - Episode 25

Directors: Jun Shishido
Iron Fist

#6 - Iron Fist 8.20

Season 3 - Episode 24

Directors: Jun Shishido
Victory or Defeat

#7 - Victory or Defeat 8.10

Season 1 - Episode 28

Ippo defeats Mashiba for Rookie King of Eastren Japan.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
Obsession for Victory

#8 - Obsession for Victory 8.05

Season 1 - Episode 11

Ippo defeats Yusuke via K.O.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
Test of Endurance

#9 - Test of Endurance 8.04

Season 1 - Episode 15

Ippo defeats Jason via K.O. after a tough match.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
The Opening Bell of the Rematch

#10 - The Opening Bell of the Rematch 7.96

Season 1 - Episode 6

Ippo and Miyata face off in a rematch.

A Storm Descends on Makunouchi Fishing Boat

#11 - A Storm Descends on Makunouchi Fishing Boat 7.86

Season 3 - Episode 15

To celebrate Ippo's win and recovery, the whole gym gang hops aboard the Makunouchi Fishing Boat for a fun fishing trip. Yagi suggests they liven things up with a little contest, and suddenly a relaxing afternoon turns into an all-out war!

Directors: Jun Shishido
Empowering Words

#12 - Empowering Words 7.86

Season 3 - Episode 14

Ippo visits Dr. Yamaguchi and learns the full extent of the damage caused by the evolved Dempsey Roll. As he walks home on crutches, Umezawa drives by and gives him a lift. Ippo's relief is short-lives, however, as Umezawa suddenly reveals he plans to quit working on the Makunouchi fishing boat!

Directors: Jun Shishido
The Unfinished New Counter

#13 - The Unfinished New Counter 7.85

Season 3 - Episode 18

It's the semifinal match, Miyata vs. Dachboy, and the Miyata camp recognizes a familiar face in the opponent's corner... Mister Sakaguchi, the former manager of the boxer Miyata beat for the OPBF title!

Directors: Jun Shishido
Eleki's Shocker and Papaya's Coconut

#14 - Eleki's Shocker and Papaya's Coconut 7.85

Season 3 - Episode 17

It's time for Kimura and Aoki to step into the ring at the Yokohama Arena! Kimura's up first, and nerves come into play as he stands before a huge crowd for the first time. Then when Aoki's turn comes up, he finds himself perplexed by a boxer every bit as unorthodox as himself! Can the duo set the right tone for Takamura's title match?!

Throw Your Right!

#15 - Throw Your Right! 7.83

Season 1 - Episode 32

The First Step

#16 - The First Step 7.82

Season 1 - Episode 1

Ippo is a high school student who works full time at his mother's fishing though. Because of this, he gets bullied on by the kids at his school. That's when his life turns around, when a professional boxer happens to be jogging along the way, and introduces Ippo to the world of boxing.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
The Courage to Live

#17 - The Courage to Live 7.81

Season 3 - Episode 23

Directors: Jun Shishido
Promise to Meet Again

#18 - Promise to Meet Again 7.75

Season 1 - Episode 8

Ippo trains with Takamura and discovers the hardship of pro boxing.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
Golden Eagle

#19 - Golden Eagle 7.73

Season 3 - Episode 16

While Takamura approaches his physical limits as he cuts weight for his upcoming world title match, the American champion David Eagle arrives in Japan. Talented, dedicated, respectful, and honorable, he exudes the aura of a true champion.

Directors: Jun Shishido
3 Months to Counter

#20 - 3 Months to Counter 7.71

Season 1 - Episode 5

Ippo trains for a rematch.

The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins

#21 - The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins 7.68

Season 1 - Episode 13

Ippo and his opponent Jason prepare for the first match of the Rookie King Tournament.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
Ippo on the Beach

#22 - Ippo on the Beach 7.65

Season 1 - Episode 17

Ippo joins Takamura, Kimura, and Aoki in a training camp near the beach.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
To Enemy Ground

#23 - To Enemy Ground 7.64

Season 1 - Episode 30

Ippo learns how to heal his right fist and gets ready for the All Japan but something happens his powerful right punches!

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
C Class License

#24 - C Class License 7.60

Season 1 - Episode 9

Ippo takes the License Test and meets Mashiba.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura
Becoming a Bully's Buddy

#25 - Becoming a Bully's Buddy 7.48

Season 1 - Episode 12

Ippo fights and wins his second match via K.O.,After the fight he was befriended by Umezawa, his former bully.

Directors: Satoshi Nishimura