The WORST Episodes of Digimon Adventure:

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Last Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Network: Fuji TV

It's the year 2020. The Network has become something humans can no longer do without in their daily lives. But what humans don't know is that on the other side of the Network is the Digital World, a realm of light and darkness. Nor are they aware of the Digimon who live there. Widespread Network difficulties arise, centered around the Tokyo area. Traffic signals blink chaotically, public outdoor TVs display garbled text, and so on. The news reports it as a case of cyberterrorism. Fifth grader Taichi Yagami stayed home by himself to get ready for a weekend summer camp, but his mother and little sister Hikari went to Shibuya, and now they're aboard a runaway train. Taichi hurries to Shibuya to save his mother and sister, but the instant he heads toward the station platform... a strange phenomenon befalls the DigiDestined, and Taichi goes to the Digital World! The DigiDestined meet their partner Digimon, and they're faced with an adventure into the unknown...!

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A Place to Return To

#1 - A Place to Return To

Season 1 - Episode 61 - Aired Aug 15, 2021

Takeru and Patamon help Eldoradimon who was struggling to climb up a mountain. The surrounding Digimon are not supportive and only watch hopelessly. However, Takeru won’t give up and attempts to send Eldoradimon home no matter what.

star 5.67
15 votes
The Geko Hot Spring's Revolt

#2 - The Geko Hot Spring's Revolt

Season 1 - Episode 53 - Aired Jun 20, 2021

To heal Patamon and Tailmon, Joe and Gomamon take them to the hot springs they had been to before. However, the hot springs were all dried up. Soon after, they meet the hot springs' ruler, Tonosamagekomon.

star 5.80
15 votes
The King of Inventors, Gerbemon

#3 - The King of Inventors, Gerbemon

Season 1 - Episode 42 - Aired Apr 4, 2021

Taichi and Koshiro, who are scouting the area, come across a genius inventor, Gerbemon. Koshiro’s eyes sparkle as he sees the number of inventions Gerbemon has created from junk. However, an enemy Digimon suddenly attacks them.

star 6.10
20 votes
The Vagrant War Demon, Rebellimon

#4 - The Vagrant War Demon, Rebellimon

Season 1 - Episode 54 - Aired Jun 27, 2021

After leaving behind Joe’s group, Taichi and Agumon are led by the Digivice to a barren wasteland full of outlaw Digimon. There they find Cutemon, and the lone-wolf Rebellimon who strives to fight.

star 6.18
17 votes
Mon-Mon Park in the Fog

#5 - Mon-Mon Park in the Fog

Season 1 - Episode 41 - Aired Mar 28, 2021

Takeru and Yamato go to search for food. Suddenly, a theme park called Mon-Mon Park appears before them. They are begged by a Digimon to stay and stop by the park. But what awaits them is not a fun, happy place.

star 6.24
17 votes
 Bolt, HerakleKabuterimon

#6 - Bolt, HerakleKabuterimon

Season 1 - Episode 59 - Aired Aug 1, 2021

Koshiro and Tentomon find themselves back in the canyon they had once passed through earlier in the Digital World. There, they meet Nanomon, a Digimon who loves knowledge. Nanomon challenges Koshiro to a match in a dungeon full of riddles.

star 6.27
15 votes
The Digimon School Under Attack

#7 - The Digimon School Under Attack

Season 1 - Episode 55 - Aired Jul 4, 2021

Mimi and Palmon reach the edge of the Cloud Continent close to the Tanemon's village where Mimi once used to reign. There, they find a Digimon school and meet Babamon, who encourages them to enroll in the trial course.

star 6.31
16 votes
Strike! The Killer Shot

#8 - Strike! The Killer Shot

Season 1 - Episode 40 - Aired Mar 21, 2021

The Chosen Ones find some time to practice soccer with each other. But during their game, some fruits fall from the sky. Taichi and Sora go up to get more fruits and there, they encounter evil Digimon.

star 6.33
18 votes
Jyagamon, Potato Hell

#9 - Jyagamon, Potato Hell

Season 1 - Episode 39 - Aired Mar 7, 2021

The eight Chosen Ones finally come together. They make a pit stop at the so-called Digimon’s oasis. There, Joe befriends a potato-loving Digimon, but his new friend’s love and sorrow over fries cause trouble.

star 6.37
19 votes
The Tears of Shakkoumon

#10 - The Tears of Shakkoumon

Season 1 - Episode 62 - Aired Aug 22, 2021

Sora and Piyomon reunite with Neamon, Junkmon and the other Digimon. Together, they revive the wastelands to create a Digimon town. However, the guardian deity, Shakkoumon awakens from a long slumber and starts attacking them

star 6.45
11 votes
Clash, the King of Digimon

#11 - Clash, the King of Digimon

Season 1 - Episode 43 - Aired Apr 11, 2021

The Chosen Ones come across an unfamiliar forest. There they meet Etemon and Volcamon who are battling over the title for the King of Digimon. Taichi and others are dragged into their fight.

star 6.53
17 votes
Activate, Metalgarurumon

#12 - Activate, Metalgarurumon

Season 1 - Episode 45 - Aired Apr 25, 2021

The Chosen Ones come across what looks like a rundown racing circuit in the Digital World. There, they find a superfast Digimon, Machmon running alone. Gabumon, who loves to run, challenges Machmon to a race.

star 6.53
15 votes
Contact From The Catastrophe

#13 - Contact From The Catastrophe

Season 1 - Episode 57 - Aired Jul 18, 2021

Taichi and Agumon are ambushed by an unknown force and sent to another place. There, Agumon is faced with the challenge of finding the real Taichi from dozens of copies that are all crying in pain for help.

star 6.63
16 votes
Hikari, New Life

#14 - Hikari, New Life

Season 1 - Episode 58 - Aired Jul 25, 2021

Hikari and Tailmon are back at Petaldramon's forest where they find Digitama all over the place. However, evil Digimon who are filled with hatred for new life are also drawn to this forest.

star 6.64
14 votes
Dance of the Heavens, Hououmon

#15 - Dance of the Heavens, Hououmon

Season 1 - Episode 52 - Aired Jun 13, 2021

The Chosen Ones start new adventures to prevent the Great Catastrophe. Taichi and Sora reach an island with a volcano. When they help Junkmon build a wall to protect the Digimon living on the island, an eruption occurs.

star 6.67
15 votes
Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers

#16 - Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers

Season 1 - Episode 60 - Aired Aug 8, 2021

The hot springs had dried up again for some reason. Joe takes a group of Digimon with him and heads south to a warm place. However, they are attacked by pirates led by Olegmon.

star 6.67
15 votes
Hikari and the Moving Forest

#17 - Hikari and the Moving Forest

Season 1 - Episode 44 - Aired Apr 18, 2021

After travelling through many fields, the Chosen Ones finally come upon a forest. However, they find that the forest itself makes up a Digimon’s body. Hikari and the Chosen Ones help this Digimon fight an old nemesis.

star 6.75
16 votes
The Villains of the Wastelands

#18 - The Villains of the Wastelands

Season 1 - Episode 47 - Aired May 9, 2021

Joe and Gomamon are separated and taken away by two groups of villains who are fighting over water. Taichi and Agumon go out to search for the two with the help of Nohemon, the guardian of water.

star 6.76
17 votes
The Crest of Courage

#19 - The Crest of Courage

Season 1 - Episode 63 - Aired Aug 29, 2021

After aimlessly following the arrow on the Digivice, Taichi and Agumon reach a castle. There, Taichi is separated from Agumon and is thrown into an unfamiliar world by a mysterious Digimon.

star 6.77
13 votes
The Great Catastrophe, Negamon

#20 - The Great Catastrophe, Negamon

Season 1 - Episode 65 - Aired Sep 12, 2021

The Chosen Ones are separated from their partner Digimon and captured in the white void. There, the terrifying true form of the Great Catastrophe is revealed through Algomon’s words.

star 6.80
10 votes
The Mystery Hidden Within the Crests

#21 - The Mystery Hidden Within the Crests

Season 1 - Episode 51 - Aired Jun 6, 2021

Having survived the battle against Millenniummon, Tai and his friends are contacted by Garbagemon, who says that there is something resembling the Crests displayed on their Digivices at the Great Tree of Information.

star 6.81
16 votes
The Last Miracle, The Last Power

#22 - The Last Miracle, The Last Power

Season 1 - Episode 66 - Aired Sep 19, 2021

The Chosen Ones’ ultimate enemy, Negamon evolves. And the Great Catastrophe consumes both the Digital World as well as the human world.

star 6.90
10 votes
The End of the Adventure

#23 - The End of the Adventure

Season 1 - Episode 67 - Aired Sep 26, 2021

The final battle against Negamon begins. The Chosen Ones and their partner Digimon, their journey is about to reach its end.

star 6.90
10 votes
Mimi-chan Wars

#24 - Mimi-chan Wars

Season 1 - Episode 37 - Aired Feb 21, 2021

With the ISS no longer being a threat, Taichi and his party continues their adventure. Taichi and Sora, who go out to look for food, happen to reunite with Mimi and Palmon. Then they are suddenly pulled into Mimi’s project.

star 7.05
22 votes
The Sword of Hope

#25 - The Sword of Hope

Season 1 - Episode 46 - Aired May 2, 2021

An eerie sphere, Sephirothmon suddenly appears. Taichi and the others are trapped inside Sephirothmon. There, an archenemy from the past, Devimon, appears before Takeru and Angemon.

star 7.06
16 votes