The Best Episodes of D.Gray-Man

Aria of the Land and the Night Sky

#1 - Aria of the Land and the Night Sky

Season 1 - Episode 4

Allen continues his battle with an Akuma that has leveled up and gained the power to take on a person's appearance and powers. Meanwhile, Kanda hears from the "Ghost" of Mater the history of the town and the Dolls they made to cheer themselves up.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Boy Who Hunts Akuma

#2 - The Boy Who Hunts Akuma

Season 1 - Episode 1

Allen Walker and his golem, Timcanpy have recently arrived in London, planning to visit the Black Order Headquarters. Meanwhile, Officers Moore and Charles are investigating a supposedly haunted church. While searching this abandoned building, Moore and Charles are separated due to Allen's "kidnapping" of Moore. After he is handcuffed to a chair, Allen tries to explain his situation to Moore when Charles is suddenly killed. Since Moore was unconscious due to the attack, Allen is suspected of Charles's death. Allen attempts to tell the chief that an akuma killed Charles and that he would like to help. However, due to the disbelief of the chief, Allen is placed under house arrest while the rest of the police unit investigate the church themselves. During his stay at Moore's home, Allen explains to Moore about what is akuma and later on, he meets Moore's brother-in-law, Mark who is the akuma that killed Charles and countless others who visited the church. Upon investigating, Allen finds out that Moore's sister, Crea is the soul entrapped in the akuma. The akuma later kills the police units excluding Moore and later, Allen destroys it by using his Anti-akuma weapon.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Tombstone of Memories

#3 - The Tombstone of Memories

Season 1 - Episode 7

Allen's past is revealed as he confronts the Earl of the millennium, who wants to kill Jean for causing problems with his patrol and calling the Earl "a bad guy".

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Destruction Of The Black Order!?

#4 - The Destruction Of The Black Order!?

Season 1 - Episode 8

Komui's latest invention, Komurin II, is designed to make exorcists stronger. However, Komurin II goes out of control and starts hunting the exorcists within the Black Order. Its all the scientists can do as they try to stop the robot from capturing Allen, and despite his experience with Komurin I, Kanda refuses to help. Meanwhile outside of the Black Order, the Millennium Earl holds a dinner with several strange humans with golden eyes and crucifixes on their foreheads, one of which is a young girl with spiky dark hair.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
Sing Me a Lullaby

#5 - Sing Me a Lullaby

Season 1 - Episode 5

The adventure in Mater draws to a close as Allen and Kanda discover the truth of who the Doll actually is and then battle the level 2 Akuma for possession of the Innocence.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Black Order

#6 - The Black Order

Season 1 - Episode 2

Allen finally arrives at the Black Order Headquarters. Due to a misunderstanding, everyone thinks he is an Akuma. Yu Kanda confronts Allen and damages his anti-Akuma weapon. Eventually, it is resolved when Komui finds a letter of introduction from Allen's master, Cross Marian. Afterwards, Allen is allowed into Headquarters and is given a tour by Komui's sister, Lenalee Lee. After getting his arm repaired by Komui, Allen is examined by Hevlaska, an exorcist who is able to measure his synchronization ratio. In addition, she predicts that Allen will create a powerful "Destroyer of Time" in a dark future. From Komui, Allen learns more about the war between the Earl and the Innocence. Reever Wenham, the unfortunate assistant to Komui, is introduced in this episode as well. We also get a glimpse of Allen's "dark" yet comical past with Cross Marian.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Asia Branch

#7 - The Asia Branch

Season 2 - Episode 7

Allen finally opens his eyes and wonders how he is alive. He discovers from Asian Headquarters Chief, Bak, that it was his own Innocence, which although was destroyed, lingered on as a cloud of particles and actually filled the hole of his damaged heart, saving his life. Determined to rejoin his companions, get to Edo, and fulfill his promise to Mana, Allen vows to restore his Innocence at all costs. However, he discovers it won't be as easy as he thinks! Also, Allen also meets Wong, who is Bak's assistant; Fou, who is the guardian of the Asian Headquarters; and three division workers: Rikei, Shifu, and Lou Fa.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima

#8 - Delete

Season 2 - Episode 5

fter watching Suman crumble away in front of him, Allen meets the sadistic Noah, Tyki Mikk, whose ability, besides controlling the devilish butterflies known as Tease, is to pass through absolutely anything at will. He rips off Allen's left arm and destroys his Innocence. Knowing that he is near his final moments of life, Allen orders Timcanpy to escape with Suman's Innocence. Tyki, with the help of his little card keeper, Cell Roron, discovers Allen is on his death list, thus he plunges his hand into Allen's heart, making a hole in it, which will kill him slowly. As the moon shines in the forest, a pink-haired girl stumbles upon the dying Allen...

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima

#9 - Invasion

Season 2 - Episode 1

After the preparations are completed, the ship begins to set sail. In the distant horizon, Allen's left eye picks up legions of Akuma, both level 1 and 2, approaching the ship from the horizon. Realizing a massive attack, the exorcists prepare for battle. However, they soon discover that they are not the intended target...! One of the Level 2 Akuma separates Allen from the ship and leads him straight towards the akuma's intended target!

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima

#10 - Scream

Season 2 - Episode 4

The huge body of Suman begins to deteriorate and Allen wastes no time activating his Innocence, but unfortunately, his arm begins to grow in intense pain as he tries to remove Suman's Innocence. Miraculously, Allen manages to get Suman and his Innocence out of the body. Unfortunately, Suman is still alive but his mind has gone dead. Then......!

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
Those Who Call Out Calamity

#11 - Those Who Call Out Calamity

Season 1 - Episode 6

On his way back to the Black Order headquarters from Mater, Allen meets a boy named Jean. Jean and his friends have organized a patrol to search for Akuma within the town. Allen warns the boy that this is dangerous, but Jean won't listen.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
Miranda Lotto's Feelings

#12 - Miranda Lotto's Feelings

Season 1 - Episode 11

The terrible realization that Road Kamelot is a human horrifies Allen, who cannot understand why a human and akuma work together. The talking umbrella Lero chastises Road for going against the Earl's plans, but Road points out this little incident was only to 'spice things up'. To prove herself as different from regular humans, Road stabs herself with Allen's Innocence, only to recover right in front of him quickly. She stabs Allen in the cursed eye, and makes to kill Miranda, but Allen rescues her. Through this Miranda has a realization about herself, which causes a reaction from the Innocence.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima

#13 - Message

Season 2 - Episode 13

Lenalee is saved by her Innocence and with the help of Cross Marian's converted Akuma, Lavi manages to bring Lenalee back to the ship, but she is no longer able to walk. The level 2 then explained that in Japan, there are more level 3s and above.The then discussed for awhile and decided to head on. Anita, Mahoja and their crew died when Miranda deactivated her Innocence with 3 crew men surviving, following the Exorcists to Edo to find Cross Marian while Allen continues to attempt at re-materialising his Innocence back into its original form.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
Coat And Resolution

#14 - Coat And Resolution

Season 1 - Episode 13

The battle with Road is finally over and Allen is unsure on his reasons for becoming an exorcist, but after meeting a new exorcist partner, Lavi, his sense of reason returns to him by understanding the significance of wearing the exorcist uniform.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Leaf Of Revival

#15 - The Leaf Of Revival

Season 1 - Episode 14

Allen, Lavi and Kanda are sent to investigate a mysterious rapid snowstorm, which could be due to Innocence. Here they meet a young girl and her father, who is obsessed with finding something called The Leaf of Revival to bring back his dead son. Meanwhile, also searching for a possible Innocence in the same area are three Level 2 Akuma under the command of a Noah named Skin Bolic.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The End of the Snowstorm

#16 - The End of the Snowstorm

Season 1 - Episode 15

Allen, Lavi and Kanda continue their search for the Leaf of Revival, which they assume to be the Innocence. After realizing it is Innocence after all, the three Level 2 Akuma attack to retrieve it from them.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Saintly Girl Falls into Darkness

#17 - The Saintly Girl Falls into Darkness

Season 2 - Episode 11

Lenalee, floating in darkness, remembers Allen and what she said to him concerning her view of the world. Afterwards she pushes herself and her innocence to the limits and even exceeds them, defeating Eshii in the process and disappering once again.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Ghost Of Marter

#18 - The Ghost Of Marter

Season 1 - Episode 3

After Komui wakes up from his nap, he assigns Allen and Kanda on a mission to investigate strange occurrences in the ruins of a town called Mateel, located in Southern Italy. An Innocence is discovered there, but it is in danger of being taken by the Akuma. There is a legend that a ghost roams Mateel, killing anyone who wanders near it. The ghost is somehow connected to the Innocence. Along the way, Allen talks to Toma, a Finder, who told him about how strange occurrences in history are usually related to the Innocence. Meanwhile, the Finders in Mateel capture two Akuma in barriers, but they are attacked by a third one. Shortly after the two exorcists and Finder arrive, they witness the Akuma attacking the last remaining Finders. While Allen runs to fight the Akuma and tries to save the Finders, Kanda rescues Guzol and Lala, whom the Finders protected in a barrier. During Allen's fight against the last Akuma, the Akuma evolves to Level 2. Kanda refuses to help Allen and leaves with the Mateel residents to a safe place. The episode ends with a stunned Allen being attacked by another Allen.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
Beginning of the Night's End

#19 - Beginning of the Night's End

Season 2 - Episode 3

Allen attempts to stop Suman from destroying a nearby village by increasing his Innocence's synchro rate to its maximum power. While struggling to stop the Togaochi, Allen's Innocence returns to normal and is severely damaged, causing him intense pain. Meanwhile, Lenalee learns the truth of a Togaochi and Suman's fate from Komui.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima

#20 - Fallen

Season 2 - Episode 2

Recognizing the enormous and uncontrollable white object as fellow exorcist and good friend, Suman Dark, a horrified Lenalee wonders how he became a Togaochi (Fallen). The legions of akuma continue to assault the huge Suman, but fail. Allen and Lenalee desperately try to discover how to stop Suman's Innocence from insanity.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Rewinding Town

#21 - The Rewinding Town

Season 1 - Episode 9

Allen and Lenalee are sent to investigate a town where the day of October 9th keeps repeating itself. Once there, they meet a woman named Miranda Lotto and thus learn of her significance to the strange phemonenon of the town. The Millennium Earl announces to his family, the Noah Clan, that it is time for them to head out and continue their mission, thus leading one of the Noahs, the young spiky haired girl Road Kamelot, to investigate the Rewinding Town.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
Sinking Darkness

#22 - Sinking Darkness

Season 2 - Episode 10

Lenalee and Eshii continue to fight fiercly in the air while the ship comes under attack from akuma hiding up in the clouds. Many crewman are struck by the blasts and killed, only to be revived by Miranda's Innocence. Lavi tries to determine how they can fight an enemy they can't see. Meanwhile, Lenalee and Eshii's battle reaches the ocean surface where Eshii reveals his true ability. He uses dark matter to create chains around Lenalee and the ship, increasing the gravity around them and dragging them underwater. Lenalee struggles to stay afloat, but Eshii pushes her down and she disappears into the ocean depths.Lavi and Krory then fisgured out a plan which is by using the Nature Seal to clear the clous and krory kill the akumas

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima

#23 - Title

Season 2 - Episode 9

Back on the ship on route to Edo, Lenalee finally decides to accept the fact that Allen had to be left behind and puts on her new exorcist uniform. However, the ship is attacked by Eshii, a powerful Level 3 Akuma, who was once a Japanese painter, which explains why he uses the word "Title" before every attack. Lavi, Krory, and Bookman fiercly fight aganist Eshii, but are no match for him, resulting in Bookman getting a serious injury, however temporarily saved by Miranda's power. Realizing that everyone is in serious danger, Lenalee leaves the ship to confront Eshii alone.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
And Then Snow Fell In The Town...

#24 - And Then Snow Fell In The Town...

Season 1 - Episode 12

Thanks to Miranda's Innocence, Allen and Lenalee temporally recover and fight for survival against Road and her Akuma. Just when things seem to be going well, Road decides to torment Allen by ordering an Akuma to self-destruct, explaining that an Akuma who dies this way will never be saved and their soul will be forever lost. Desperately, Allen tries to exorcise the Akuma before it happens, but Lenalee stops him, and the Akuma explodes. The soul is seen begging for Allen's help, and he takes out his anger on Lenalee, who slaps him before telling him as a friend she had to stop him. Road laughs at the scene before leaving, and Allen tries to stop her, but is unable to bring himself to kill the Noah. Road leaves the dimension promising Allen that they will meet again. The Exorcists, along with Miranda, return to Miranda's home.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
The Road of an Oath

#25 - The Road of an Oath

Season 2 - Episode 8

Determined to do anything it takes to restore his Innocence, Allen begins his training with Fou, doing battle with her while constantly trying to activate his Innocence to fight. Meanwhile, General Klaud Nine and General Winters Sokaro return to the Black Order upon news of the deaths of their exorcist units.

Directors: Osamu Nabeshima