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This show is about the life of a young bald boy named Caillou, his family and his friends. It is based on the books by Christine L'Heureux and Helene Despeteaux, which is highly popular in the Quebec area in Canada. There are actually two versions of the show. The first version premiered in late 1997, is only 5 minutes in length, consists of 65 episodes, and is fully animated. The plot line of this version is that a grandmother reads her grandchildren a Caillou book. While this version enjoys success in some countries outside the US, it was never formally aired in the US. The second version, which premiered in late 2000, has the show extended to 30 minutes, and has puppets, music and live action segments thrown in. The animation parts, however, are a mixture of the first version of the show with the "grandma reading to kids" part of the story lopped off and some new stories (however, Season 3 no longer contains animation parts from the first version of the show).

Caillou's Hiding Place

#1 - Caillou's Hiding Place

Season 2 - Episode 53 - Aired Sep 20, 2000

Caillou gets stuck in a cabinet when trying to find someplace to hide. Grandpa rescues him, then tells him about a special hiding place in the garden. It's in a hole in a tree. Inside the space, Caillou finds one of his Dad's old toys. Dad sees the toy and notes that Caillou must have found his special hiding place, "but it's your special hiding place now."

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Caillou's Summer Goodnight

#2 - Caillou's Summer Goodnight

Season 2 - Episode 50 - Aired Sep 19, 2000

Caillou's parents are going out, and Grandma's coming over to babysit. Later, it's naptime, and he dozes off. Until Glibert comes and wakes him up. Then he has trouble going back to sleep because it's too bright. Grandma comes up with an idea - a cardboard cutout of the night sky, and Caillou eventually falls asleep.

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Caillou's Surprise Breakfast

#3 - Caillou's Surprise Breakfast

Season 2 - Episode 29 - Aired Sep 12, 2000

Caillou wakes up really early. He's hungry, so he goes downstairs and decides to make breakfast for himself and subsequently everyone. Rosie's awake, so he enlists her help. He tries to be quiet so he can surprise his parents. Gilbert comes in and Caillou feeds him --- a bit too much. Cailou tries to set the table and breaks a dish. Mom goes down to check and Caillou tells her not come in because it's a surprise. Mom leaves, not having the presence of mind to save her kitchen from rack and ruin. Finally, Caillou's finished. Mom and Dad arrive and Caillou presents his surprise breakfast.

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An Acquired Taste

#4 - An Acquired Taste

Season 2 - Episode 31 - Aired Sep 13, 2000

Caillou's eating over at Sarah's place. He discovers how Chinese people eat, but has a little trouble handling chopsticks. But he learns, and teaches Sarah's family a thing or two about eating Jell-O with chopsticks.

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Caillou Makes Cookies

#5 - Caillou Makes Cookies

Season 2 - Episode 32 - Aired Jan 1, 1998

Caillou was playing with a drum upstairs, then his mom calls him downstairs and tells him to be quiet. Caillou then decides that he's hungry and decides to make cookies. He spills flour and honey all over the place. His mom comes downstairs and helps him clean things up. Then they make cookies. Later, they go on a picnic and Caillou plays with mud.

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Caillou Hates Vegetables

#6 - Caillou Hates Vegetables

Season 2 - Episode 33 - Aired Sep 13, 2000

Caillou doesn't want to eat vegetables - he wants cookies instead. Then his grandpa comes over, and they go out for a walk. Along the way, his grandpa shows him various animals and their food. Cut back to the house. They're home, and they're as hungry as bears - because they are pretending to be bears. Caillou eats his vegetables, and he's allowed to some cookies.

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Caillou to the Rescue

#7 - Caillou to the Rescue

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 7, 2006

Caillou helps Rosie when she's teething; Caillou pretends to be a firefighter; Caillou and Leo pretend to be tow truck drivers and crane operators. "Caillou Helps Out" - It's dinner-time and Caillou is enjoying a meal of spaghetti and meatballs. Rosie, however, doesn't seem to be very hungry. She's also rather fussy, knocking her stuffed rabbit to the kitchen floor. That night, it's storytime, and Caillou is reading a story to his Daddy, about a baby bird. They hear a cry from Rosie's room --- it seems Rosie is having trouble getting to sleep. Daddy explains that Rosie is teething and it's rather painful. Daddy and Mommy can't seem to get her to sleep, but Caillou thinks maybe he could. First, he tries singing her a song. She seems to like the song, but it doesn't get her to sleep. Next, he lets Rosie borrow his toy firetruck, but she's not interested. Gilbert shows up and Caillou gets him to lie down with her, but she's still fussy. She says that she wants her bunny. Caillou can't find it at first, but then remembers that it's in the kitchen. He goes to get it and Rosie's calmed down a bit, but still isn't going to sleep. He tells her a story in which they attend a fair. He imagines that they're both riding around a kangaroo, another one of Rosie's stuffed toys. When he gets to the end, Rosie's asleep "Caillou the Firefighter" - Caillou and his friends are at playschool where Leo is directing a "stop/go" game. After the game is over, Leo asks Caillou if he can wear his firefighter's hat. Caillou refuses because he really wanted to wear the hat for today's upcoming special presentation. Ms. Martin says it's time to clean up to get ready for that special presentation. As he cleans up, Caillou notices the twins Jason and Jeffrey arguing over a toy rocket. Caillou rethinks his decision and suggests to Leo that they take turns wearing the hat. Leo likes this idea. Ms. Martin explains the purpose of a smoke detector. She then introduces the special guest --- the town firechief. He tests out the fire alarm and has them do a firedrill. He then introduces them to his dalmatian, Sparky. He asks Leo, who is taking turn with the hat, if he'd like to try out the siren on the firetruck. Leo asks if Caillou can try it as well and the firefighter agrees. Caillou imagines that he's driving the firetruck through town. In his fantasy, he rescues a kitten. Caillou says that when he grows up, he'd like to be a firefighter. The firechief says they'd be happy to have him on the team. "Caillou to the Rescue" - Caillou is in his room searching for a toy car that his Daddy gave him. Rosie shows up and wants Caillou to play hide-and-seek, but Caillou brushes her off because Leo is coming over. He's going to play cars with him. Rosie asks to play with the cars, but Caillou tells her she's not big enough. Leo arrives and while Caillou goes to greet him, Rosie hides the cars. At first, Caillou's a bit upset, but quickly gets into the game. He finds the cards and he and Leo play. They imagine that they're tow truck operators. Later, Mommy makes them a snack and Rosie shows up again, wanting to play. Caillou gives in and lets her be part of the "rescue team."

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Caillou Discovers

#8 - Caillou Discovers

Season 2 - Episode 226 - Aired May 8, 2001

From the computer age to the dinosaur age, Caillou makes many discoveries. There is lots of excitement in the house when Daddy brings home a computer. The computer is fun for all and Caillou must learn to share it with his entire family – even Gilbert! Caillou then explores the dinosaur age when he and Leo find a fish fossil rock in Caillou’s backyard. They visit the library to learn more about dinosaurs and fossils and decide to share their little treasure with others by displaying it there. Meanwhile, Teddy helps Gilbert move a rock closer to a flower to make them both look prettier. In order: The New Computer, Big Rock, Caillou Goes to Work, Caillou Flies on a Plane

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New Places and New Things!

#9 - New Places and New Things!

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 15, 2003

Caillou has a variety of new experiences as he continues to grow and see the world around him. The Big Boat: Caillou and family go on a trip on Helen's boat, an old friend of Mom's. Caillou is surprised to find there's a whole house packed into the boat. Caillou learns about wind and sails, and even gets to steer the boat too! Caillou Becomes a Waiter: When Mom and Dad are getting ready to go out to a restaurant, Caillou doesn't understand why he can't go too! He's disappointed until Julie the babysitter suggests they make their own restaurant, complete with menus! Everyone dresses up and Caillou and Julie take turns being waiters! Sticking to It!: When Caillou accidentally breaks one of his toys because his room is a mess, Mom suggests a way to make cleaning up fun: with colorful stickers and a chart. Now Caillou and Rosie get to pick out their very own stickers for brushing their teeth, and more importantly, cleaning up the toys in their bedrooms! New Clothes: When Caillou dresses himself, he learns it's okay to change from your favorite shorts when you find out it's cold outside. And when you put your pants on backwards, you can change and put them on right. So when he sees Dad and Grandpa in suits and ties for a big party, he changes into his grownup clothes too. In today's puppet segment, Rexy says he wants to go on a worldwide adventure. He says to Gilbert that he told him he was growing up, so he thinks he's ready for his adventure. Gilbert, however, tells him that he's not grown up enough yet. Rexy waits like a few seconds and then asks if he's grown up enough. Gilbert tells him it takes years to grow up. Rexy then sings a downbeat song about how he was going to have a great adventure, but now he has to stay right where he is. As he finishes the song, Gilbert and Teddy show up, saying they're going on a worldwide adventure. They tell him that just because they can't really go on a worldwide adventure doesn't mean they can't pretend. They sing an upbeat version of Rexy's song and then all agree that they enjoyed their pretend adventure. Caillou today is also going on adventures, as well as trying out some new things both by himself and with others. "Caillou Becomes a Waiter" Caillou is drwawing and he's drawn a nice picture of Julie, his and Rosie's babysitter. It just so happens she's coming over today because Mommy and Daddy are going to a restaurant. She arrives, but Caillou complains that he wants to go to the restaurant with Mommy and Daddy. They tell him that he can't come, but he'll have fun with Julie. He insists that he won't have a good time. Julie asks Caillou if he wants to help with dinner. Mommy made his favorite, macaroni and cheese. Caillou's really not interested at first, but then Julie says that they can make their own restaurant. So Julie, Rosie and Caillou all get together and make up pretend menus and Caillou makes a bowtie for himself and pretends to be a waiter. As Julie and Rosie sit down to eat, he brings them their menus and has them order off of them. He even gets four pennies out of "Julie" as payment, although when he asks Rosie for payment, she manages to bargain it down to one penny. It's now time for Caillou to order, so Julie takes on the part of the waiter. Caillou tells her that he doesn't have any money to pay her with. She tells him that if you can't pay, you have to do the dishes. Caillou tells her that he wanted to anyway. He says he's glad that he didn't go to Mommy and Daddy's restaurant because their restaurant is much more fun. "The Big Boat" Today, Caillou and his family are going to ride on a sailboat. It's morning and Caillou uses a toy boat of his to play pretend about their journey. To help demonstrate, Daddy adds a sail to the boat. Mommy then says that it's time to leave for the marina. Daddy has Caillou put on sneakers, saying that they're the best shoes for riding in a boat. He also gives Caillou a toy pinwheel. The sailboat they're going on is white and is owned by a friend of theirs named Helen. They get to the marina and at first Caillou doesn't see the boat, but with Mommy and Daddys' help, he spots it. Helen welcomes everyone aboard. She has them all put on lifejackets. Then, she takes Daddy and Caillou to see her indoor boathouse, but Mommy and Rosie stay outside because Rosie has taken an interest in watching the seagulls. Helen shows Caillou that her boat has lots of different things, such as a kitchen, a bathroom and even a bed. After this exploration, Helen gives everyone some grapes. It's getting windy, so it's time to set sail. They go sailing, but then the boat stops, so the sails have to be turned in the direction the wind is blowing. Rosie gets scared as the boat goes faster and faster, but calms down when Caillou gives her his pinwheel. Helen lets Caillou be the captain of the boat for a bit and wear her cap. Finally, the visit comes to an end. Helen gets back her cap and Caillou gets back his pinwheel. That night, Caillou is still thinking about the boating experience, so he sails his toy boat in the bathtub. "Sticking to It!" Caillou's looking for one of his favorite toys, a tractor. He's looked all around, but can't find it, so he yells for Mommy. Mommy looks at his room and suggests that he clean it, think that maybe if he did, he might be able to find it. Caillou starts to clean up. He finds a toy airplane of his, but then he ends up accidentally stepping on the tractor, which was buried under a pile of clothes. He shows it to Mommy, who figures it wouldn't have happened if his room had been such a mess. She tells him that she has an idea that could make housework fun. She and Caillou get together and make up a sticker chart. Rosie joins in too and gets her own chart. The chart includes various tasks and each time Caillou or Rosie does one of them, they get a sticker. Caillou gets a sticker for cleaning up a glass of milk he spills. Caillou and Rosie also both get stickers for brushing their teeth. Then, Caillou notes a very nice dinosaur sticker. Mommy says that if he wants such a special sticker, he'll have to do something special for it. So Caillou cleans up all of the clothes and stuff lying around his room and he earns the special sticker. Rosie also gets another sticker because she helped out with the cleaning. "New Clothes" Caillou is sitting at the breakfast table, stirring the milk in his cereal bowl. Daddy is on the phone, but he's just getting off and says that Grandma and Grandpa are having an anniversary party tonight. Caillou's excited at the idea of a party and wants to go right away, but the party's not until the evening and Caillou isn't even dressed yet. Mommy suggests that maybe today he can dress himself. Caillou tries this and ends up in a red shirt with blue shorts. However, upon closer examination, Daddy finds that he is actually wearing two shorts. Furthermore, he takes him inside and shows him that it's a bit nippy out. Caillou decides to reconsider the shorts idea. So he tries again and this time puts on a green shirt and a pair of pants, but the pants are on backwards. That evening, it comes time for the anniversary party and now it's time to put on some nicer clothes. Caillou dons some clothes he feels are pretty nice, but when he sees Daddy and Grandpa looking very spiffy in their clothing, he decides to reconsider his apparel and comes back in something even nicer, even wearing a tie, although he needs a little help getting the tie on properly.

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Caillou's Colours

#10 - Caillou's Colours

Season 2 - Episode 24 - Aired Sep 11, 2000

Caillou's at Grandma's and he's in a bad mood. He doesn't feel there's anything to do. Caillou insists anyway that he's not grumpy and not hungry either and doesn't want apple pie. Caillou decides to fingerpaint using Grandma's paints. Then, Grandma convinces him to have some pie, but only after getting cleaned up. Then his Mom comes to pick him up. Grandma tells him he can come back if he's ever grumpy again.

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Caillou the Scientist

#11 - Caillou the Scientist

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired Jun 14, 2006

Caillou learns about magnets; Caillou finds out about dinosaurs in a museum; Caillou pretends to explore the stars. "Magnet Madness" - Caillou is in the kitchen, where he's just finished drawing a picture. It features himself and Clementine on the swings. Mommy compliments the pictures and says that he should hang it on the refrigerator. Caillou heads to the refrigerator and puts a magnet on it. He's delighted at the almost magical way that the magnet flies out of his hand. Mommy tells him that magnets stick to lots of things. He grabs up a few magnets so that he can test out some things to stick them too. He finds that they stick to some of toys, but won't stick to Gilbert or Rosie. Nevertheless, he gives the "R" magnet to Rosie to play with, since it's the first letter of her name. He also tries to play with Gilbert, but Gilbert's not interested. He finds his Daddy hard at work on on a birdhouse. One of the magnets sticks to his workbench and he explains that it's because it's made of metal. He tells Caillou that magnets only stick to things made of metal. Caillou decides to get a whole bunch more magnets in hope of finding new things to stick them too. He removes the entire alphabet of magnets from the refrigerator and sticks them on things all around the house. He notes that they can stick upside-down and imagines that he's a superhero named "Magnet Man." Mommy finds him and tells him that it's time to put the magnets back. He searches all over the house to find all the different places he puts the magnets. He comes upon Daddy again and asks if he can help with building the birdhouse. Daddy agrees, but just then, he drops a hook needed to hang the birdhouse. Caillou tries using one of the magnets to retrieve it, but it just won't reach. Daddy suggests tying a string around it to extend the reach, and this works. Caillou is pleased that he was able to help Daddy. That night at bedtime, Mommy finds the last missing magnet, the letter "Z," stuck to Caillou's lamp. It's time for bed, but first Caillou runs out and grabs onto Daddy's leg. He says that he's "Magnet Man." "Caillou the Dinosaur Hunter" - It's morning, but Caillou doesn't want to wake up. Rosie's efforts to get him out of bed seem to be in vain until she pulls out Rexy. This reminds him that they're visiting a museum filled with dinosaur fossils that day. Just before they drive off, Caillou remembers Rexy and decides that if he's going to a dinosaur museum, he shouldn't leave without Rexy. At the museum, Mommy suggests that Caillou leave Rexy in the car, or else he might lose him. Caillou promises to take care of him. In the museum, Caillou asks why there's only bones. Mommy explains that's all there's left of the dinosaurs. Caillou sees the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex --- the same type of dinosaur that Rexy is. He's also impressed by the bones of a flying dinosaur, a pterodactyl. He imagines flying on the back of a pterodactyl. Then, he suddenly finds himself alone. He knows what to do, though --- he stays put. Just then, a museum guard shows up. Caillou knows that normally you shouldn't talk to strangers, but he knows it's okay to talk to a museum employee. He explains that the got separated from his parents. The museum guard praises him for staying put and soon Mommy shows up. They continue on their way, but this time, Caillou leaves Rexy behind. Caillou and Rosie enjoy seeing the rest of the dinosaur fossils, and also a fossil of something that wasn't a dinosaur --- a woolly mammoth. It comes time to leave and Caillou realizes that he's missing Rexy. He and Daddy first check the lost-and-found, but Rexy isn't there. They search all over the museum, but come up empty. Finally, they come across the guard once again. It turns out that she found Rexy --- he stayed put just Caillou did. "Caillou the Astronaut" - It's outside playtime at Caillou's playschool and Caillou and Clementine are pretending to be Mama Bear and Papa Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Just then, Xavier shows up with a new toy rocket. It has two astronauts inside and can light up. Both Caillou and Clementine are impressed with the new toy, but want to continue their game. Caillou agrees to play with Xavier later, but asks if he'd like to join their game as Baby Bear. He doesn't and heads on his way. Back inside, Caillou sits next to both Clementine and Xavier at snacktime. Then, it comes time for a story and Xavier asks if Ms. Martin has any books about outer space. She does and she tells them all about the sun, the planets and astronauts. Caillou imagines that he's an astronaut, traveling on a spaceship to all the different planets. It's time to go outside again and Xavier offers to let Clementine join in the outer space game, but she still wants to play bears with Caillou. Ms. Martin suggests that maybe there's some way they could combine the two games. This gives Caillou an idea and he asks Ms. Martin if there are any bears on other planets. Ms. Martin admits that it's a possibility. So Caillou comes up with a game where Clementine is a bear on "Bear Planet."

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Caillou in the Garden

#12 - Caillou in the Garden

Season 5 - Episode 21 - Aired Apr 8, 2013

It’s Grandpa’s birthday. Caillou is very excited to look after Hamish, the class hamster, for the weekend. He’s soooo excited, he ignores his own pet. Caillou wants to surprise Daddy with a weed-free garden for his birthday. Blueberry Point / Class Pet / A Sweet and Sour Day / In the Garden

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Caillou the Detective

#13 - Caillou the Detective

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Aired Apr 12, 2006

Caillou searches for Gilbert; Caillou loses his new toy car; Caillou pretends to play hide-and-seek in the jungle. "Where's Gilbert?" - Caillou is outside playing with Gilbert and Grandpa is there, supervising. Caillou tries to get Grandpa involved in the game, which involves Gilbert batting a piece of string, but Gilbert ignores it and walks away. Grandpa comments that Gilbert must have decided that the game is over. At first, Caillou is a bit upset by this, but then he gets a new idea --- he'll pretend to be Gilbert. Just then, Gilbert shows up again, but now Caillou's annoyed because he's interrupting his pretend game. Caillou and Grandpa decide to go inside for lemonade. Caillou notices that Gilbert's water and food dish is running a bit low, so he fills it back up. Once they go back out, Grandpa takes a nap. That night, Caillou notices that Gilbert hasn't touched his food. He calls for Gilbert, but Gilbert doesn't show up. Daddy goes outside to check for him, but he's nowhere to be found. The next morning, he still isn't back. Everyone searches outside for him and Caillou hears a meowing sound, but it turns out that it's actually Sarah's cat, Ollie. Daddy and Caillou head over to the animal shelter, thinking he might be there. He meets a parrot named Bernie who can imitate the sound of a bell and just about anything he hears. Seeing the parrot, he imagines having a different animal as a pet. After thinking about what it would be like to have an elephant, a skunk, or a kangaroo for a pet, he decides that he's quite happy with Gilbert. He and Daddy show the lady at the counter a picture of Gilbert. She notes his collar, which will make him easy to identify. She says that she doesn't have any cats like Gilbert on file, though, but they're welcome to go and check. They do, but he's not there. The lady at the counter says that she'll keep an eye out. Disappointed, they return home and find Gilbert! Caillou tells him he shouldn't stay out past his bedtime. "Where I Saw it Last" - Caillou is in the kitchen, playing with a new toy car of his underneath the table. It's a sort of hideaway spot for him. Mommy calls for him, but he doesn't come out until she reminds him that he's going to the park with Jason and Jeffrey. They meet up with Jason and Jeffrey, who it turns out both have new toy cars also. They head to the sandbox at the park, where they have a race with them. Caillou imagines that he's an actual racecar driver. Mommy then suggests that they all go for ice cream. At the ice cream, Caillou takes out his toy car and starts to play, but Mommy reminds him that he shouldn't be playing with it at the table. Everyone enjoys delicious shakes and Caillou acquires a couple of a mini-umbrellas. They all leave, but Caillou has left his toy car behind. Caillou, Jason and Jeffrey have a bit of fun at Jason and Jeffreys' house playing with their mini-umbrellas. Then, Caillou and Mommy head home. Caillou gives Daddy one of the mini-umbrellas as a present. Rosie wants one too, but Mommy says it's a bit too sharp for her to play with. Just then, Caillou realizes that he doesn't have his toy car. Mommy asks if he remembers where he had it last. Caillou recalls the things that he did and realizes that he still had the toy car with him at the ice cream place. Therefore, he must have left it there. Caillou's entire family heads to the ice cream shop --- both to find the toy car, and to get Rosie some ice cream (she heard Caillou had some and wants some too.) At the shop, Caillou finds that the toy car isn't on the bench where he left it. However, it turns out the waitress has it. She found it after he left and was hoping he'd come back. Caillou gets his toy car back and Rosie gets an ice cream cone. "Lost in the Jungle" - It's early morning and Caillou is looking for Gilbert in his room. It seems Gilbert is hiding from him, but Mommy cuts the game short, saying that it's time for him to go to playschool. Caillou, however, keeps looking for Gilbert --- it seems he's worried about him. Mommy lets him search around for Gilbert for a bit, looking for any clues that might help him. Gilbert's nowhere to be found, however, so they head off to playschool. At the school, Ms. Martin reads from a new book she got about the jungle. The kids all have fun making animal sounds and acting like various animals. Caillou imagines that he's playing hide-and-seek in the jungle. In the real-word, the class goes outside for recess. Caillou is playing hide-and-seek with Leo. He remembers Mommy's idea of finding clues and uses footprints to track Leo. Back at home, he finds Gilbert when he tracks muddy footprints from a rainstorm all throughout the house.

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Caillou the Bookworm

#14 - Caillou the Bookworm

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Aired Jun 21, 2006

Caillou and Rosie visit the library; after returning from the library, Caillou is eager to read a book about pirates; Caillou's teacher, Ms. Martin, encourages him to make a storybook out of his superhero tale. "Caillou the Librarian" - Caillou, Rosie and Mommy are headed to the library for story time. Caillou is having fun waving around his library card like its a fish and entertaining Rosie. He tells her that maybe one day she'll have her very own library card. They reach the library, but it's still a few minutes before story time. Caillou and Rosie have fun looking at a fish at a tank and then Caillou takes Rosie over to the board books. They get caught up in a picture book filled with animals and Mommy has to tell them to quiet down. Caillou decides to go look for a book about fish, but he can't seem to find a single one. A librarian named Vanessa notices his predicament. It turns out she's one reading for story time and it just so happens that the featured book is about a dolphin named Daphne. As he and Rosie enjoy the story, Caillou imagines what it would be like to be a dolphin. Afterwards, Vanessa asks if Caillou would like to borrow the book. He does, so she gives it to him. Rosie's interested in the book too. She and Caillou end up in a tug-of-war for the book and end up tearing a page. At first, Caillou is worried that he won't be able to borrow anymore books and tries to hide it. He realizes this isn't going to work and so he shows it to Mommy. After talking about it a little, they take it up to Vanessa, who is now working the circulation desk. Together, Vanessa, Caillou and Rosie tape up the book and then Caillou is able to check it out. Rosie also checks out some books and gets her very own library card. "Caillou the Bookworm" - This time, Caillou, Rosie and Mommy are on the way home from a visit to the library. Caillou has a book about pirates that he just can't wait to read. Meanwhile, Rosie really wants to play "horsey," but Mommy and Daddy are just too busy to play. However, Grandma is coming over and they agree that she can play "horsey" with Rosie. Caillou heads inside to his bed to read the book. However, Gilbert keeps getting in the way, cuddling and blocking him from reading. Caillou decides that maybe the playroom will be a better place to read. He gets there only to find himself distracted by Grandma and Rosie's game of "horsey." He next heads for the living room and gets started, but just then, Mommy starts vacuuming the floor. He heads back to his room, thinking that maybe Gilbert is gone --- but he isn't. He spots the closet and decides that he can get some peace and quiet there. Sure enough, he's able to read his book in peace. He imagines that he's pirate with a parrot on his shoulder, searching for treasure. He eventually finds it --- a treasure chest loaded with cookies! Just then, Mommy, Daddy, Rosie and Grandma arrive in his room. They've been looking for him and at first think he's not there. He then revealed that he's in the closet. Now that he's finished reading his book, he agrees to play with Rosie. "Caillou the Storyteller" - Caillou is at his playschool, playing with Jason and Jeffrey. They'd like to go outside and play and, in fact, it's about time for recess. Unfortunately, though, a thunderstorm has just started outside. Caillou is disappointed. He knows that rain is nice sometimes, but he'd like to go outside. Ms. Martin uses the storm as an opportunity to explain the water cycle. Caillou imagines that he's a superhero capable of stopping the rain. He flies out to the top of the cloud and stomps all the water out of it. Ms. Martin notes that reading is a good way to pass the time when it's raining and suggests that Caillou find a book for a story to be read aloud. Caillou asks for a book about a superhero, one that stops raining. She says that she doesn't have one like that, but perhaps Caillou could make one. Caillou agrees. He tells Ms. Martin all about his story and she writes it down. He then makes some pictures as illustrations and his story is made into a book. Mommy arrives and he happily shows her the story. He agrees to leave it at school, in case other kids want to read it.

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Changing Plans!

#15 - Changing Plans!

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Feb 11, 2003

In this Caillou episode we explore how Caillou copes with change. Caillou plays in the rain, plays pretend and learns about playing by the rules. He also pretends to be a superhero, with his little sister, Rosie. Fun in the Mud: It's raining outside but there is nothing that can stop Caillou! Since no one wants to join him, he goes outside to play in his new froggie boots, his rain coat and hat. He has a great time walking through water, making holes in the wet sand of the sand box, and making mud soup. He sees a robin catch a worm and is thrilled when he finds a worm of his own. When Leo calls to invite Caillou over to play, Caillou isn't sure at first if he wants to go since he's having such a great time by himself but, he decides that he wants to show his worm to Leo and heads off to see his friend. (Additional Lessons: Playing Alone) I Scream for Ice Cream!: Caillou, Rosie and Mom are having fun at the park when the ice-cream man comes around. Caillou wants an ice-cream but the ice-cream man leaves before he can get there. Caillou is very frustrated and complains to Dad when they get home. Dad has an idea and Caillou cools off by riding his bicycle. When Caillou rings his bicycle bell, Dad suggests Caillou be the ice-cream man! Caillou is delighted by the idea. Soon, lots of "customers" join him in the kitchen to get one of his unique ice-cream creations. (Additional Lessons: Sharing) Super Caillou: Caillou just loves his Superbear storybook. Dad reads it to him once but when Caillou wants to hear it again and again, Dad explains that he has other things to do. Caillou decides to make up a story on his own and plays it out with Rosie. "Superbear" and "Little Bear" run after the villain Gilbert AKA "Bad-Bazoo-Bear" and save the day. When they get to the kitchen a real task awaits them! Mom can't find her car keys. "Superbear" is quick to check around and finds them. Mom is very proud of her two super heroes. (Additional Lessons: Improvisation, Cooperation, Role Playing) Caillou's Race: Caillou is playing a board game with Mom and he gets a little upset when he discovers that her last dice throw is going to make her win. He tries to change the rules but Mom stands her ground. These are the rules and you can't always win. Upset, Caillou takes a time out by himself. After a little while, he decides he wants to play again. He races Teddy, Gilbert and eventually Rosie who turns out to have a few tricks of her own! (Additional Lessons: Learning to Follow Rules)

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Caillou Outdoors!

#16 - Caillou Outdoors!

Season 4 - Episode 15 - Aired Jul 19, 2006

Caillou and Mommy plant a scarecrow; Caillou and his family go on a roadtrip to nowhere in particular; a boy with Down's Syndrome visits Caillou's playschool. "Shoo, Shoo Bird, Fly Away!" - Caillou is outside playing in the dirt. He's having a lot of fun finding things. He finds a worm and asks Mommy if he can keep it. She has him put it back, though, and instead gives him some tomato seeds to plant. He happily plants the seeds and then notices Mommy shooing away a bird. She explains that the birds are trying to eat the seeds and if they do that, they won't grow to become big plants. Caillou hopes that his tomato seeds will grow to be really big. The two go inside so that Caillou can make a sign for his tomato plants. They find that Rosie and Daddy are busy baking. Rosie seems to be doing more playing than baking and has gotten flour all over herself. Nevertheless, Daddy explains that they're baking a delicious apple pie. Caillou makes a nice sign, but when he goes back outside, the birds are eating the seeds again. Rosie bangs a couple of pots and scares them away. Mommy suggests that they build a scarecrow to keep the birds at bay. Caillou wonders what a scarecrow is and Mommy explains that they build a stick-figure that looks like a person and dress it up in funny clothes to scare off the birds. Caillou imagines that he himself is a scarecrow and scares away three progressively larger birds. They finish the scarecrow and put it up outside. Mommy notices that the birds are scared away by Rosie's banging pots and so Rosie agrees to let them become a part of the scarecrow. They then settle down to enjoy the apple pie. At first, the birds show up and don't seem at all bothered by the scarecrow. Then, the wind blows, causing Rosie's pots to bang and the birds are scared away. With the birds gone, Caillou and his family have fun talking about some of the things they can do with the huge vegetables that they're going to grow. "Caillou's Road Trip" - One morning, Daddy and Mommy take Caillou and Rosie on a road trip. To Caillou's surprise, though, they don't say where they're going --- so it may be nowhere in particular. Caillou finds it a bit odd at first, but is soon having fun with Rosie, playing games. Mommy has them play an "I Spy" game, looking for cows and various colored cars. Eventually, they reach a gas station, where they stop to fuel up and get something to eat at the station's restaurant. Caillou notices a truck and Daddy takes him over to look at it. Caillou imagines being a truck driver. He finds himself having to keep stopping for animal crossings --- first a deer crossing, then a duck crossing and then a hippo crossing! He's annoyed when instead of crossing, the hippo plops down in the middle of the road for a nap. He asks it to move, and it does. At the restaurant, Rosie sits in a high chair, but Caillou enjoys sitting in the booth and ordering from the menu, which has pictures. He orders a cheese sandwich and milk. The trip continues, and it turns out that they did have a destination --- a lake with several ferryboats. Caillou is delighted by the boats' loud horn, but it doesn't wake up Rosie, who got tired and fell asleep. Caillou gets to board the boat with Daddy and meet the captain of the boat. He learns about the boat controls and even gets to blow the boat horn. Rosie, however, sleeps through the entire thing. Caillou decides that he likes road trips with their car, especially when he doesn't know where they're going. "Caillou the Dragon Tamer" - One day, a boy named Alan shows up at Caillou's playschool. Miss Martin explains that he's just there for the day, but if he and his Mom decide that they like it, he may be attending on a regular basis. Caillou and Clementine quickly invite him to play with them over on the mechanical horsies. Caillou asks him his age and Alan tells him that he's five. Caillou tells him that he's four, but he's growing every day. After they get down with the horseys, they go to play on the swings. Alan seems to be having some trouble with the swings and Caillou wonders why --- after all, Alan is older than him. Back in the classroom, Caillou asks Miss Martin about it and Miss Martin just explains that Alan needs help with some things. Caillou figures though that there must be some things that he's good at. The class enjoys brownies brought by Alan and his Mom and then Caillou and Clementine decide to put on a play. Alan is invited to join and Leo is a part of the play too. The plot is that Clementine is a photographer in a wild jungle. Leo is her driver and Caillou is a jungle animal. Just then, Alan shows up --- he's dressed up as a dragon. Clementine protests that there are no dragons in the jungle, but Caillou figures he must just be visiting for the first time. Clementine says she'll snap a picture and then Caillou announces that he's going to tame the dragon. Caillou makes some soft noises that tame the dragon. Caillou and Alan imagine flying together on a dragon's back. Caillou tells Miss Martin that he found out what Alan was good at --- acting!

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Animals and Me!

#17 - Animals and Me!

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired Sep 19, 2003

In this Caillou episode we explore animals and how Caillou relates to them. The puppets are all outside, imagining things in the clouds. Gilbert spots a bird in a tree and they all hear it singing. They don't really understand it, but they figure if maybe they sing a song, it'll help, since birds communicate by singing. They sing a big number called "The Animal Song" with lots of different animal sounds. Once they're done, Rexy asks if the bird liked it and it chirps back as if it did. Caillou also enjoys seeing and interacting with a bunch of different animals. "Elephants" Caillou is inside, showing Rosie animals in a storybook. He points out an elephant to Rosie. Mommy comes in and says that they'll see some today during the trip to the zoo. They go to the zoo and Caillou sees a parrot. Caillou likes it, but he really wants to go see the elephants. So they follow a sign, which has a picture of an elephant pointing in one direction and a picture of a whale pointing in another. They see a monkey on the way to the elephants. Rosie likes it and Caillou tries to imitate it. Then they see hippos, which Caillou likes because they're really big, but he still wants to see the elephants. Mommy gives both him and Rosie a piggyback ride to where the elephants are. Caillou is happy to see them and they're as neat as he thought they would be. He sees a baby elephant and also sees an elephant spraying itself with water. "Caillou and the Sheep" Mommy has a bad cold and is trying to get some rest, so Caillou is spending the day with Grandma. Grandma has a special surprise for him. She takes him to the farm of an old friend of hers. It's a sheep farm and Caillou is afraid of the sheep at first, but he gets the courage to go up to one and say hello. He meets Emma, Grandma's friend, who possibly kind of like what Rosie might when she grows up. Emma shows him around her house, showing him some of the different things they use the wool from the farm for. Then, Caillou meets Mary, Emma's kid, who also has the same Rosie-ish hairstyle as Emma. Mary shows Caillou how to work a spinning wheel. Then they go outside and Caillou spots a sheep that's been sheared of it's wool. He thinks it looks funny. Mary points out her Dad, who is hard at work shearing the wool off a sheep. She says that her Dad concentrates so hard that he probably won't even notice them. She leads Caillou to a small barn, where it seems that a lamb has gotten loose. She explains to Caillou that lamb is what they call a baby sheep. Caillou's a bit scared because that it seems the lamb won't even listen to Mary. She finally gets a hold of it, however and Caillou pets it. He likes it because its wool is even softer than that of the normal sheep. He watches as Mary gives it milk from a bottle and then she finally places it back in its pen. It comes time for Caillou and Grandma to leave and they're both given something to take home. When Caillou gets home, he finds out that it's a plush sheep. Grandma gives hers to Rosie and Caillou gives his to Mommy to make her feel better. Gilbert starts trying to play with Rosie's sheep and they tell him to quiet down, since Mommy is trying to rest. "Caillou and the Puppies" Caillou is going over to Mr. Hinkle's with his Daddy to help Mr. Hinkle make a doghouse. When they get there, there are many puppies and also a Mommy named Mimi. The narrator explains that Caillou is sometimes nervous around dogs, but he soon gets up the courage to pet one. Mr. Hinkle explains that they're not actually his dogs. He's looking after them for a friend and he's making the doghouse to surprise his friend. Caillou goes off to look for a lost puppy. He starts playing with some of the others and then realizes he's still supposed to be looking. He finally finds it and it seems to be playing hide-and-seek. The puppy hides under the roof of the doghouse and Caillou has a good time chasing after it. The doghouse is finally completed (it seems Mr. Hinkle and Daddy did most of the work) and Caillou goes inside himself to check it out. He approves of it. "Clementine's New Pet" Clementine has just gotten a new pet and Caillou and his Mommy are going over to her house to see it. On the way there, Caillou wonders just what the pet could be. He wonders if maybe it could be a dog, but Mommy says that it isn't. He thinks maybe it could be a squirrel, but Mommy says that squirrels aren't pets. She starts drop hints as to what it could be, saying that it's orange. Caillou wonders if maybe it could be a dinosaur. They finally get to Clementine's and Caillou meets up with Clementine. She tells him that her pet blows bubbles. He finally gets to see it: it's a goldfish. Clementine shows him that it has special food to eat. Mommy tells Caillou to take off his jacket. Caillou refers to the fish as "fishie" and Clementine tells him that it's name is Goldie. Clementine's Mom gives them a snack and Caillou pretends to eat like a fish. Caillou and Clementine go off and draw pictures of Goldie. It's almost time to go, but first Caillou shows his drawing to Goldie. Back at home, Caillou tells Daddy all about Goldie. He also shows off his drawing, which Gilbert seems to like. Caillou And The Sheep: Grandma takes Caillou on a special visit to a sheep farm. There, Mary, a 10-year-old girl, takes Caillou on a tour, teaching him about sheep, sheering, and the spinning of wool. When a small lamb escapes in the barn, Caillou helps Mary bring it back into its box. Elephants: When Mom, Rosie and Caillou go to the zoo, Caillou can't wait to see the elephants. Rosie is a bit uneasy with all of these animals around and it takes her a while to get used to them; but, each time they leave a station, the animals seem to "connect" with Rosie one way or another which finally makes her smile. They see a parrot, a monkey, a hippopotamus and finally the elephants! Caillou is in complete awe and comes to the realization that animals have families too. Caillou And The Puppies: Caillou and Dad go over to Mr. Hinkle's house to help him build a dog house. Caillou soon meets Mr. Hinkle's guests, a Mommy dog with her two puppies, who are staying with him for a few days. When one of the puppies disappears, Caillou helps look for him. Fortunately, the bold little puppy comes out of hiding and joins his family in their new home. Clementine's New Pet: When Mom takes Caillou to Clementine's to see her new pet, she won't tell Caillou what kind of animal it is. She wants it to be a surprise. Caillou soon discovers that Clementine's new pet is a goldfish named Goldie! Clementine teaches Caillou how to feed him. Clementine and Caillou play with Goldie by holding toys against the glass of the fish bowl? After a snack, Caillou and Clementine decide to make drawings of Goldie and are amazed when the fish seems to look at the pictures when they hold it against the fish bowl.

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Top Bunk

#18 - Top Bunk

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Sep 8, 2000

(A42 wip title: "Caillou & Rosie at Grandpa & Grandma's") Caillou and Rosie stay overnight at Grandpa and Grandma's. Caillou is told that he now has to share a room with Rosie and he's upset because before he always had his own room, but now it's Grandma's sewing room. Then he's told about Grandpa's surprise. It's bunkbeds. Rosie wants the top bunk, but Caillou wins because it's too high for Rosie. That night, Caillou loses Teddy over the side of the bunkbed. Rosie tries to get it up to him, but she can't, so he climbs down. Then, he's too scared to climb back up, so they sleep together on the bottom bunk.

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Outdoor Adventures

#19 - Outdoor Adventures

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired Sep 22, 2003

In this Caillou episode we explore Caillou out in nature. In the puppet segment, the puppets have painted their birdhouse and now are looking for the perfect spot to hang it back up. Gilbert thinks maybe they should hang it on a low branch, so that they can see the birds up close, but Teddy feels it's best to hang it higher up and that way more birds will come. Teddy wins and gets to hang the birdhouse. Once it's hung up, Rexy decides to stay put and watch and see if any birds come. When none show up at first, he begins getting bored. He goes inside and comes back out dressed like carnival hawker and starts calling out for all the birds to come. Teddy comes and tells him that he has to be quiet and wait patiently if he wants the birds to come. Rexy says that he wishes the birds would hurry. Just then, Gilbert goes chasing after a butterfly. Teddy goes to stop him and while he's doing that and Rexy waits, a butterfly lands on his back and a caterpillar starts crawling up it. This is neat, but it's even more neat when a bird finally comes to the birdhouse. Everyone is happy about it. Caillou is doing things outdoors too, such as cavorting with cows and going canoeing. "The Duck Family" Caillou and his family are outside at a nature park having a picnic. Caillou is playing ball with Daddy, but the ball ends up going into a shallow pond. They go to try and get it when they see some ducks. The ducks end up swimming around the ball. Caillou wonders just what the ducks are doing and Daddy explains that they're looking for food underwater. Caillou wonders just how it is that ducks get food underwater. Caillou wonders how they do that. They end up getting scared away. Daddy then gets an idea. He and Caillou hide behind some brush and watch the ducks from a distance. Daddy teaches Caillou how to quack, which he thinks is funny at first, but he soon picks up and uses to call the ducks towards them. The ducks come very close and Caillou is very happy to be so close to one of the ducklings. Eventually, they go back in the water and Daddy explains that the Mother just doesn't want the ducklings to get lost. Then, Mommy calls. Caillou and Daddy had forgotten all about the ball, but it's floated so close to the shore that Daddy can simply walk right into the water and retrieve. They finally go home and that evening it's bathtime for Caillou, but he doesn't want to take bath, until he sees the rubber ducky in the water. "Caillou's Canoe Trip" Caillou is out in the wilderness with Grandpa and Daddy. They're going to be sleeping in a log cabin, but first they have to get there. Caillou enjoys the sounds and sights of nature, spotting a snail and a butterfly. Eventually, they all reach their canoe and Caillou is starting to get a bit upset. He wishes that Mommy were with them. Grandpa helps out by giving him his own life jacket. Daddy also has a special surprise: Rexy! Finally, Grandpa gives Caillou a camera to take photographs of anything special that he sees and now Caillou is feeling better. They take off canoeing and Caillou has Rexy help him to be a lookout to spot interesting things to photograph. Caillou spots a blue heron and Daddy snaps a picture of it. Caillou then gets touch a bulrush plant. He spots a beaver, but then accidentally drops Rexy in the water. Fortunately, Grandpa is able to retrieve him before he can get lost. Afterwards, Grandpa shows Caillou a piece of wood which has been chewed up by a beaver. Then they spot a beaver lodge and Caillou gets to see one of the beavers entering the lodge. They finally hit land and that evening, they roast marshmallows, but Caillou is starting to get sleepy. He insists that he isn't sleepy and wants to roast lots of marshmallows, but he dozes off and starts dreaming. When he finally arrives back at home, he shows Mommy all of the neat pictures they took in a photo album. "Disappearing Carrots" Caillou and Rosie are inside, waiting for Mommy to finish some special treat which she's making.. Caillou says that Teddy is hungry and Rosie says that her toy Elle is hungry too. Mommy tells them that she's not finished with what she's making yet. She asks them to go outside and gather carrots, which she'll use to make bunny carrots for them. So they go outside and start gathering the carrots and meanwhile, Mom decides to set up lunch outside. Rosie tries to eat one of the carrots, but Caillou tells her that Mommy has to wash it off first. Mommy tells them that they have to wash their hands before they can eat and so they set down the carrots on the picnic blanket and head inside. While they're gone, Gilbert comes by and accidentally knocks over the container that was holding the carrots. When Caillou and Rosie come back outside, the carrots are gone. Mommy calls it the Mystery of the Disappearing Carrots. Caillou spots a little white rabbit in the garden. He goes inside to tell Mommy about it, but when they come back out, they only find Gilbert in the garden. Caillou then spots a furry tail that he thinks could be the rabbit, but it turns out it's just Rosie's bunny Elle. Caillou's upset, but then turns around and notices that the rabbit is eating the carrot which he's been holding. Mommy warns him to be careful with it since he doesn't know it, but then Mr. Hinkle and a lady show up. It turns out that the rabbit is Snowball, the pet of the lady, Nancy, who is Mr. Hinkle's sister. "Who's Mooing?" Caillou's going on a picnic with his family. Caillou is starting to get bored just waiting in the car. Rosie is asleep, so she can't play. He spots some cows and wants to stop and check them out. Mommy and Daddy decide that they'll just stop and have their picnic near the cows. Caillou goes over to check out the cows and Rosie has woken up too. She can't see the cows very well because of the tall fence, so she gets a lift to see them better and Caillou does too. They look at them for a little bit, but then Rosie says that she's getting hungry. They go off and have their picnic. Caillou eats very quickly, wanting to go back and watch the cows some more. Daddy brings along a toy plane of Caillou's. He asks Caillou if he can try it out and Caillou agrees. Daddy does well flying it and then Caillou tries it, but it ends up going into the cow pen. Daddy steps in with the cows and is able to retrieve the plane. Later, everyone has chocolate milk. Caillou and Rosie both moo to express their approval. Caillou's Canoe Trip: When Caillou, Grandpa and Daddy go on a canoe trip, Caillou gets to see some wild animals in their natural habitat. He is amazed to see a dragonfly, a blue heron, and a beaver working on his beaver lodge. When they get to the cabin, they gather wood for the campfire and Caillou learns how to roast marshmallows on the fire. The Duck Family: While Caillou and his family are on a picnic at the park, his beach ball accidentally rolls into a pond. Caillou sees a family of ducks swimming in the pond and wants to take a closer look. Dad shows Caillou a neat trick to call the ducks. They hide behind some bushes and the ducks come out of the water. They find Caillou's missing ball and head home where a special surprise is waiting for Caillou at bath time. Disappearing Carrots: When a white rabbit eats a bunch of carrots set aside for a picnic lunch, Caillou and Rosie go looking him. Caillou is just about to give up when the rabbit shows up. They soon discover that it isn't a wild rabbit, his name is Snowball and he belongs to Mr. Hinkle's sister. Who's Mooing?: Caillou and his family are leaving for a picnic in the country but the ride feels very long for Caillou, especially since he cannot play with his toy airplane because he might wake Rosie. When they stop at a gas station, Caillou spots some cows in a field next to a picnic area. The family decides to have the picnic there, where they have a close encounter with some cows.

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Caillou the Sports Star

#20 - Caillou the Sports Star

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 5, 2006

Caillou wants to win a ribbon; Caillou realizes he's becoming stronger; Caillou tries to ride his bike without training wheels. "Everyone's Best" - Caillou, Leo and Rosie are all outside playing when Clementine shows up wearing a red ribbon. She explains that it was for swimming and Leo shows off a blue one that he won for being the best runner at his Dad's office picnic. Caillou comments to himself that he wishes he could win a ribbon like Clementine's. Grandma notices this and so she goes inside to find some ribbons. She announces that she's hosting games. Rosie asks to join in too and everyone agrees. Grandma's first game is to walk heel-to-toe. Clementine wins this one. then, Grandma holds a contest for the biggest smile. This time, Leo is the winner. Caillou starts to become a bit upset, because he really wants to win a ribbon. Mommy reminds him that games are supposed to be fun. Caillou thinks about this for a bit and agrees, deciding to take part in the next game. This time, Grandma asks everyone to do a silly walk. This time Rosie wins --- in fact, Caillou declares her to be the winner, since her walk is obviously the silliest. Next, they have an obstacle course. Caillou imagines that he's in a real race with an announcer and a crowd. He doesn't win this one either, but he's really having fun. Grandma has one last game. This one is a no smiling contest. The objective is to not smile or laugh or at all, no matter what sort of funny things Grandma does. Rosie is out almost immediately, but Grandma has her join in trying to amuse the others. Caillou lasts the longest and finally wins a ribbon. "Stronger Every Day" - Caillou and his family are having a picnic at the park and Leo has joined them also. Caillou offers to bring a picnic basket over to the blanket, but it's a bit too big for him. He's a bit upset about this, but he and Leo decide to go play on the monkey bars before lunch. they have fun swinging on the monkey bars, but then they notice a man installing an entirely new set of monkey bars. This improved set has eight bars instead of four. Caillou and Leo try them out, but Caillou can only climb four bars, while Leo can only climb five. Caillou imagines he's swinging on vines in the jungle, but he isn't too happy that he can only climb four bars. Daddy notes that on the old set, that would have been the entire thing. Caillou wonders how he can get stronger and Daddy tells him the secret is to have lunch and eat healthy foods. It's also to play and get plenty of rest. Caillou fantasizes that he's grown strong enough to lift a large set of barbells. Later, Caillou and Leo see Clementine riding her bike with Billy. Clementine's chain gets loose and Billy has to do some lifting of the bike to fix it. Caillou notes that Billy is strong, but he finds that he's able to lift the bike some too. Billy notes that Caillou couldn't do that last year. It seems that Caillou is getting stronger after all. "No More Training Wheels" - Caillou is out on a bike path with Sarah and his Daddy. He's having a lot of trouble keeping up and is upset that his training wheels are slowing him down. He asks if it would be possible to have them taken off and Daddy agrees, once they're done with the bike ride. Caillou imagines that he's biking in a race. They get home and the training wheels come off. Caillou tries and tries to ride without the training wheels on, but he just can't seem to get the hang of it. He heads inside and Mommy asks him to help Rosie put her shoes on. He tries, but Rosie insists on putting them on herself. Unfortunately, they end up on the wrong feet. Caillou decides that just like Rosie isn't ready to put her shoes on by herself yet, he's not ready to ride his bike without training wheels yet. Daddy agrees, saying that there's a proper time for everything.

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Step By Step!

#21 - Step By Step!

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired Sep 16, 2003

Caillou learns about the value of helping others, whether they are close friends or new acquaintances in this Caillou episode. A Good Friend: When Leo forgets his brand new toy dinosaur in the park, Daddy and Caillou go looking for it. With no success, Caillou, with Mommy's help, puts up a Lost and Found Poster, and then, finds 'Dino' at the Park Office Lost and Found! Mr. Fix It: When the washing machine needs fixing, Caillou ends up helping Bob the repairman. Inspired, Caillou helps Dad hammer a nail and glue the leg onto a wobbly stool too! Grandma's Helper: Caillou accompanies Grandma to the Senior's residence where he finds out 'driving' the meal cart is more fun than driving his toy truck because it has bigger wheels. Caillou even helps push Mrs. Wilson around in her wheelchair, proving to be the best driver she's ever had! Caillou's Paper Route: When Sarah asks to borrow Caillou's wagon for her new paper route, Caillou offers to help too! Caillou, with Daddy's help, learns about getting up early, folding the papers and delivering them too. He even delivers one to Mr. Hinkle, and Daddy too! In the puppet segment, Rexy, Teddy and Gilbert are assembling a bird feeder, step by step. Gilbert has the instructions and he says that the first step is to take the birdfeeder out of the box. They've already done that, so they move to the next step, which is to assemble the birdfeeder. Hearing that, Rexy wonders if that step comes with instructions. Teddy looks at it and figures it out, though, so it is quickly assembled. Gilbert reads Step 3, find a perfect spot and hang the birdfeeder. So the puppets begin looking for a spot, singing a song as they do, about how "working together is so much fun" and "you help me and I'll help you." They find a perfect spot, but notice that the birds aren't coming. They wonder what's wrong at first and Rexy asks if perhaps there's a Step 4. Gilbert looks at the instructions and sees that Rexy is absolutely right. The fourth and most important step is to put food in the birdfeeder. Gilbert wonders how Rexy knew and Rexy explains that he figured it would be odd to have a restaruant without food. They put the food in and the birds finally come. Caillou is learning how to do things step by step too, such as assisting a repairman, or helping Grandma during a visit to the seniors' home. "Mr. Fix It" It's laundry day at Caillou's house. Caillou likes laundry day because the whole house smells nice. Daddy has some sheets which he's folded and Gilbert sits down on top of them, as if he's doing to take a nap. Daddy gets him to leave and says that he knows he put two socks in the washer, but he can only find one. Just then, the washer starts acting crazy. Soap suds start flying out of it and it's definitely not working right. Mommy comes downstairs to see what's going on and Caillou quips that they're washing the whole basement. They decide they'd best call a repairman. So they call in Bob, who they already know because he fixed their dryer last year. He arrives the next day and asks Caillou if he remembers him. Caillou says that he doesn't. Bob says to Caillou "I'm hear to fix your washer" and Caillou responds that it isn't his washer, it's Mommy's and Daddy's, but he knows where it is. He accompanies Bob to go to fix it. Mommy suggests that Caillou leave so that Bob can work in peace, but Bob says that he doesn't mind and could use some help. Caillou goes and gets toy tools. He shows them to Bob, who points out a toy wrench. He shows Caillou how to use it for tightening and uses it to tighten the stem of the washer. He shows Daddy that the problem was that the missing sock was wrapped under the stem. After he's gone, Caillou is still feeling helpful. He helps Daddy to nail a picture onto the wall. Then, he notices Mommy with a wobbly stool. So he and Dad work together to fix it, Caillou applying glue to keep the leg on. He says that this time, Daddy helped him. "A Good Friend" Caillou is gathering some toys to take to the park. He wants to take a whole bunch, but Mommy convinces him that it would be best to take just a couple. She also suggests that he leave his dinosaur, Rexy, behind so that it doesn't get dirty. He meets up with Leo, who chose to bring his new dinosaur, who he calls Dino. (Pronounced Dine-O) They go to the park and have a good time, playing on the slides, in the sand and on the monkey bars. When Leo gets on the monkey bars, he sets Dino at the end of the ladder leading up to them. As he and Caillou are playing on them, Mommy calls, saying that it's time for them to go. They leave, but Leo forgets to take Dino. Back at Caillou's house, Caillou says that he wants to play with Leo again tomorrow. Leo's Mom says that Leo has to visit his aunt tomorrow morning, so they agree that Leo can come over in the afternoon. That evening at dinner, Caillou and the family get a phone call. It's Leo's Mom, saying that Leo lost his dinosaur. Daddy has Caillou check to see if it's in with his toys, but it's not there. Then, Caillou remembers that Leo left it at the park. Even though it's starting to get dark, he convinces Mommy and Daddy to let him go look for it after dinner. They go to the park, but can't find it anywhere. They can't stay any longer because it looks like it's going to rain. It does rain and that night, Mommy tells Caillou that they can make a "Lost" poster tomorrow, which should help to find Dino. Caillou sees the rain outside and is glad Rexy is safe inside. In the morning, they make the poster and then go to the park, where they meet a park attendant. She tells Caillou that there's a lost and found at the park office. So they go to check it out. Caillou's fascinated by the lost and found and notices that there's a lot interesting things there that people have lost. Rosie finds and tries on a pair of sunglasses that's missing a lense. They also find a creepy doll which is broken and keeps repeating "Hello, my name is (hic)." Unfortunately, Caillou can't seem to find Dino anywhere. Mommy tells him they'll just have to keep looking. But just then, as they get ready to leave, Caillou notices Dino's tail sticking out of the sleeve of a lost shirt. Later that afternoon, Caillou returns the dinosaur to Leo who thanks him and says he's his best friend. Caillou then suggests that they play indoors because Leo wouldn't want to lose Dino again. "Grandma's Helper" Caillou is over at Grandma's, playing with a toy truck in her driveway. Grandma tells him that it's time to visit her friends at the Seniors' Home. Caillou says that he wants to keep playing with his truck and she tells him he can take it with him. They get to the Seniors' Home and Caillou starts playing with his truck again. Grandma has a cart of hot meals and says she could use a driver. Caillou looks at the cart and notices it has wheels like his truck. He agrees to help her and she tells him that there are a few rules: follow her, be careful other people and most importantly, no speeding. Caillou helps out and the job is soon done. Caillou then meets a lady in a wheelchair named Mrs. Wilson, who says that she's going down to the garden. She says that she could use a driver, so Caillou agrees to push her in the wheelchair. Along the way, she talks with Caillou, saying that he's a good driver. He says it's because he's been driving ever since he was a little kid. They arrive at the garden, where Mrs. Wilson suggests that he could be a driver when he grows up. She tells him that there are lots of jobs driving, such as a bus driver, an ice cream driver, or even car racing. Caillou responds that he likes ice cream. He and Grandma leave and Caillou thanks her for a lot of fun. "Caillou's Paper Route" It's Saturday Morning and Caillou and Daddy always like to start their Saturday the same way, by reading the Saturday paper. Caillou goes out to get it, but finds that it's not there. He's upset, but just then, a van pulls out. Sarah comes out. It turns out she has a new paper route and is running a bit late because she doesn't have a wagon yet. Caillou tells her that he has a nice wagon, which she can use to deliver the papers if she wants. Sarah agrees and suggests that perhaps he could help her deliver the paper tomorrow. Daddy says that it's okay with him, but suggests that he or Sarah's Mom accompany them. The next morning, Caillou wakes Daddy up extra early because he can't wait to deliver the paper. He and Caillou get the papers bundled for delivery and then get to work. Daddy asks if he can help out, but Sarah and Caillou tell him that they can do it on their own. They get to the end of the route and Caillou gets to deliver Mr. Hinkle's paper. He explains that he's helping Sarah. The final delivery is his and Daddys' very own paper and for this, Caillou asks Daddy to go inside. He then rings the doorbell and hands Daddy the paper. Sarah thanks Caillou for helping and says he's welcome to help her any time.

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Sounds and Music!

#22 - Sounds and Music!

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Feb 12, 2003

In this Caillou episode we explore things that have to do with music and sounds: Playing music, hearing music played and having fun with sounds. Caillou learns about playing the tuba, searches his attic with his Mom and visits the gym class of a friend. Caillou Marches On: When Caillou visits Clementine, he is impressed to see Billy practicing on a Tuba. Billy shows Caillou and Clementine a little bit about the tuba and plays a musical game with them. Soon, Billy's marching band mates arrive to practice. Clementine and Caillou wish they could join in too. They make their own pretend horns with cardboard tubes. When Billy's sheet music is lifted away by a gust of wind, Caillou catches it and saves the day for the band! They all march on, giving Caillou a musical escort back to his house. (Additional Lessons: Fun with music, Imagination) Follow That Sound: On a winter evening, a strange sound grabs Caillou's attention. Caillou first searches the living room but the sound seems to come from elsewhere. He follows the sound to find out its source. His quest takes him to see Dad in the basement where the sound is heard again. Caillou continues his search and discovers Gilbert in his room, having a great time playing with a baby toy. (Additional Lessons: Sound Discovery) Music box: Caillou goes up to the attic with Mom and finds a box containing a teddy bear and a music box. Mom gives the bear a bandana, transforming him into a pirate bear. Caillou decides he likes the bear more than the music box. Since Caillou has made his choice, Mom decides to give Rosie the music box. When Caillou realizes that the music box was still working he wants it back. Caillou and Rosie find a way to both get to play with the music box and the pirate bear. (Additional Lessons: Sharing) Caillou's Gym Day: Caillou gets a special invitation to go to Andre's gym class. A little intimidated at first, Caillou tries his best and ends up having great fun. When they make a rhythmic coordination exercise, Caillou discovers that not everything is easy! Caillou finds the leapfrog exercise difficult but he keeps trying and finally succeeds. Back home, Andre and Caillou play gym class and when Caillou finds a toy whistle, it's his turn to be the gym teacher! (Additional Lessons: The Rewards of Hard Work, Roleplaying)

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Caillou is no Longer Afraid

#23 - Caillou is no Longer Afraid

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 2, 1998

Caillou is afraid of Mr. Hinkle, and when Mr. Hinkle waved to Caillou, Caillou panicked and ran. That made Mr. Hinkle really sad, so he goes over and apologizes. Caillou's Mom couldn't get Caillou to go downstairs, so they engage Caillou in a game of "Hide and Seek". In the end, Caillou is no longer afraid of Mr. Hinkle. As a matter of fact, Caillou decides that he likes Mr. Hinkle after all.

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Caillou Helps Out

#24 - Caillou Helps Out

Season 2 - Episode 215 - Aired Sep 22, 2000

Everyone’s lending a helping hand today. Caillou plans a surprise birthday party for Grandpa with Grandma’s help. He and Grandma get everything ready, and Grandpa is very surprised and very happy. Rexy, on the other hand, is disappointed when Teddy and DeeDee are too busy with their chores to play with him. Gilbert suggests that Rexy help the others out - that way they’ll be finished sooner and ready to play. Caillou really likes to play with Leo’s pet hamster and would love to have one of his own. He doesn’t realize how much hard work having a hamster can be until he offers to look after Leo’s pet while Leo and his parents are out of town. He soon realizes it’s not all fun and games – especially with Gilbert around! In the puppet segments, Teddy is out raking leaves, while Deedee is busy gathering nuts for the winter. Gilbert sees Teddy raking the leaves and says that he'll come and help him later, but for the time being, he's going go have a catnap. Rexy also notices Teddy raking the leaves and asks him why he's doing it. After pestering him with "why" questions for a little while, he asks him if he's seen Deedee. Teddy says that he has, but tries to warn Rexy that Deedee is busy. Rexy doesn't listen and goes and asks Deedee if she wants to play pirates. Deedee is so busy that she doesn't really have time to do much more than say that she can't. Rexy doesn't understand why she'd choose gathering nuts over playing pirates, since playing pirates is much more fun. He decides to try playing pirates himself to show how much fun it is, but just ends up playing by himself. He starts to get sad and then Gilbert comes out, apparently having finished his catnap and asks him what he's doing by himself. Rexy explains how everyone's busy and Gilbert suggests that he ask if he can help out. So both Rexy and Gilbert help with everyone's chores and pretty soon they're all playing pirates together. Caillou is helping out too, whether it be taking care of a friends' pet, or just taking care of some tidying that he probably shouldn't have left waiting. "Surprise Party" After Grandma tells Caillou that Grandpa was too sick to have a party on his birthday, Caillou is in disbelief. He decides to throw a belated birthday party for Grandpa and Rosie helps. "Leo's Hamster" Leo has a hamster named Buddy. Caillou thinks that Leo is lucky to have him. Leo's going to be away from home for a while, so Caillou gets to take care of Buddy while Leo is away. Leo shows Caillou how to hold Buddy and reminds him to be gentle. Leo feeds Buddy a carrot and Caillou is surprised to see Buddy appear to eat the entire thing very quickly, but Leo explains that Buddy is actually hiding the carrot in his cheek pouches. The time finally comes for Caillou to take Buddy home. Leo's Mom gives Caillou a list to give to his Daddy. At home, Daddy makes sure that Gilbert stays out of Caillou's room so he can't get to Buddy. They check his food and water and then Daddy suggests that Buddy be left alone for a while because he's sleeping. So Caillou goes off to play with some blocks, but he gets bored and ends up taking Buddy out of his cage, even though Buddy was still sleeping. Buddy scurries all over Caillou and then runs off and into a small crack between one of Caillou's dressers and the wall. Caillou can't reach him and runs off to get Daddy, but when he gets back, Buddy is gone. Daddy and Caillou go on a hunt for him, but first Daddy locks Gilbert up in his cage so he can't go after Buddy. Eventually they hear Mommhy shouting out from the kitchen. They go in there and find her standing on a chair. It turns out that Buddy is underneath the refrigerator. So Caillou gets a carrot and uses that to lure Buddy out. Buddy is returned to his cage for a chance to really get some rest. When Leo arrives back from his trip, Caillou tells him all about what happened and how he used the carrot to lure Buddy out. "Caillou Mails a Letter" Lifted from the original series. Caillou is having fun and his Mom is in a good mood. Then the mailman comes and ditches them a bunch of bills. This spoils Caillou's Mom's mood and she then wishes aloud that she'll at least get a letter for a change. Caillou's Dad passes by as Caillou's mom leaves the room. He asks Caillou why was Mommy's upset. Caillou then explains that she doesn't like bills and wishes to get a letter instead. Caillou's dad then comes up with a really strange idea: Send out Caillou's drawing as a letter to Caillou's mom. They do a good job keeping it a surpirse from Caillou's mom, though. The next day, they meet up with the mailman and gets him to deliver the letter. When the letter arrives later that day, Caillou's mom decides that she likes the letter and wants to keep it forever. "Caillou Tidies His Toys" Lifted from the original series. Caillou's hiding in a pile of plush toys when his mom comes in and calls him to eat chocolate pudding. Now, if it's one thing Caillou really like, it's chocolate pudding. So he comes out of hiding. On his way downstairs, he's made to tidy up the mess on the stairs. Then, just as he's about to eat the pudding, he's called outside to tidy up the mess he's made on the porch. And then, just as he's back at the table, he's called into the bathroom to tidy up another mess. Finally, he has his chocolate pudding. Caillou's Dad suggests that he do something about all his old toys. He decides to give some to Rosie, and his Dad suggest that they make a toy chest after eating. Scene cuts to when the chest is finished. We see the lid close, and a picture of Caillou's face is on the lid.

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The World Around Me!

#25 - The World Around Me!

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Feb 17, 2003

In this Caillou episode we explore Caillou and how he relates to the world around him. Caillou plays at the park, finds an old toy train, receives a gift from Grandma and creates a "doghouse" (cathouse?) for Gilbert. Today, Rexy is outside pretending to be an explorer. He's already conquered "Mount Sandbox" and now he's going to explore the world around him. Teddy comes out and Rexy tells him that he's searching for such things as icebergs and volcanoes. He thinks he hears a volcano, but it turns out that it's actually thunder. Gilbert shows up and says that it was thunder and they'd best be getting inside. Rexy can't believe this is happening. He's not done exploring yet. It's starting to rain and it's totally spoiled his plans. Gilbert and Teddy say that rain is important. It helps to water the flowers, among other things. Rexy is still upset and sings a song about how there's nothing to do and he wasn't expecting this. Eventually, he changes his mind and decides that it could be fun to play indoors. Just then, though, the sky clears up and Gilbert and Teddy send him on his way. Cailliou is exploring the world around him too, whether it be at his own house or at the park in his neighborhood. "Caillou's Favorite Plate" Caillou's Grandma has given him a plate with spaceships on it and he loves it. He's just going to bed and wants to sleep with it, but Mommy suggests that it would be best if she takes it downstairs. It'll be there for him in the morning. In the morning, Caillou comes downstairs and sees Rosie admiring the plate. Caillou's upset that Rosie is apparently messing with his plate, so Daddy gives it to him. He tells him that Rosie was just admiring it. Caillou has breakfast on his plate, pretending that his toast is a rocket. Mommy takes the plate to wash it off, so Caillou heads off and draws a space picture. It finally gets to be lunchtime (or "tupper" as Rosie calls it) and Caillou can't wait to have macaroni and cheese on his plate. Daddy washes off Caillou's hands and then they have a problem. The plate is nowhere to be found. Caillou really wants the plate, but Mommy says it'll have to wait till after lunch. Lunch doesn't go very well for Caillou, as without the plate, he's lost his appetite. They finally begin the search, but it's nowhere to be found. Finally, when they think they've looked just about everywhere, it turns out the plate was in a container right around where Rosie was playing. Daddy says that for finding the plate, it's time for a "space snack." "Games in the Park" Caillou is outside with Rosie and Rosie wants to play with a bouncy ball they have. Caillou rolls it over to her and they play for a little while until Miss Martin, Caillou's daycare instructor shows up. She's there with Caillou's friends, as they're all going to the park together. Rosie wants to come too, but Mommy says that she can't. So Rosie just waves goodbye. Miss Martin says that she has a new game and Leo says that he's going to win. Caillou counters that he will. At the park, they have fun crawling through a playground tube until Miss Martin calls everyone over. It's time for her game and they're going to be playing in teams of two. Caillou and Leo immediately try to pair themselves in a team, but Miss Martin says that she'll be drawing the teammates randomly. (Although somehow it ends up being one boy and one girl on each team.) Caillou is paired with a girl named Mara, an orange-haired girl with glasses, who looks almost boyish. Miss Martin's game is bean-bag race in which one member from each team runs a course. They'll then have to run back and hand off their bean-bag to their partner, who will then complete the course. Caillou really loves the race, but it comes time to handoff the beanbag, he forgets and heads off for the finish line. Mara's aghast and can't believe Caillou forgot her. Caillou crosses the finish line first, but because he didn't hand off, Clementine and Leo win the race. They then create a new race, adding in elements of pushing the beanbags down the slides and an idea of Leo's to walk along the edge of the sandbox. This time, Caillou and Mara still don't win the race, but Caillou doesn't mind. Mara actually got to play this time and Caillou enjoyed trying to walk along the edge of the sandbox, finding it more difficult than he thought it was going to be. Miss Martin then gives them all beanbags of their own - filled with jellybeans! Caillou takes his home and teaches Mommy and Rosie the race he learned and shares the jellybeans with them. Mommy and Rosie enjoy the race so much that they want to try it again. Caillou says that they can't, as he's all out of jellybeans. "All Aboard" Caillou is helping Daddy dust some bookshelves. As they dust, they come across an old photo album with a black-and-white picture of Daddy. Caillou thinks that it's of him, but it's actually of Daddy, when he was four years old. In the picture, he's at Grandpa's house, playing with an old trainset. Caillou wonders if the trainset is still around and Daddy thinks that it probably is. They'll have to wait until the dusting is done to go over and look for it though. To keep himself busy, Caillou goes off and plays with Teddy and his own train. Finally, they head over to Grandpa's. They search all over for the trainset in the basement, but can't find it anywhere. They do, however, find an old train conductor's cap of Daddy's, which Caillou puts on. Grandpa's sure he didn't throw it away and they finally find it in a cabinet. They wonder if it still works. They set it up and it's still working quite well. Daddy and Grandpa show Caillou how it works. They have fun with it and Grandma snaps a photo of all of them together, which placed with the other pictures in the old photo album. "Gilbert's House" Caillou and Daddy are out walking. It's a cold autumn day and so they're hurrying home. As they head home, Caillou points out a small little house. Caillou's Daddy tells him that it's actually a doghouse. Caillou sees that there's a dog in it. When they get home, Caillou decides that Gilbert might like a house too. Daddy thinks that it's a great idea, although Gilbert doesn't seem to be sure. Caillou goes down to the basement and looks for a box for the house, while Gilbert watches on. He finds one he thinks is just right and gets Mommy's permission to use it. She sees that Gilbert has already hopped into it, so it would seem he's claiming it for his own. Caillou colors it red, blue and green and draws some doors and windows on it. He has Daddy cut it so that it has actual, real doors and windows. Daddy also gets out a small piece of carpeting for Gilbert to use as a bed. Caillou thinks the house is ready, but Gilbert refuses to step foot in it. Daddy suggests that maybe it would be better if it had some of Gilbert's things in it. So they get Gilbert's toy mouse and now Gilbert is ready to try it out. Games in the Park: Caillou is excited when Miss Martin takes him and his friends to the park for some special activities. They have a beanbag race: a relay race using one beanbag per team. All these rules are not easy to grasp, and the kids have a few comical mishaps in the process. Caillou discovers that you don't always have to win to be proud of yourself. (Additional Lessons: Teamwork) Caillou's Favorite Plate: Grandma has given Caillou a special spaceship plate. Caillou loves it so much that he carries it everywhere with him and he wants to eat every meal from it. Caillou is disappointed when he can't find the plate. He searches the whole house but still can't find it. Soon Caillou discovers that Rosie accidentally hid it in the kitchen while playing with bowls and lids. Caillou is very happy to have his favorite plate again. His snack even seems to taste better on it. All Aboard!: After finding a photograph of a four-year-old Dad with a model train set, Caillou and Dad decide to look for it in Grandpa's basement. After a while, they finally find it and set it up to test it out. Caillou is having a great time; Grandpa, Dad and Caillou all love toy trains. Grandma captures the moment in a photograph which Caillou decides to put in the photo album beside the old picture of Dad. (Additional Lessons: Family) Gilbert's House: When Caillou spots a dog house outside he gets the idea that Gilbert might like a house of his own. Caillou finds a cardboard box and some crayons and with Gilbert's help, he decides how to decorate the house. Once done, Gilbert's new house is a success! (Additional Lessons: Teamwork).

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