The Best Episodes of Brothers & Sisters

Walker Down The Aisle

#1 - Walker Down The Aisle 8.41

Season 5 - Episode 22

As Sarah and Luc’s nuptials approach, plans go horribly awry and the Walkers learn several surprising lessons about the real meaning of family, on the Series Finale of “Brothers & Sisters”.

Directors: Ken Olin
Prior Commitments

#2 - Prior Commitments 8.37

Season 2 - Episode 16

Kevin and Scotty make a commitment to be life partners; Saul finally comes to grips with his identity in a public way; the family discovers that William kept yet another painful secret from them.

Directors: Ken Olin

#3 - Matriarchy 8.25

Season 1 - Episode 23

Nora organizes an engagement party for Kitty and Robert. Justin is about to be deployed to Iraq, and he tries to have special time with his family members to say goodbye. Kitty finds it hard to tell her mother that she will be moving out. An old friend of Saul's visits after his divorce.

Directors: Ken Olin
Northern Exposure

#4 - Northern Exposure 8.21

Season 1 - Episode 7

Kitty and Warren go to the country to have a peaceful weekend, that turns out anything but that. Unable to become pregnant, Tommy and Julia turn to desperate and unconventional measures. Faced with dire financial circumstances, the Walkers are forced to sell the ranch house.

Directors: Lawrence Trilling
Lights Out

#5 - Lights Out 8.16

Season 4 - Episode 23

The Walkers are heartbroken as they prepare to shut the doors of Ojai Foods for good, but new opportunities and secret alliances develop as a result of the family's loss.

Directors: Michael Morris
On the Road Again

#6 - On the Road Again 8.15

Season 4 - Episode 24

As the Walkers try to cope with the sadness and financial ruin that lingers as a result of the closure of Ojai Foods, they discover a small ray of hope in one of William Walker’s many secret investments. Meanwhile, Robert’s health and the safety of his family are compromised when he finds himself in way over his head in a subversive business deal, and newlyweds Justin and Rebecca consider a trial separation.

Directors: Ken Olin
Troubled Waters (1)

#7 - Troubled Waters (1) 8.09

Season 3 - Episode 16

As the Walkers welcomes in a new life, they must also face the terror of losing one of their own. Meanwhile, Rebecca asks her father for help when she comes across new information that may spell disaster for the company.

Directors: Ken Olin
36 Hours

#8 - 36 Hours 8.07

Season 2 - Episode 7

The Walkers unite as Justin's addiction hits an all-time low. Kitty and Robert build new plans for their future.

Directors: David Paymer
Valentine's Day Massacre

#9 - Valentine's Day Massacre 8.05

Season 1 - Episode 14

Nora has a Valentine's Day dinner with a friend and takes a risky ride that could land her in trouble.

Directors: Michael Schultz
Family Portrait

#10 - Family Portrait 8.04

Season 1 - Episode 4

Sarah and Joe both face a big challenge when they discover that something may be wrong with their daughter, Paige.Kitty finds herself torn between two men, Justin begins his new job, Kevin gets jealous after seeing Scotty with another guy, and Nora suspects that Saul has feelings for Holly.

Directors: Ken Olin
Time After Time Part 1

#11 - Time After Time Part 1 8.03

Season 4 - Episode 18

In an effort to get to the root of the secret that William's nemesis, Dennis York, holds over their heads, the Walkers recall their memories, both good and horrifying, of their family's days at Ojai Foods in 1986. Then, as they continue to flashback to their younger days, they finally recall the shocking secret and the shameful cover-up that led to York's power play, and are forced to deal with the remorse of a tragic event. Meanwhile, Nora and Holly take an uncharacteristic trip, a la "Thelma & Louise," to search for answers about Ojai's hidden worth, and Justin and Rebecca finally get their happily ever after.

Directors: Ken Olin
Grapes Of Wrath

#12 - Grapes Of Wrath 8.00

Season 1 - Episode 21

The vineyard opens up and the whole family attends. Holly also makes a move on Mark when Nora is gone.

Troubled Waters (2)

#13 - Troubled Waters (2) 8.00

Season 3 - Episode 17

As the Walkers welcomes in a new life, they must also face the terror of losing one of their own. Meanwhile, Rebecca asks her father for help when she comes across new information that may spell disaster for the company.

Directors: Ken Olin
Mistakes Were Made, Part 1 (a.k.a. Glass Jumps)

#14 - Mistakes Were Made, Part 1 (a.k.a. Glass Jumps) 7.98

Season 1 - Episode 8

Justin's resolve to stay clean is shaken by a disturbing letter from the US military requesting that he go back and join them.Kevin swallows his fears and tries his hardest to win back Scotty but it blows up in his face, Nora prepares for a date, and Sarah uncovers some shocking information.

Directors: Michael Lange
Father Unknown

#15 - Father Unknown 7.95

Season 5 - Episode 20

Parenthood is questionable for more than one member of the Walker family, as Justin keeps a closely guarded secret about the true paternal identity of one of his siblings and Scotty makes a shocking discovery that will bring a new life into the Walker family fold.

Directors: Matthew Rhys
The Feast of Epiphany

#16 - The Feast of Epiphany 7.95

Season 2 - Episode 10

Secrets are the order of the day when the Walkers gather for a family dinner because Nora is too shy to ask Isaac out on her own. Meanwhile, Becca is trying to play matchmaker for her mother.

Directors: Laura Innes
Favorite Son

#17 - Favorite Son 7.93

Season 1 - Episode 22

Kevin acts as McCallister's attorney when a radio host makes accusations against his war heroism. Also, Tommy and Julia must face a tough decision regarding their newborn babies.

The Other Walker

#18 - The Other Walker 7.90

Season 1 - Episode 16

The Walkers find out about William's biggest secret: his other daughter with Holly.

Directors: Gloria Muzio
For Better Or For Worse

#19 - For Better Or For Worse 7.90

Season 5 - Episode 21

After Sarah confronts Brody about his being her father, she decides she no longer wants him to be a part of her life or Nora's, but Nora just can't seem to let him go. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with the new addition of baby Daniel to the family.

Directors: Michael Morris
Holy Matrimony

#20 - Holy Matrimony 7.88

Season 2 - Episode 9

Robert and Kitty get married, but not before a political scandal and a severe case of cold feet threatens the wedding. Meanwhile Isaac distracts Nora from her romance with Stan. Holly gets a surprise visit from an old friend and some secrets are revealed.

Directors: Robert Lieberman
Something Ida This Way Comes

#21 - Something Ida This Way Comes 7.88

Season 1 - Episode 13

The family throws a party for Nora's sixtieth birthday. Surprises- but not the good kind- abound when half the family gets the flu, Nora's mother shows up, and the video tribute doesn't come out quite right.

Directors: Michael Lange
Affairs of State

#22 - Affairs of State 7.86

Season 1 - Episode 3

William Walker's indiscretions are made painfully public, and Nora shocks the family as she reveals that she's not as naive as they all think she is.Justin decides to tell Kitty about their father's affair, and the Walker siblings all feel the burden of their very own secrets.

Directors: Tucker Gates
The Wig Party

#23 - The Wig Party 7.86

Season 4 - Episode 7

Kitty is devastated when she must face the aftereffects of her cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Nora makes an unexpected friend; and Scotty's father shares some shocking news about his marriage.

Directors: Ken Olin
Mistakes Were Made, Part 2

#24 - Mistakes Were Made, Part 2 7.85

Season 1 - Episode 9

A road trip for Sarah, Tommy, and Kevin reveals more startling news about their father. Justin comes clean about his reasons for joining the service after returning from a hospital stay.

Directors: Ken Olin
Separation Anxiety

#25 - Separation Anxiety 7.85

Season 2 - Episode 13

While Robert and Kitty visit a fertility clinic, Rebecca and Justin decide to have DNA tests to see if they really are related.

Directors: Gloria Muzio