The Best Episodes of Aria the Animation

To That Impossibly Existing Island...

#1 - To That Impossibly Existing Island... 8.25

Season 1 - Episode 5

Akari receives a mysterious message, which directs her to a secluded bay where she meets Aika and Alice following similar messages. Together, they find Alicia and Akira, who sent the messages, and they spend the day in special training and relaxed swimming.

On That Special Day...

#2 - On That Special Day... 7.83

Season 1 - Episode 2

During the annual flooding of Neo-Venezia, Akari is caught in a rain-shower away from home and shelters in her friend Aika's room at Himeya Company. Later, Aika gets in a fight with her strict mentor, Akira, and leaves to stay the night with Akari at Aria Company. In a flashback, Aika remembers her first meeting with Akari's mentor, Alicia, showing why she admires Alicia and wants to become an undine (gondolier).

Directors: Junichi Sato
That Undeliverable Letter...

#3 - That Undeliverable Letter... 7.83

Season 1 - Episode 4

Akari is asked to deliver an old letter. With the help of Woody, a sylph (airborn deliveryman), she find its destination but discovers it is now under water. She and Alicia read the letter and learn that it is from a woman writing to her husband who was away working on the terraforming of Mars from before the oceans rose and the planet was renamed Aqua.

With That Transparent Girl...

#4 - With That Transparent Girl... 7.75

Season 1 - Episode 3

While training in a strait with difficult currents, Akari and Aika witness the impressive rowing skills of a younger girl, Alice. She bluntly refuses their attempts at friendship, but is troubled by Akari's sincere smile, which is unlike those of other undines. The next day, Alice meets Akari and Akatsuki, an apprentice salamander (weather controller), and joins them first on Akari's gondola tour of Neo-Venezia, then on Akatsuki's tour of the floating weather station where he lives, becoming friends with Akari in the process.

Directors: Junichi Sato
That Lovely Miracle...

#5 - That Lovely Miracle... 7.63

Season 1 - Episode 1

A young girl, Ai, arrives at Aria Company and demands that Akari give her a gondola tour of the city of Neo-Venezia. When Akari protests that, as a single (journeyman), she is not allowed to guide customers without a supervisor, Ai insists she be taken as a "friend" instead of a "customer," and Akari gives in. As they tour the city, Akari realises from Ai's reactions that it is a miracle to like something you had previously disliked.

Directors: Junichi Sato
That Smiling Customer...

#6 - That Smiling Customer... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 2

An older woman, Amarantha, requests a tour from Akari, who stays up late planning her route. At next morning's practice, Aika suggests the commission is suspicious, and Alice speculates it's an inspector from the Gondola Association. When Amarantha arrives, she requests Akari show her the Neo-Venezia that only she can. Aika and Alice follow them secretly. Akari takes Amarantha to a spot where a statue appears to cradle the floating climate-control island, and the woman shows her an even better vantage where two statues seem to hold it up together. Throughout the tour, Amarantha is shown knowing more about the city than Akari, and when Akari ends it by taking her to an abandoned monastery garden that ran wild after the water rose, Amarantha has Akari go through a door that leads to another flooded courtyard covered by a wisteria in bloom. Akari is disappointed to learn that Amarantha already knew everything she's been shown, but Amarantha thanks her for a tour that showed the Neo-Venezia she loves. Aika and Alice are discovered, and Alicia tells the trainees that Amarantha likes to test Singles, and once tested herself, Akira, and Athena as Singles.

On That Night of the Meteor Shower...

#7 - On That Night of the Meteor Shower... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 3

When Akari learns there will be a meteor shower that night, she, Aika, and Alice make plans to watch it. As they do so, they meet Al, a gnome (an underground regulator of Aqua's gravity) on a shopping trip to the planet's surface, who invites them to lunch. In return a blushing Aika invites him to join them that night. That evening, Alice bows out, leaving just Aika, Al, and Akari. Because Piazza San Marco is too crowded and bright, they search through the narrow streets for a better view. For courage through the darker passages, Akari repeats her chant from Casanova's procession. Eventually, Aika takes them onto the roof of a Himeya Company office building, with an unobstructed panorama of the night-time city and the meteors. When Akari searches the rooftops for another vantage, Aika realizes she's alone with Al and gets flustered, and blames him as a gravity regulator for attracting all the meteors that burn up in the atmosphere. As they walk home, Al reminds Aika that some meteors don't burn up but survive to reach the surface.

Looking for That Treasure...

#8 - Looking for That Treasure... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 2

During rowing practice on the first warm day of early spring, Aika, Akari, and Alice find a box in the base of a statue. Inside it is a note that sends them on a treasure hunt through the streets of Neo-Venezia. One clue leads them to Caffè Florian on Piazza San Marco that's the Venetian cafe (transported to Aqua) where cafe latte was supposedly invented, where Akari chats with a customer who calls himself an expert at enjoying the Piazza. After the shadow from the Campanile has moved far enough the three can find their next clue, he prays they discover a wonderful treasure. Their final clue leads them to a beautiful hillside view of Neo-Venezia, described as a "treasure in your heart". When they return the clues, so others can find this treasure for themselves, they notice marks indicating they are not the first to do so. Back at the Piazza, Alicia introduces the man as the cafe's owner, and he greets Akari as an "Expert in Happiness." In response to Akari's e-mail about the day, Ai calls Neo-Venezia a big treasure chest.

That Neo-Venezia–Coloured Heart...

#9 - That Neo-Venezia–Coloured Heart... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 4

Mr. Mailman borrows Akari and her gondola for a day so he can complete his rounds while his gondola is repaired. In the morning, they collect mail from canal-side postboxes, then after lunch deliver the mail—and along the way help a boy deliver in person a letter to his former teacher at her wedding, apologizing for behaving badly to her because he was upset over her leaving. At the end of the day, Mr. Mailman explains that Neo-Venezians prefer the inconvience of mail because a letter, being not as quickly written as e-mail, can carry the sender's heart, and so can become a treasure, and furthermore it can be a link between the past and present. Akari says that letters are like Neo-Venezia, in that you can touch the creators' hearts through them, and Mr. Mailman tells her that she has been painted with "the color of Neo-Venezia". The next morning, Akari is moved when she receives his hand-written thank-you note.

Those Included Thoughts...

#10 - Those Included Thoughts... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 3

During a study session, Akari learns that the interior decor of Caffè Florian was transported entire from Venice, and mentions she's never been inside despite knowing the owner. They visit during a break, and spot a candy-seller's cart in the Piazza San Marco. When a boy trips and drops his candy, the seller gives him a replacement bottle, but Akari still feels sorry for the chocolates spilled on the ground. Inside the cafe, Akari is impressed by the art. Some time later, Akari sees the candy-seller looking at the renovations to the Ca' d'Oro, and is disappointed he hasn't been selling since that first day. One morning Akari meets him outside the Piazza cafe, where he begins selling again, and he thanks her for her chance remark about the spilled chocolate, which reminded him of how he once wanted to give his customers joy, and says that after wandering the city's sights he figured out better packaging for his sweets. He treats her to a latte, and Akari realizes that Caffè Florian's art contains their creators' feelings, just like his chocolates, and the latter bring just as much beauty to the Neo-Venezia.

That Clover of Memories...

#11 - That Clover of Memories... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 5

During practice, Aika sees Akari chat easily with many acquaintances and Alice row with her exceptional skill, then watches Athena's singing make passers-by stop to listen and Alicia gracefully catch a hat blown by the wind. Alice calls their mentors' talents the sorts one can only be born with, which disturbs Aika. While helping Akira clean her room, Aika finds a photo of Akira as a Single with Athena and Alicia as Primas, and demands to know how she could smile despite being promoted last. Akira says that of course it was hard having such talented friends, and tells a story, shown in a flashback: After Athena's promotion, while worrying about being left behind, Akira unsuccessfully searches a clover bed for a four-leaf clover with the help a child who turns out to be Aika. The child then says if there's nothing there, you have to make up for it your own way and adds a rose petal to a three-leaf clover to make four leaves, and Akira concludes she has to make up for her talent through hard work. In the present, Akira gives Aika the clover keepsake as a good-luck charm for becoming a Prima, and Aika returns to practice with renewed determination.

That Thing We Aim for Tomorrow...

#12 - That Thing We Aim for Tomorrow... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 4

To get more gondola practice while Alicia is busy, Akari works on the traghetto ferry for the first time. One of the three Singles she's teamed with, Atora, gives her a candy to calm her nerves and says she can observe from the shore for a while. Another, Anzu, is gloomy and Atora tells Akari it's because she recently failed the Prima exam yet again. Anzu says that while she's depressed at the moment, she hasn't given up, and Akari tells her she thinks Alicia hasn't tested her yet because of her own lack of skill. When Akari takes a turn rowing, the other three realize she's actually very good, capable of balancing the traghetto with its standing passengers on her own. At the end of the day, they praise her rowing ability and tell her she'll be a Prima soon. Atora tells Anzu they all should be Primas and criticizes their examiner at Orange Planet as too strict. After talking about how discouraging it was to fail the exam six months ago, with the encouragement of the others, Atora agrees to take the exam again.

Things That We Want to Protect...

#13 - Things That We Want to Protect... 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 6

Akari spends the night with Alice at Orange Company. While there, Akari meets Athena, Alice's mentor and roommate, the third of the so-called Three Water Fairies. She also meets Alice's kitten, Maa-kun, who Alice keeps hidden from Athena because pets are forbidden in the company dorms. During the day, while Alice is at school, Maa-kun runs away but is finally found at dusk by Akari and Athena, who knew about the cat all along.

Going to the Cats' Kingdom...

#14 - Going to the Cats' Kingdom... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 7

During practice, Akari, Alice, and Aika see President Aria traveling in his own boat, and follow him to a channel that's usually gated off before stopping because Alice has to leave for school. That evening, Akari tells Alicia she had a feeling they shouldn't have followed him further. Alicia mentions the Manhome legend of a kingdom of the cats, which humans can't enter, which reminds Akari of how Cait Sith stopped her and Ai during the Carnevale. The next day, while Alice practices with two Pairs she met at the Orange Planet party, Akari and Aika see President Aria again and follow him, and this time continue past the gate. They end up in a labyrinth of flooded buildings that has them traveling in circles while being watched by cats. When Akari apologizes for trying to enter their domain, President Aria appears and shows them the way out. As they leave, Akari looks back and sees the building filled with cats, including Cait Sith, who bows to her

That Smile Reflected in the Mirror...

#15 - That Smile Reflected in the Mirror... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 6

When Alice leaves Orange Planet, Athena notices she doesn't stay with the other Pairs but goes off alone. After practice Akari and Aika visit Alice and Athena's dorm room, and when it becomes late without their noticing, Athena invites them to stay the night. That evening, Alice notices that Athena is more clumsy than usual and accuses her of being happy, and Athena says it's because Alice seems to be having fun with her friends. Alice receives an invitation to a party with other Pairs, but turns it down despite Akari's urging because she thinks they're jealous of her talent as a younger undine. Athena tells her that people are like mirrors, and that they reflect her fear of being rejected, which she sees as envy. After watching Maa go to great effort to climb onto a bed to bite President Aria's belly, Alice resolves to try to smile more and attend the party.

That Wonderful Job...

#16 - That Wonderful Job... 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 7

Akira takes Akari, Aika, and Alice for training with a customer and picks up a honeymoon couple for a morning-long gondola tour that ends up being a full-day chore. Akira purposely entraps the three trainees in a maze formed by the rising tide and several low-lying bridges. By working together, Akari and her friends eventually find a hidden way out, while the husband learns a lesson about patience and pride.

During That Wonderful Extracurricular Lesson...

#17 - During That Wonderful Extracurricular Lesson... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 6

When Aika berates Akari for not taking practice seriously, saying at this rate Alicia will scold her, Akari says Alicia has never scolded her, nor even gotten angry. This startles Alice and to learn why she begins stalking Alicia—inventing lame excuses when she gets caught—but can't figure it out. After a week, Alice meets Alicia at a cafe and at Alicia's prompting asks her directly. In response, Alicia asks President Aria to give a candy to a girl at another table, and they watch him get distracted by sparrows and the waiter before finally succeeding, for which Alicia praises him. She then has him deliver another candy to another customer and praises him for being even faster. Alicia explains that criticizing people makes them fear making mistakes, and so she prefers encouragement over correction. She then says that if President Aria had continued making mistakes, she would have reflected on how she was instructing him wrong, and that teaching and being taught are very much alike.

That Dejected President... / That Cool Hero...

#18 - That Dejected President... / That Cool Hero... 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 8

In the first half of a two-part episode, Akari and Alicia give the Aria Company building a spring cleaning. President Aria, the company president and mascot, is eager to help but gets in the way instead and, depressed, he runs away. In the second half, President Aria emulate his favourate cat superhero from a comic book, as he both fails and succeeds helping other cats and a young boy.

That Star-like Fairy...

#19 - That Star-like Fairy... 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 9

Akari, Aika, and Alice visit Akino, the legendary founder of Aria Company, in retirement in the countryside. Akino asks for the girls' help with domestic chores, and Aika believes they are tests that will make them great undines. That night, Akino reveals that the secret to becoming a good undine is to enjoy every moment.

On That Day of the Bocolo...

#20 - On That Day of the Bocolo... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 8

As Akari wades through the streets during Neo-Venezia's annual flooding, she realizes it's Festa del Bòcolo, the day women receive a single red rose from admirers. She meets Akatsuki, who is buying as many roses as he can for Alicia, because just one won't express his "infinite" love, and needs Akari's help carrying them. When they run into Aika, she also has a rose for Alicia and runs ahead to give hers first. When a saleswoman tells Akari the origin of Bòcolo in a tragic Manhome legend about a knight and his lady, Akari comments that the knight's love lives on in roses. Aika fails to find Alicia but meets Al, who gives her an uncut red gemstone called "Eye of the Rose", which he says will look good on her when polished. Akatsuki and Akari finally meet Alicia, but he is too nervous to present Alicia his roses before she assumes he had given them to Akari, and leaves them alone together. As Akatsuki flounders after Alicia, he spills the roses, and Akari describes them as his feelings spreading out across the water, saying they will reach Alicia as they drift on the current. For helping him, Akatsuki gives Akari her first Bòcolo rose.

That Important Person's Memories...

#21 - That Important Person's Memories... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 8

Alice tells Akari and Aika she won't be at practice tomorrow because she invited Athena on a picnic. That night Alice makes elaborate preparations, but in the morning Athena leaves for work at dawn without speaking with her. When Athena finally returns, in her disappointment Alice snaps at her then accidentally rips the invitation, and in the ensuing fuss Athena slips and falls. Alice calls Akari and Alicia for help in a panic, and when they arrive, they learn that Athena has amnesia from hitting her head and cannot remember anyone around her. As they talk, her memories slowly come back, starting with President Aria and Alicia. To further jog her memories, they take her to familiar places, and by the end of the day she remembers everyone but Alice. When Athena asks what she was to Alice, the latter breaks down in tears, and Alicia makes Athena reveal she'd been faking amnesia to find out how Alice feels about her.

Enveloped By That Orange Wind...

#22 - Enveloped By That Orange Wind... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 9

When Alice graduates from middle school, she's happy that she can now spend more time practicing with Aika and Akari. Athena invites Alice on a picnic on a canal through the countryside outside Neo-Venezia, and has Alice treat her as a customer. Athena praises Alice's skills as an undine, and Alice responds that she is training with an excellent mentor. As they pass through a lock, Alice is startled when an undine wishes her good luck. While waiting for the lock to fill, Alice tells Athena that she's confident in all of her undine skills except singing canzone, and Athena tells her conveying a love for singing is more important than any technical skill. When they reach the Hill of Hope, the destination of the Single promotion exam, Akari, Aika, the owners of Orange Planet, and a representative from the Gondola Association are waiting for them. After an exam on canzone, Athena takes off both of Alice's gloves, promoting her straight from Pair to Prima (the first undine ever to do so), and gives her the title Orange Princess.

Those Untainted Stars Are...

#23 - Those Untainted Stars Are... 0.00

Season 2 - Episode 9

During practice, Aika and Alice watch Akari exchange friendly greetings with several people. Alice comments that Akari seems to know more Neo-Venezians than they do, even though they are locals and Akari is an immigrant, which she finds "mysterious". Aika and Alice decide to secretly watch Akari as she runs errands to find out how she makes friends so easily. The follow her onto the vaporetto ferry and watch her chat with fellow passengers, conversing easily even though they just met. Because they are hiding, the two miss Akari's stop but see her disembark with a mysterious man. After they backtrack on another vaporetto, they follow President Aria's voice to find he and Akari enjoying the man's street puppet performance, which Aika and Alice both remember watching as children. Alice concludes that Akari's mysterious ability comes from her taking joy in nearly everything and being naturally nice to everyone.

In The Midst of That Gentle Time...

#24 - In The Midst of That Gentle Time... 0.00

Season 3 - Episode 7

On the anniversary of Aria Company's founding, Akari and Alicia visit one of its former Primas, Anna, on Neo-Burano Island. Alicia tells Akari how Anna fell in love with a fisherman named Alberto who was visiting the city. Anna admits she was lonely, the first few years on an island where she knew no one, but says eventually she met other women through lace-making. Grandma Akino arrives as a surprise visitor for dinner. After dinner, Grandma tells the story, shown in a flashback, of when she, then Himeya Company's undisputed top Prima for 14 years, first meets President Aria on a seawall staring out at the water. She tries talking to him several times, but doesn't find out what he is waiting for. On a rainy night, she finds him still sitting and shelters him with her umbrella through the night, and as the sun rises she realizes it had been the first time in a while she had spent time just sitting. After this, she founds Aria Company with him, in order to continue seeing the world through his eyes. In the present, Grandma and Alicia tell Akari they look forward to seeing "her" Aria Company starting soon.

During That Warm Holiday...

#25 - During That Warm Holiday... 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 10

Upon hearing from Akari that she had never been to a hot spring, Alicia invites everyone on a holiday trip to a nearby hot spring set the basement of a run-down hotel.