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We talk about the best episodes of your favorite TV shows. Chris and Dan like to argue about almost everything. Steve has insightful things to say and created the website Justin hates TV, but he likes computers and trivia so he’s our producer and trivia master.

Ted Lasso

Apr 23, 2021

Are you a fan of football? Or is it soccer? This week we discuss the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso starring Jason Sudeikis, where he portrays an American college football coach hired to coach an English Premier League football team.

The Queen's Gambit

Mar 12, 2021

This week we discuss one of the most hyped shows of 2020 - The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Featuring a special guest!

The Best Shows of 2020

Feb 12, 2021

This week we discuss TV in 2020. We cover all of the shows that ended this year, and our picks for:

  • The best new shows
  • Shows that were most disappointing
  • Overall best shows of the year

Arrested Development

Nov 20, 2020

In this week’s episode Dan, Steve, and Chris discuss the canceled-too-soon Fox show Arrested Development. At the time, Arrested Development was criminally underappreciated. The all-star cast just never got the ratings they needed to stay on TV. With the revival by Netflix in 2013 thanks to a massive cult-following, Arrested Development was brought back into our lives. In this week’s episode, the guys discuss the brilliance of the first three season, and the disappointments that came with the revived seasons. They also discuss their favorite characters, quotes, and episodes.

Scrubs – It’s Guy Love, Between 3 Podcasters

Oct 9, 2020

In this week’s episode, the guys talk about Scrubs – one of the funniest and most accurate medical shows ever on television. The guys talk about their favorite characters (spoiler: Chris’ favorite character is someone named “Turd”), their favorite episodes, and the best/most impactful moments from this funny, yet serious comedy from the mind of Bill Lawrence. There’s conflict right off the bat as the guys discuss the ninth season and whether or not it should have even happened. We then dive deeper and discuss our favorite quotes, favorite JD fantasies, favorite quotes, and best moments between characters.


Aug 21, 2020

Have you ever sympathized or rooted for a Serial Killer? Did you also hate how that Serial Killer’s story ended? Then you probably watched Dexter. In this episode of the Episode Ninja Podcast, the guys grapple with these key issues while discussing Showtime’s Dexter. Whether it was Dexter vs. the Ice Road Trucker or Dexter vs. The Trinity Killer, the guys cover it all and give you their opinions on another show with a controversial finale. Spoiler: Dan thinks it’s coming back.


Jun 12, 2020

The Podcast about TV shows finally gets around to the TV show about nothing — Seinfeld. And this episode is definitely sponge-worthy. Seinfeld is a show that Chris used to literally set his watch to (because he was old enough to watch it live and there was no such thing as a DVR) so he wouldn’t miss it. Meanwhile, Dan and Steve grew up on reruns, but loved it nonetheless. In this episode, the guys aired some grievances, discussed the timeless nature of the show and how well it was written, and how it impacted not only our lives, but comedy in general.

The Most Binge Worthy Shows

Apr 3, 2020

During this difficult time, the guys get together to talk about their most bingable shows. From The Office all the way to West Wing, you'll get an insight into the types of shows Dan, Steve, and Chris enjoy binging.

Chappelle's Show

Jan 29, 2020

On this episode, the guys (including Justin) talk about one of the best sketch shows of all time, Chappelle's Show. We debate whether or not it would be even aired today because of its content, or whether it would be the biggest show on the planet because of the social media age we live in. The guys also discuss their favorite sketches and talk about the impact Dave Chappelle had on comics today.

2019 TV In Review

Jan 10, 2020

This week we discuss TV in 2019. We cover all of the shows that ended this year, and our picks for:

  • The best new shows
  • Shows that were most disappointing
  • Our favorite comedy episodes
  • Our favorite drama episodes
  • Overall best shows and episodes of the year

The Best Christmas Episodes

Dec 24, 2019

This week the guys discuss their all-time favorite Christmas episodes. Expect appearances from classics like The Simpsons, Home Improvement, Friends, Seinfeld, with a few unexpected choices thrown in. Let us know if we missed your favorite episode on Twitter.

The Wire: Great Show or Greatest Show?

Dec 6, 2019

The guys discuss HBO’s iconic show, The Wire on this week’s episode. The big question that’s answered by the end of the show is whether or not this is the best TV show ever.

The Righteous Gemstones

Nov 8, 2019

Created by Danny McBride, HBO’s newest hit Righteous Gemstones quickly became a podcast-favorite between Chris, Dan, and Steve. Recently renewed for a second season, Righteous Gemstones follows the antics of the Gemstone televangelist family and their mega-church. This all-star cast includes John Goodman, Danny McBride, Adam DeVine, Edi Patterson and Walton Goggins — and the writing is just as good if not better than the cast. In this podcast, the guys discuss their favorite characters and moments, and we even have some music towards the end of the show!

Workaholics - Let's Get Weird

Oct 25, 2019

Three guys who used to work together (Chris, Dan and Steve) do a deep dive on Comedy Central’s Workaholics -- the show is about three guys who work together (Blake, Adam and Ders). While (unfortunately) we weren’t telemarketers who lived and partied together 24/7 like the Workaholics guys, we still had some good times and wound up with this podcast. Needless to say Workaholics isn’t very realistic when it comes to real-world post-college life, but it makes for one of our favorite shows.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: We Haven’t Even Begun to Peak

Oct 11, 2019

In the middle of their 14th season, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia ties ABC's The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet as the longest-running live-action comedy series. So the Episode Ninja guys have a lot to talk about. We do a dive deep into our favorite characters, stand out moments, and we have the tough debate as to whether or not this iconic show has jumped the shark.

South Park - Smaller, Shorter, and Cut

Sep 13, 2019

Who doesn’t love South Park? The show has tackled the difficult task of staying timely, relevant, and hilariously crude for more than two decades. Join the guys in discussing their favorite characters and episodes of one of the greatest animated shows ever made.

Recorded live in Steve’s basement just outside of Chicago.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - PRETT-AY, PRETT-AY, PRETT-AY GOOD

Sep 6, 2019

Do YOU respect the wood? How awkward is too awkward? Those are just a couple of the many questions we answer on this week’s episode when we discuss Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The guys were split on Curb - Dan and Chris love it, Steve not so much.

So Chris takes it into his own hands to convince Steve of Curb’s greatness by the end of the show (he even makes him a list of his own personal “best” episodes - wonder where he got that idea?). The only question left is whether or not Steve will keep watching?

The Office - An American Classic

Aug 30, 2019

From almost canceled to Netflix’s most streamed show, The Office is truly one of the greatest shows of all time. This week, the guys talk about the best and worst characters, our favorite episodes, and of course, our favorite quotes/memes that came from this show.

Chernobyl - Reactions to the explosive series

Aug 9, 2019

In this week’s episode, the guys discuss the HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Aug 2, 2019

Recently revived by NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an easy favorite for Steve, Dan, and Chris. The guys dig deep and talk about their favorite (and least favorite) storylines (spoiler: Dan’s not a fan of the Jake/Amy episodes), the best story arcs of the show, and whether or not Gina is a great character.


Jul 26, 2019

Is Veep one of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' best roles ever - including Seinfeld? Is Tony Hale basically just playing Buster Bluth 2.0? These are the tough questions we answer in this week’s episode of the Episode Ninja Podcast about the hilarious HBO series Veep.

How I Met Your Mother

Jul 19, 2019

The guys talk about their favorite How I Met Your Mother episodes, discuss different characters and how they feel about them (spoiler: Chris really likes Barney), and find out who wins the first trivia contest!


Jul 12, 2019

Get the know the podcasters — Steve, Dan, Justin, & Chris — and find out why we decided to make the Episode Ninja Podcast. Hint: It had a lot to do with Steve creating the website plus a few too many drinks and discussions about our favorite TV shows.