The BEST Velocity shows of all time

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We've compiled the average episode rating for every Velocity show to compile this list of best shows!

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#1 - FantomWorks

In FantomWorks restoration expert Dan Short and his team only have a heart for those who genuinely love their cars. Every car has a story, but if you can't prove to Dan that you truly care about your car and want the job done right then he won't accept your business. Dan's bustling shop, FantomWorks, is the largest automotive restoration shop in America. Leaning on of years automotive restoration experience in addition to the qualities of discipline and precision Dan acquired in the military, the FantomWorks team runs a busy production pipeline in order to meticulously refurbish some of America's favorite rides. Old cars come with new obstacles including irate car owners, personality clashes, cost over-runs, parts problems and walkouts. Come along for the ride with Dan and the FantomWorks team.

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Wheeler Dealers Trading Up
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#2 - Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

Ultimate motoring wheeler dealer Mike Brewer is traveling the world to prove his credentials internationally. Starting with just $3,000 Mike attempts to turn a cheap city runabout into a supercar in as few trades as possible. From India to Poland, Mike has just $3,000 to begin this epic journey of a lifetime.

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