The BEST TVNorge shows of all time

Every TVNorge show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every TVNorge show to compile this list of best shows!

I kveld med Ylvis
165 votes

#1 - I kveld med Ylvis

A talk show with the Ylvis brothers.

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Helt Perfekt
104 votes

#2 - Helt Perfekt

Fictional, close and humorous look into Thomas Giertsens life.

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Nissene over skog og hei
103 votes

#3 - Nissene over skog og hei

Ten years after the smash hit "Nissene på låven", the Christmas gnomes are finally back. In "Nissene over skog og hei" the Christmas gnomes has left the barn, and embarks on a journey through our vast country. There will be a reunion with beloved characters, and we meet some newcomers.

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Nissene på låven
170 votes

#4 - Nissene på låven

Norwegian mock-reality-TV-game-show where a group of people are dressed up as Christmas gnomes, moved into a small barn loft and filmed at all hours. Forced to survive on a diet of marzipan and nuts, one contestant is voted out of the show in each episode.

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