The BEST TVING shows of all time

Every TVING show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every TVING show to compile this list of best shows!

The King of Pigs
26 votes

#1 - The King of Pigs

Two friends in the past were victims of serious school bulling. One could not resist his trauma, and becomes a serial killer, walking in the path of revenge. Another one tries his best to overcome the trauma and becomes a police detective. He now faces tragic fate to risk his life to capture the serial killer.

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To My Star
145 votes

#2 - To My Star

It tells the love story between actor Kang Seo-joon, who deviates from the traditional route, and chef Han Ji-woo, who doesn’t want to deviate from the “straight path“.

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Yumi's Cells
116 votes

#3 - Yumi's Cells

Yu-mi is a 30-year old, ordinary woman who struggles with expressing her feelings. Told from the perspective of the many brain cells in her head, she experiences growth in both her love life, her career, and finds happiness in the small joys of everyday life.

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Adult Trainee
45 votes

#4 - Adult Trainee

"Adult Trainee" tells the tale of hormonal teenagers as their bodies mature. There is Jae Min, who gets addicted to masturbation, conservative Yu Ra who begins a risqué rendezvous with her male friend and overweight Na Eun who’s never had a boyfriend before. The drama aims to express the raw and truthful worries and love stories of 18 year olds in a way that Gen Z can relate to.

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Work Later, Drink Now
49 votes

#5 - Work Later, Drink Now

Three single women in 30s gather and talk about everyday life from work to love. Nothing is more important to them than enjoying a drink after work.

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The Witch's Diner
95 votes

#6 - The Witch's Diner

About a restaurant which sells food that fulfills wishes and customers who want to live a different life by selling their souls.

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48 votes


A giant Buddha statue is unearthed in a small rural town. The mayor believes that it will change the town into a major tourist attraction. However, a catastrophe starts to grow. A centuries-old curse is unleashed from the statue, and it starts to eat up people's souls and make them non-human. Jung Ki-hoon, as archaeologist tries to seek the truth behind the paranormal phenomenon.

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